March 24/2017

So, just a shortish entry today, regarding meeting her yesterday.
It didn’t go well.
She unfortunately missed the last morning bus to town, so she phoned her sister to see if she would drive her there. Her sister said yes, but only be leaving the city at noon…. That was fine. I finally left home at 12:30, because when I originally went to leave, the battery of my vehicle was stone cold dead…. Did get it charged back up with dad’s help, but either way it was dead…

I got to town about 1 PM. I texted her & found out, her sister never came, nor even returned any phone calls asking where she is. She tried calling her mom, & her mom said she’d bring her, but ended the same, with no phone calls returned. She thought of a cousin, that while she doesn’t like riding with them, because they speed on the roads, they said they’d bring her. Same thing, no returned phone calls….

She was just going to take a cab to town as a “last resort” & then get a ride back from someone hopefully at 7 PM, or just take the bus back… Her mom works with the city, so she would’ve covered the cab. I found out at 2:37 (I think) that she phoned her mom around noon to find out if she had sent her money for the cab & she said it was sent, at noon & again at 2:30, but no money was there…. She also learned the 2nd time calling her mom about the money for a cab, that her sister, who had said she’d drive her, was actually with her mom having lunch at noon, but no one told her…. & no one would answer her phone calls….

I’m not going into detail into the rest of what happened after it was basically determined that she wasn’t coming, because no one would return her calls, but basically we didn’t get to see each other at all yesterday…. 😦
I still stayed in town, most of the day, to be out of the house & keep the battery charged up on my vehicle.

While we were FaceTiming at one point, she mentioned they get paid tomorrow (so today, March 24/2017) & she had the idea of getting to town somehow & staying for about 3 days, maybe a week at a hotel, starting on Monday (March 27, I think). However, while that is a good idea, since I went to town yesterday, it’s unlikely I’ll be allowed to go in again on Monday…. & even if I can go in, I’d very likely not be allowed to stay with her at the hotel, or even go in each day she’s there to see her….

Her roommate went out last night, so we basically had a night “to ourselves” & video called almost all night once I got home, until her phone died at 2:30 AM….

It’s difficult, but we’ve made it this far, & I feel that we’ll make it farther.

So, this ended up being a longer post then I thought. It is very likely that everything I described above is not in the exact order of things that happened.

~ KR