March 31/2017 (Again)

So, I didn’t hear from her overnight.

I ended getting a called from her on Facebook, for about 5 mins, that ended at 4:56 PM. It was basically her asking if I’d like to go with them somewhere, to some party…. Sadly, she knew the answer to that already.

When she hung up she was calling someone to get a ride there.

Either way I’m happy I heard from her & know she’s okay & know that her roommate is likely going with her to this party. Not really much to post about today. She was last active 1 hr ago, so she likely got a ride there. I probably won’t hear from her all night, because there’s very likely not going to be any WiFi wherever she’s going.

Will edit this post IF anything else happens today.

Edit 8:33 PM: In a video call with her currently. Not really sure where she is…. By the sounds of it, she pissed off her roommate somehow. Becoming concerned by what I’m hearing over the call, regardless if it’s directed to me or not…. :$ Will edit again later

Edit: 8:50 PM: So, I learned she brought someone into her roommate’s apartment & pissed the roommate off, so the roommate said they’ll talk about it later…. so she’s basically homeless right now…. & I don’t know if she’s being serious, but she me asked if she started walking to somewhere, if I could come get her & she could stay here…. I really wish I could, but I know for a fact that won’t go over well at all…. 😦

Edit 9:25 PM: Call just ended at 9:17 PM. She said she had to call someone, but she’d call me back…. Person she was with kept repeating something (won’t disclose for privacy). Honestly, wish I could help her out & let her stay here for a bit, but I know for a fact that wouldn’t go over well at all…. 😦 I asked her not to leave me “hanging” for a call back… :$

Edit 11:20 PM: She called back, while I was watching Hawaii Five-O, which started at 10. Thankfully I had my tablet on, so I heard it ringing & was able to answer. She must’ve patched things up with her roommate, because she was back in the apartment. The call ended at 10:25 PM, & she hasn’t called back, but as far as I know right now, she’s in another call at the moment. Probably the last edit tonight



March 31/2017

So Thursday night, was okay. It made my night better, actually getting to hear directly from you, knowing that you’re okay. Ummm, I’m still waiting at basically 1 AM on Friday, March 31/2017 for you to call back on Facebook, like you said. I’m honestly worried as hell right now, even though we’re not together, considering what you said about Tuesday night.

I’m…. not really sure what else to post here this time… other then that I’m worried. Please respond to me. I do wanna talk…. I’ll probably be up majority of the night anyways…. please reply…



March 30/2017 (Again)

So, where do I start again? I actually heard from her around 8:15 PM, through a Facebook video call. I was in a video call already, so I missed her first call, but she left a voice message. Basically it was saying she’s okay, & if I’m free later, she wants to talk, because we haven’t talked for a while.

I’m not going to give much detail, due to personal things mentioned in this call, but other then something last night, she’s been okay. I’m currently waiting on her to call back, as her roommate was calling, so she had to hang up. Before she hung up, she mentioned she is with someone, & this person does know about me, & the fact she still has feelings for me/ she still loves me & IF she comes back to me, this person will be okay with it.

It made my night a bit better, at least knowing she’s okay, considering the last time I knew she was okay, was on Monday when I texted her roommate asking if she was.

I’ll just edit this post if anything more happens.

Edit 10:30 PM: Still waiting on a call back from her. She hasn’t seen any messages I’ve sent since 9:10 PM when I had to step away from the PC for awhile. In all fairness, she called me first, & left a voice message asking if we could talk later tonight. Obviously, I want to, because I still care about her, & always will, because she is now a part of my life, no matter what happens. So, I’m basically still waiting on a call back from her. Our original call ended at 8:48 PM, so basically 8:50 PM, because her roommate was calling. I shall edit this post again if anything else happens.

Edit 11 PM: Still waiting on a call back from her. I’m not sure if I’m going to get one. I stepped away from the PC at like 9:10, & said we can call when I get back & all I got in response was “Eh”. In all fairness, she’s the one who left a voice message, wondering if I’m free tonight & if I am, can we talk. I’m likely going to be up all night anyways. Will edit again for another update before midnight tonight.


March 30/2017

So, where am I at today? Well, let’s see. I think I am doing better then the last few days, considering everything. Friday night (March 24/2017)/ Saturday’s (March 25/2017) events keep replaying themselves in my head, especially the part of being with her at her apartment, even though if was only for a few hours…. The month with her was the happiest I’ve ever been & the few times we saw each, keep replaying themselves over in my mind, but the 25th, after she got let out of the hospital, is the day that keeps replaying itself over & over in my head. Not because I’m wondering “What could I have done differently?” but because even though it was only for a few hours, it was nice to be with her at the apartment, just me & her. No one else

I found out via her SnapChat story last night, that technically I never “had” her heart anymore, as of March 23/2017. Someone else “stole” it on the 23rd, which was exactly one month with her, according to the anniversary she set our relationship at on Facebook…. She either forgot to remove me (partially glad she didn’t) or she wanted me to see it….

