April 4/2017

So, I’m debating whether or not to phone again tonight, because I’m unsure if she’s still there or not, considering she was apparently active on Facebook tonight, for the first time in 2 days…. I just don’t want to call & then find out she’s either been moved elsewhere in the hospital & they can’t connect me to her, or that she’s been released (unlikely though)….

I do want to call, because I want her to know I’ve been worried about her & still care about her, but want to be able to actually say that instead of saying it through a text/ Facebook message…. She’ll likely be sleeping if I call now, so me calling would be to at least ask her nurse to please let her know I called, & that she can call me back if she wants to.

That’s all for now, at 12:35 AM….

Edit 12:55 AM: Just bit the bullet & called again about 5 mins ago. She was released/ discharged yesterday (April 3) at some point…. so I now know that means, the fact she was actually on Facebook yesterday (April 3), is because she was either back at her apt, or somewhere with WiFi, that isn’t the hospital. Which honestly, isn’t really reassuring, because now I’m wondering if we’ll get to talk/ video call again anytime soon, or if she’ll even read my messages…. :$ It also leaves me wondering if everything she said on Thursday & Friday’s video calls (March 30 & 31) about still having feelings for me/ still loving me, etc., is still true or not…. :/ 😦  I honestly hope it’s still true, & that she’ll try message me either later tonight/ this morning, or once I sign on PC again today, to maybe video call…. now that I know she’s been released/ discharged…. Though, I’m unsure if I’ll tell her I called the hospital or not…. if we video call or talk at some point, & her roommate isn’t around I might tell her about both times I called, because I still care about her & was worried. :$




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