March 29/2017

Sorry for the “basic” titles for each post, but I don’t know what else to title them.
Things have been going decent, considering the events of this past weekend, & Monday….

Sunday night I had actually gotten advice from a good friend, I’ve been friends basically since 2 years old.
However, taking into consideration I was told she wouldn’t have answered me, while it was good advice & I was definitely going to “use”/ take that advice, that didn’t play out well, because I was told she wouldn’t have answered me anyways…. & then considering Monday she removed me from her relationship status, it wouldn’t have worked well. I’m still hopeful we’ll talk again, because when I asked her if we could talk still on Sunday (March 26/2017) she said “Not right now. I think it’s best if we don’t.”, & I personally believe that we will talk again. If she had said no to talking still, instead then that would’ve meant to me, we’re not talking again.

Now, onto other news, regarding radio posts & such. I have posts for everything titled appropriately & marked as pending, I just gotta get around to actually typing about them. I am hopeful that Vlogs may start this summer, but, considering how slow YouTube has uploaded for me in the past, basically rendering my Internet unusable for anyone for the duration of the upload, it may not happen. The Internet has been good recently, while I haven’t tried doing any uploads of any type recently, it’s been loading pages quickly.

Also related to the blog, I do try post near the end of my day (personal stuff), but sometimes I just gotta post just after midnight because I have thoughts that need to be typed out while they’re “fresh” in my mind. So some days, there will be 2 personal posts like March 28, but I’ll be trying to re-cap my day before midnight each night. Majority of the “personal” posts, will be titled like this one, with the date.
The only exception to one post per day, is any post about airsoft gear, radios, etc. as I once I start posting them, I may post 1 or 2 the same day, maybe 3, depending on how much time I have. Airsoft gear, radios, etc. posts will be titled with what the post is about. Normally these types of posts, the main subject will only be about one piece of gear/ one radio, but can & probably will tie into a past post I’ve made, or a future post that will be made. It’s also possible that some gear posts/ reviews may be accompanied by a YouTube upload as well. In that case, the link to the YouTube video will be included