April 1/2017

I never posted last night, because I couldn’t bring myself to type about it….

So, let’s go over everything. I had a video call with her just before midnight, where I learned something I kinda wish I didn’t find out… & then the call failed because she was going out for a walk…. :$

She called back sometime after midnight for a bit that was 13 mins & 33 secs long & ended at 1:21 AM.. She was in a hospital waiting room. I learned that it was not the hospital across the street from her apartment. She didn’t say which one. She just said she had to take the LRT to get to it, & that she went to this one, because maybe this one wouldn’t release her the same day, like the previous one…. I also learned on this 2nd call, a few other things that I will not disclose for privacy reasons, but one of these other things, happened 4 times in this week alone…. because of someone else she knows doing something….

She hung up the call at 1:21, because her roommate was asking her to call her…. She told me to stay right where I was & that she’d call back… well I never got the call back, but tried calling her back 3 more times, last try being at 3 AM. It rang all 3 times, meaning she wasn’t in another call, but all of them went straight to the “voicemail”/voice message option.

All my dreams last night had her in them, in some way, whether she was there in person or we were doing a Facebook video call in my dream…. Also, every time she appeared in my dream, we had never taken a break & we were still together…. Honestly, never in my life have I had someone “invade” my dreams over one night as much as she did. To me, this means I love her, I love her a lot & she means the world to me. The reason I say “dreams is because I woke up about twice over night. So when I went back to sleep, that counted as a “new” dream.

When I woke up, she still hadn’t seen any messages I sent her after the call ended at 1:21, so I’m assuming right now the hospital is doing what she hoped they would, & keeping her there… So I messaged her roommate, basically saying I don’t know who else I can message. That I know she knows this person’s in the hospital, because she said so over our voice call, & asking if she knew what hospital she was in, because all I know was she had to take the LRT…. I got the response of “Yes. I do”…. so I asked if I can know which one & then get asked “Why?”…. I responded saying so I can try come there & possibly see her….

I haven’t gotten a response yet, but that’s either because Facebook is being a dick & not delivering my message, or because her roommate turned her phone off…. I guess that still caring about her & wanting to see her, even though she’s not with me anymore, isn’t a good enough reason for her to tell me which hospital….

could go “digging” for it, but like a cop or a teacher, if I have to dig for something this person could’ve just politely told me, I am going to be pissed off. However, it’s looking like I’m going to have to dig for the hospital name…. Sounds odd, but I’m half “expecting” a phone call, either from the hospital, or maybe a local police officer in this city, asking for me to get to the city ASAP, because she’s asking to see me…. & that I can either get there myself or they’ll come & get me ASAP. It sounds dumb, but I’m sorta expecting that at this point, because I still mean a lot to her & she still means a lot to me. We both still love each other & have feelings for each other. It’s only 8:13 PM right now, so I’ll edit this post if anything else happens between now & midnight

Edit 9:22 PM: So, I finally got a response from her roommate…. but all I got was “She won’t want to see you”…. & to just stop & realize it’s probably over for good between me & her…. I’m guessing her roommate doesn’t know about our Thursday night (March 30) video call & last night’s (March 31) video call, where she admitted both calls, that she still has strong feelings for me/ still loves me & that the person she’s with now knows, she still has feelings for me, & that this person, she’s with right now, she said they would be okay if she came back to me….

All I told her roommate after she said to just stop & realize it’s probably over for good, is the part about our video call last night (March 31) where she admitted to me she still has feelings for me/ still loves me & that either way, I care about her no matter what happens, & that I’m sure she knows that too…. Wasn’t worth making a separate edit, but her roommate saw the message at 9:22 of me telling her about our video call last night where she admitted to me she still has feelings for me. Her roommate is now offline on Messenger (9:25 PM)… Will edit again IF anything happens, especially if it’s a call/ video call directly from her.

Edit 11:10 PM: Nothing has happened. Her roommate’s been offline since 9:25 PM tonight, & she was last active 21h ago, so I don’t think I’ll be hearing from her anytime soon, & based on how her roommate reacted when I said I wanted to know which hospital, so I could try get there & see her, her roommate likely won’t be keeping me updated on how she’s doing…. I honestly hope she’s doing okay, because all I can assume right now, is this hospital is actually keeping her there for however long. :$