April 8/2017

So, let’s recap today… The expo today, was kinda depressing…. lol
There wasn’t much there….
So… anyways, I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about her anymore, but today was a “record”, in the sense we actually talked more then a few mins & am currently in a Skype call with her right now. Not really sure where the Skype calls going right now, so I’m unsure what to make of it. I did ask her if she’d still be willing to try come out camping & she did say yes, so there’s that too…
Obviously, she didn’t make it down to the expo. I’m not trying to sound rude, but I didn’t expect her to, I just suggested it to her if she wanted to try come down.

I’m honestly just happy she actually wanted to Skype tonight. ❤
Anyways, there’s surprisingly not much to say about today, because the expo was kinda sad in terms of what was there to look at….

That’s it for now at 7:50 PM… Until next time…. or the first edit… :p

Edit 9:05 PM: Our Skype call ended at 7:52, because someone else was calling her… She told me/ said to me, to stay right here & that she’ll call me back…. but I’m remembering the last time she told me to stay right here, & that she’ll call me back (2nd time she was in the hospital, I think)…. & she never did…. last active on Facebook 1h ago & was marked as Away on Skype, but now she’s online…. I don’t know if I should call her or not, because she said she was going to call me back…. :$ That’s all for now, at 9:05 PM….

Edit 11:56 PM: So, I messaged her giving her more info at 8:30 PM, about if she comes out camping, in terms of the costs involved & that this new cost, I didn’t mention before, I hope doesn’t affect her wanting to try come out, & she finally replied at 11:15 PM, saying it’s okay… She never did call me back either on Facebook or Skype, & it’s now 11:55, so I doubt she will, as she’s likely sleeping, or at least trying to sleep… as she was active 38m ago now…. I honestly hope she messages me tomorrow & we can Skype for a bit longer…. Was actually nice to talk to her today, longer for then, like, 5 mins…. 🙂

That’s likely all for tonight, at 11:55 PM. Until next time….