April 5/2017

So, a bit of a late post tonight. Went to town today, & only got back around 3 PM. I finally turned on my PC around 6:30-7, & actually signed on around 7:30… I didn’t do much, because Chicago PD was on at 8 PM, & over at 9 PM, hence why I’m posting now. I messaged her last night, just to let her know I had to go to town today, & sorry for any late replies & sorry if I woke her up :$. I ended up getting up around 10:30-ish, turned on my iPod & seen a message from her at 8:39 AM saying “I don’t sleep much anymore so it’s okay”…. I really wish I could somehow help her sleep better… & said that to her. I got the response saying “No sleeping meds..” which is understandable considering recent events…

Sent her a selfie at 12:18 PM while I was waiting to get a haircut & mentioned to her about an expo/ trade fair near me, in the same city I tried to meet her in a few Thursdays ago. I posted about it. She did respond to that later on, basically saying “Oooh I see”… I was home by then, so it was easier to reply. I mentioned I sent it, IF she wants to try see each other again, but I don’t know how she’d get there…. She said “Idk”. I don’t know if she was saying “idk” to seeing each other again, or “idk” to how she’d be getting there if she tried to come. I sent her another selfie I took lol, while I was sitting in the truck waiting, after my haircut & asked if her sister would be willing to take her. I didn’t get an answer on that, but she noticed right away I got a haircut, which honestly made me happy. 🙂 That basically concluded our conversation for today… which obviously isn’t as long or as often as we used to talk, but I’m happy she still actually replies to me, even if it is a few hrs later.

While I was in town, I ended up stopping at a Purolator receiver point, because they don’t deliver directly to your address, to pick up some things I had ordered from Amazon. Had ordered some gloves for airsoft & a pair of gloves for driving, to “protect” against the steering wheel being cold in the winter & being damn hot in the summertime. The airsoft gloves are a brand called Seibertron on Amazon.ca, which had great reviews. I have one of their backpacks with 2 detachable packs on either side of it, dedicated for bringing things out camping if I run out of room in my duffel bag, & to be used for airsoft gear, when I go airsofting, which so far hasn’t been used for airsoft gear, but has held up well to being packed with things for camping, on some weekends. I will be trying to do a review on it at some point too. Anyways, the gloves I got for driving were Mechanix M-Pact II gloves, in the Black/ Blue color. Despite their sizing chart saying my palm width wasn’t even in their sizes, which was hilarious, I ordered them in Large, like the Seibertron ones, & they fit perfectly.

Anyways, that’s all I can think of for now, at 9:35 PM. Until next time…. or the first edit 😛



P.S. Here’s the Seibertron Gloves, I mentioned above. Couldn’t find a way to “incorporate” them into a sentence above like the Mechanix ones.