March 30/2017

So, where am I at today? Well, let’s see. I think I am doing better then the last few days, considering everything. Friday night (March 24/2017)/ Saturday’s (March 25/2017) events keep replaying themselves in my head, especially the part of being with her at her apartment, even though if was only for a few hours…. The month with her was the happiest I’ve ever been & the few times we saw each, keep replaying themselves over in my mind, but the 25th, after she got let out of the hospital, is the day that keeps replaying itself over & over in my head. Not because I’m wondering “What could I have done differently?” but because even though it was only for a few hours, it was nice to be with her at the apartment, just me & her. No one else

I found out via her SnapChat story last night, that technically I never “had” her heart anymore, as of March 23/2017. Someone else “stole” it on the 23rd, which was exactly one month with her, according to the anniversary she set our relationship at on Facebook…. She either forgot to remove me (partially glad she didn’t) or she wanted me to see it….

So, right now I’m left wondering why it “lasted” until the 26th, the day after the hospital & everything. I am glad it lasted, because I still likely would’ve went to see her in the hospital on the 25th (if it had happened & if she wanted me to), even if it had been over between us on the 23rd already. Why, you ask? Because, no matter what, she is now a part of my life, & regardless of things that happen, I still care about her.


Anyways, that concludes probably the 1st post today. There may be a 2nd one. I don’t know yet though. Just have to see what happens today.