April 6/2017

So, I’m not really sure what I can say about today. Been a quiet day, really.
Only signed on PC finally around 7 PM… Trying to make plans for an airsoft day in the city, in about 2 weeks & also finalize plans for going to an expo this Saturday.
There isn’t really much to say about today, since I’m going to try stop talking about her now, so we’ll see how that goes…. Not trying to be disrespectful to her, but going through my last posts, I’ve realized all I’ve basically talked about is her.

Even though it’s still just over 2 weeks away, I’m going to be going through my gear, & preparing things for my airsoft day, so it’s ready the night before, & all I’ll have to really do the night before is, make sure everything is in my bag, such as mags, CO2, batteries, etc. & also rememer to bring my wallet, because I plan on trying to at least get a vertical grip (angled one I have, just doesn’t work for me), a flashlight at least, & a holographic sight of some sort, likely an EOTech style one, & either a clear lens protector, or the “killflash” that is available for EOTechs, which also serves as a lens protector, & is made out of aluminum, compared to the normal lens protector, which is just clear plastic, that you install under the EOTech housing. I would prefer to only have to buy a lens protector once, rather then more then once, because the plastic one got shot out, even though it will have saved my sight.

I do have a sight right now, but even though it’s done the job here at home, just shooting targets & such, where I have time to get lined up with the dot, in game, I’ll only have probably below 5 seconds, to get my eye on the dot & fire. That is why I am going to be trying to get an EOTech style one. Being a holographic sight, your eye does not have to be lined up perfectly with the dot for your BBs to be on target. The red dot sight I currently have, also does not have any lens protectors available for it (unless I make one), & it was about a $50 sight off of Amazon…. I shall now quote part of an EOTech 556 Holographic sight’s product description from a Canadian retailer:

Holographic sights like the Petrol 556 have an advantage over regular red dot sights because they are near immune to parallax distortion. With a red dot sight your eye needs to be in line with the sight so that the reticle will be lined up with the target. If your eye is not lined up, your shot will end up being off target. With a holographic sight, you can move your eye off the sight line, and the reticle will stay on target. This has to do with the way the reticle is projected onto the lens and is why holographic sights are more expensive, and superior, to basic red dot sights.

-> Taken from Hero Outdoors 556 Holographic Sight‘s product description

I was offered by someone I’ll be meeting for airsoft that day, to borrow their EOTech sight, but, while I do appreciate their offer, I would prefer to not take/ have the risk of it getting shot out while being used by me. If I have no other choice, but to accept their offer, or use the red dot sight I have, I will likely take their offer. This airsoft trip/ game will be my first actual game, at an actual field, rather then just on the property here at home, with one other person. I am hoping it goes well.

Anyways, that’s it for now, at 8:05 PM. Until next time…. or the first edit 😛

Edit 11:58 PM: Nothing else worth mentioning has happened tonight, other then trying to finalize plans for the expo on Saturday. That’s all for tonight folks at 11:58 PM!