I’m Still Alive

Before, I go on to this post, I’m saying ahead of time, I posted this on a phpBB forum with the blog modification installed, so some things may not make sense. I am literally just clicking Edit on the forum post, & copy & pasting it here. This is also a few days behind, so sorry.


Things have been difficult in life. I’m starting to get into airsoft, however haven’t had a chance to attend a local game, due to the closest field being in the city 1 hr away from me…. I have the gear, just need to get to the city…

I’ve always been weary of dating sites, because a lot of people I know have been scammed because of them…. Well I joined one probably almost a yr ago now, & about a month ago (Feb. 25) messaged someone, who actually responded. Long story short, we’ve been together for exactly a month on March 25/2017. Normally, meeting someone from online doesn’t go well, because it’s just a general pain to explain to parents, exactly who I’m going to see, without revealing I met them online.

We’ve been through a lot together, & Facebook video call, Skype or FaceTime every night & have been trying to plan a first meeting between us. Well, thankfully I thought of a Boat & Sport Show at the local Expo Center in the city, & we had our first meeting last Friday night (March 17/2017) in the city, for about an hour & a half. It worked well, because I was going to be in the city anyways for the Boat & Sport Show at their local Expo Center (name withheld for privacy reasons) & was going to be staying the weekend in the city. We met at a mall near where she lives (near as in 5-10 min walk), then we took the LRT to City Center mall & were back at the original mall, by 8:30. Her roommate & her roommate’s brother came to City Center mall, but once we got back to the original mall, her roommate & her brother went back to the apt, & me & her walked back to the mall, which was nice, honestly.
I don’t drive in the city, so mom was nice enough to bring me to the mall & wait there that night, since it was only an hour & a half we were at City Center mall.

First meeting went great. Friday night before we both went to sleep, we made plans for her to come to the Expo Center & we spent basically the entire day together at the Boat & Sport Show. We tried to stay until 7 PM, but ended up we both had to leave near 6:30, as my mom was getting tired of sitting there & her roommate (best friend) was texting me asking when she’s leaving (her phone is disconnected, she needs WiFi to send iMessages & the WiFi at the Expo Center was crap). Honestly, the hardest part was leaving the Expo Center. 😦 I’ve never cried about having to leave someone I was hanging out with, but I almost did this time. She got back to her apt & her roommate was pissed because she was gone all day…. We ended up going home on Sunday morning as all hotels have a checkout time of 11 AM… That was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life…. 😦

Like, I’ve never been this happy in my entire life. This is the happiest I’ve ever been, because of her. I’ve honestly never had someone care about me as much as she does.

We’re trying to plan meeting in a city closer to me, I can drive myself to, tomorrow (Thursday, March 23/2017). She’s willing to take the transit bus to get there. Honestly hoping we get to see each other again.

Anyways, this post seemed to turn into basically being about her, so sorry.