April 7/2017

Not much to say about today. I got up, finished watching a movie from the previous night, then started watching a 007 movie (Die Another Day), because there’s nothing else to watch…. lol
Trying to finalize plans for going to the expo nearish to me tomorrow. Also, trying to make plans for an airsoft trip on the 22nd, as I’ve mentioned before & obtain equipment for this year’s camping season & such.

I’m really only going to the expo tomorrow, to actually get out of the house again… while I did get out of the house on Wednesday, that was only for a bottle depot run, & I wasn’t by myself either….
Might stop in & see a few people I used to bowl on Saturdays with, if it’s open when I get to town…. if not, well then even better opportunity to try talk to people, because they’ll likely be waiting outside….

Anyways, not much else to say at 8 PM…. Until next time… or the first edit 😛