So, right now I’m left wondering why it “lasted” until the 26th, the day after the hospital & everything. I am glad it lasted, because I still likely would’ve went to see her in the hospital on the 25th (if it had happened & if she wanted me to), even if it had been over between us on the 23rd already. Why, you ask? Because, no matter what, she is now a part of my life, & regardless of things that happen, I still care about her.


Anyways, that concludes probably the 1st post today. There may be a 2nd one. I don’t know yet though. Just have to see what happens today.



March 29/2017 (Again)

So, another post the same day….

I thought I changed Facebook’s settings, to not show her posts on my News Feed first anymore. I’m sure I did, but I guess not….

She seems to be doing good, but on my News Feed right at the top just now, is a post basically saying she’s moved on. I really hate you right now Facebook….

Nice to know I meant so little to you, after all I did on Saturday, with coming to the hospital & everything, because you know exactly how difficult it was/ is for me to get to the city, even though it’s only 1 hr away (weather & road conditions depending)…. But I twisted arms on Saturday morning, until I could get there to be with you…. & didn’t expect everything that happened on Sunday to happen, considering Saturday….

That ends this post….


March 29/2017

Sorry for the “basic” titles for each post, but I don’t know what else to title them.
Things have been going decent, considering the events of this past weekend, & Monday….

Sunday night I had actually gotten advice from a good friend, I’ve been friends basically since 2 years old.
However, taking into consideration I was told she wouldn’t have answered me, while it was good advice & I was definitely going to “use”/ take that advice, that didn’t play out well, because I was told she wouldn’t have answered me anyways…. & then considering Monday she removed me from her relationship status, it wouldn’t have worked well. I’m still hopeful we’ll talk again, because when I asked her if we could talk still on Sunday (March 26/2017) she said “Not right now. I think it’s best if we don’t.”, & I personally believe that we will talk again. If she had said no to talking still, instead then that would’ve meant to me, we’re not talking again.

Now, onto other news, regarding radio posts & such. I have posts for everything titled appropriately & marked as pending, I just gotta get around to actually typing about them. I am hopeful that Vlogs may start this summer, but, considering how slow YouTube has uploaded for me in the past, basically rendering my Internet unusable for anyone for the duration of the upload, it may not happen. The Internet has been good recently, while I haven’t tried doing any uploads of any type recently, it’s been loading pages quickly.

Also related to the blog, I do try post near the end of my day (personal stuff), but sometimes I just gotta post just after midnight because I have thoughts that need to be typed out while they’re “fresh” in my mind. So some days, there will be 2 personal posts like March 28, but I’ll be trying to re-cap my day before midnight each night. Majority of the “personal” posts, will be titled like this one, with the date.
The only exception to one post per day, is any post about airsoft gear, radios, etc. as I once I start posting them, I may post 1 or 2 the same day, maybe 3, depending on how much time I have. Airsoft gear, radios, etc. posts will be titled with what the post is about. Normally these types of posts, the main subject will only be about one piece of gear/ one radio, but can & probably will tie into a past post I’ve made, or a future post that will be made. It’s also possible that some gear posts/ reviews may be accompanied by a YouTube upload as well. In that case, the link to the YouTube video will be included


March 28/2017 (Again)

My 2nd post today.
Only reason there’s 2 posts today, is because my first one was made just after midnight (12:30 AM) for me, before I went to sleep.

Anyways, how am I doing? I honestly don’t know…. I’d like to say I’ve “come to terms” with the fact she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to see each other again & that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea right now to talk to each other, but that’d be a complete B.S. lie.
How do you actually “come to terms” with something like that, when someone who was basically ur world (for a month) just up & walks out of your life, 1-2 days after you came all that way & saw them in the hospital, even though they were released the same day? I don’t think anybody really knows.

Anyways, on to a partial blog “update”.

I’m hoping to start posting reviews & just my general experience with some two way radios I’ve owned & used in the past, along with the ones I use currently, along with any respective accessories I use with them. I will only be posting about my experience/ reviews with radios I’ve owned & had a chance to use for at least a month. I have not been offered a radio to test & then review by any company yet, mainly because I’ve just started. The main “well known” brand of radio I have used & still do use is Motorola, specifically their XPR 6550.

Each brand of radio or radio accessory I’ve owned will have its own category. Some categories such as “Amazon” & “BuyTwoWayRadios”, are not really a brand, but rather where I purchased that particular accessory from.

Anyways, stay tuned for posts about every radio I’ve owned, starting with the very first one (Puxing PX-888K)