March 31/2017 (Again)

So, I didn’t hear from her overnight.

I ended getting a called from her on Facebook, for about 5 mins, that ended at 4:56 PM. It was basically her asking if I’d like to go with them somewhere, to some party…. Sadly, she knew the answer to that already.

When she hung up she was calling someone to get a ride there.

Either way I’m happy I heard from her & know she’s okay & know that her roommate is likely going with her to this party. Not really much to post about today. She was last active 1 hr ago, so she likely got a ride there. I probably won’t hear from her all night, because there’s very likely not going to be any WiFi wherever she’s going.

Will edit this post IF anything else happens today.

Edit 8:33 PM: In a video call with her currently. Not really sure where she is…. By the sounds of it, she pissed off her roommate somehow. Becoming concerned by what I’m hearing over the call, regardless if it’s directed to me or not…. :$ Will edit again later

Edit: 8:50 PM: So, I learned she brought someone into her roommate’s apartment & pissed the roommate off, so the roommate said they’ll talk about it later…. so she’s basically homeless right now…. & I don’t know if she’s being serious, but she me asked if she started walking to somewhere, if I could come get her & she could stay here…. I really wish I could, but I know for a fact that won’t go over well at all…. 😦

Edit 9:25 PM: Call just ended at 9:17 PM. She said she had to call someone, but she’d call me back…. Person she was with kept repeating something (won’t disclose for privacy). Honestly, wish I could help her out & let her stay here for a bit, but I know for a fact that wouldn’t go over well at all…. 😦 I asked her not to leave me “hanging” for a call back… :$

Edit 11:20 PM: She called back, while I was watching Hawaii Five-O, which started at 10. Thankfully I had my tablet on, so I heard it ringing & was able to answer. She must’ve patched things up with her roommate, because she was back in the apartment. The call ended at 10:25 PM, & she hasn’t called back, but as far as I know right now, she’s in another call at the moment. Probably the last edit tonight