April 2/2017

So, where am I at tonight?

Well, I honestly don’t know. I’m kinda pissed off her roommate wouldn’t tell me which hospital she’s at, & is probably going to make me find that out myself somehow…. I know her roommate saw the message telling her, she admitted she still has feelings for me… so maybe that’ll affect her decision to tell me the hospital or not. I honestly feel, if she comes back to me, her roommate will “have to” be okay with it, especially if it makes her happy, because her being happy is all that matters to her roommate, & if being with me/ coming back to me will make her happy, then okay.

I’m honestly just worried about her…. yes, we’re not together anymore, but you’ve read it in my last few posts since she first video called on the 30th… that I still care about her, & she still means the world to me, & that will never change. I just need to either get a video call from her saying she’s okay, or see her in person to know she’s okay, then I can relax a bit. Until either of those happen, these next few days, probably weeks, are going to be “fun”…. sleeping is probably going to be even “more fun” because she’ll likely be “invading” my dreams until I know she’s okay…. ❤

That’s all for now, at 12:25 AM….



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