April 4/2017 (Again)

Apologies for the later post tonight. I only got on PC tonight around 8 PM. She messaged me at 7:23 saying Hello, after partially “flooding” my Facebook notifications reacting to a few posts I made while she was in the hospital. I replied obviously, & she said “Missed me I see”, which is obvious, so I said yes…. Then she said “Well I’ll share this piece with you..” & sent 2 pics… which I kinda wish she didn’t send…. then she went offline & was last active 52m ago now.

Her roommate messaged me at 7:40 basically saying she knows she said I could always talk to her about anything, but she takes that back because she knows it’s going to be about her & she no longer gives a fuck… I replied with “Okay?..” & after I asked if she’d like to say what happened & why she no longer cares, she told me why. Apparently, after she got out of the hospital, she couldn’t take the time to text her, after everything her roommate did for her. All I could say was I’m sorry, I didn’t know that….. She also apparently moved out of the apt she was at, but didn’t tell her roommate & her roommate found out from her sis, which I didn’t know either, but I had made the safe “guess” she was out of the hospital/ moved out, based on the background of the 2 pics she sent, because it looked nothing like any room in the apt…. Her roommate asked me if she told me anything…. I didn’t “have the heart” to tell her roommate, that I knew last night already that she was out of the hospital, because I had phoned them once on Sunday night & found out that’s the hospital, & phoned again last night & found out she had been discharged on Monday….

All I had the heart to tell her roommate was, no she didn’t tell me anything, but that she messaged me at 7:23 tonight saying hello, but the convo didn’t last that long. All her roommate responded with was “Oh”…. I then signed on PC & sent a long message explaining that I hadn’t heard from her since the voice call she ended around 1:20 AM on Friday night/ Saturday morning, when she was in the waiting room… I then told her that my Facebook chat sidebar is always open, & I did notice she was active on fb yesterday, but I didn’t really think anything of it because whichever hospital she was at, clearly had WiFi, because she voice called me Friday night/ Saturday morning when she was in the waiting room… I then mentioned to the roommate that she sent 2 pics in our convo today, & the background clearly showed she was out of the hospital… but that, I honestly don’t know… because I only made the guess that she was out of the hospital, from the background of the 2 pics she sent, but didn’t know she had completely moved out of the apt, until her roommate said she did…

I’m just honestly lost now, as to where I’ll meet her, IF I get to the city again & she would like to see me, because I currently have no idea where she’s living now, since she moved out of the apt…. I’m waiting to see if she’ll want to video call or Skype, because she was last active 2m ago now…

That’s all for now at 8:50 PM…. Until next time, or the next edit….

Edit 10:50 PM: Her roommate messaged me at9:45 saying “Yeah. She completely moved out. I don’t know if I should even bother messaging her”. All I could really say was I don’t know either. I mentioned I messaged her at 8:45 saying I was on PC just so she knows. At the time her roommate messaged me she was active almost 1h ago…. Nothing from her yet… as she hasn’t seen any of my messages I’ve sent her. I don’t think I’ll hear from her again tonight. It was still nice for her to actually message me at 7:23 saying “Hello” though, after partially “flooding” my notifications of her “reacting” with a  to the last 3 statuses I posted. I have a good feeling based on how she “reacted” to those posts, that she still does have strong feelings for me/ still loves me too, so that’s good. 🙂 That’s all for now at 10:50 PM….. Until next time…. or next edit…. if there is one. Lol

Edit 11:57 PM: So, I was expecting to miss a call from her, while I was in the shower, but I didn’t. She was last active about 22m ago now, so I’m guessing she fell asleep. However, she still hasn’t seen any messages I sent after she sent 2 pics earlier….Tonight it’s likely I won’t be up as late, because I actually gotta go somewhere tomorrow, & I’m the one driving. I honestly hope we can video call sometime this week & talk. That’s all for tonight, at 11:57 PM.

Until next time….