March 30/2017 (Again)

So, where do I start again? I actually heard from her around 8:15 PM, through a Facebook video call. I was in a video call already, so I missed her first call, but she left a voice message. Basically it was saying she’s okay, & if I’m free later, she wants to talk, because we haven’t talked for a while.

I’m not going to give much detail, due to personal things mentioned in this call, but other then something last night, she’s been okay. I’m currently waiting on her to call back, as her roommate was calling, so she had to hang up. Before she hung up, she mentioned she is with someone, & this person does know about me, & the fact she still has feelings for me/ she still loves me & IF she comes back to me, this person will be okay with it.

It made my night a bit better, at least knowing she’s okay, considering the last time I knew she was okay, was on Monday when I texted her roommate asking if she was.

I’ll just edit this post if anything more happens.

Edit 10:30 PM: Still waiting on a call back from her. She hasn’t seen any messages I’ve sent since 9:10 PM when I had to step away from the PC for awhile. In all fairness, she called me first, & left a voice message asking if we could talk later tonight. Obviously, I want to, because I still care about her, & always will, because she is now a part of my life, no matter what happens. So, I’m basically still waiting on a call back from her. Our original call ended at 8:48 PM, so basically 8:50 PM, because her roommate was calling. I shall edit this post again if anything else happens.

Edit 11 PM: Still waiting on a call back from her. I’m not sure if I’m going to get one. I stepped away from the PC at like 9:10, & said we can call when I get back & all I got in response was “Eh”. In all fairness, she’s the one who left a voice message, wondering if I’m free tonight & if I am, can we talk. I’m likely going to be up all night anyways. Will edit again for another update before midnight tonight.