March 27/2017

Sunday night was okay….

Me & her video called at one point, but that was only because she was drinking & completely hammered. We also ended up talking a few mins starting at 2:30 this morning, again because she was drunk…. which I don’t mind. I’m not controlling what she does, & it let’s me know she’s still okay, apart from being drunk.

I ended up texting her roommate when I woke up to see if she was okay & because I figured she wouldn’t answer me herself. Her roommate said I was right, she won’t be answering me, but yes she is doing okay.

I honestly need to get into Capital Airsoft/ Force on Force Tactical sometime & just do a game for the entire day I’m there, to “release” some feelings. lol. Like when you get that feeling, & you just need to hit or shoot something to let it out? Yep, that’s exactly what I need.

Not being rude, but I’m hoping some of the future posts will not be about her.

This is probably one of my shorter posts I’ve made recently.