April 9/2017

So, what can I say about today & last night/ this morning?
I can’t really say much, because nothing worth posting about, really happened….

I ended up programming some radios last night, after 10-15 mins, when I finally got the language problem fixed, with everything showing ???? for each category & setting. Just had to change the language to English lol….. -face palm-
I finally had everything programmed properly, that all radios were talking to each other just fine in digital mode. The only disadvantage about the new radios I programmed are, they do not have the “Talk Permit” or “Channel Free” tones, nor do they have an “Emergency Alarm” feature. That isn’t that big of a deal though & definitely, not a big enough deal to send them back, considering their price was $269.99 for two of them. Compared to $219.99 for another digital capable radio, that’s basically identical, except it has a screen &, the $219.99 price is only for one….

The intended use of these new radios are for out camping, once camping starts, butif I go airsofting at some point, they may be “borrowed” by someone, I can trust completely, & someone I know will not damage them in any way, even though they are IP67 rated.

Now, on to my airsoft trip for the 22nd I mentioned before. After hearing some advertising on the radio last night, it’s very possible, that on the 22nd, if I go to the city, I will not be going for airsoft, & instead will be going to a Motorshow at their local expo centre, that’s on from April 21 – 23, since I can go for airsoft basically any Saturday, because the airsoft field is still going to be there after the 23rd, whereas the Motorshow will be gone after the 23rd….

Yes, it is the same expo centre I spent all day with her at before, which shouldn’t be that much of a “problem” for me, as long as I hopefully don’t go into the one hall, where me & her just sat with each other for a while…. though I feel even if I do walk into that hall, it shouldn’t affect me that much, that I need to walk out right away, because it’s been almost a month since I was there all day with her….

Hell, there’s even a possibility, that she may come there too, so we can see each other, because I mentioned it to her earlier tonight, & included screenshots of the event on the expo center’s website, & she replied “Ooh!?”. I am unsure if she will come or not, but like I told her, if I go, & if she wants to come, she can, but she doesn’t have to come. I just wanted to mention it to her, because I just thought it MAY be an opportunity to see her in person again, earlier then waiting until camping starts, since yesterday she said she’s still willing to try come out camping, but camping doesn’t start for me until near the end of May, & the campground/ park doesn’t even open until May 1st anyways…. I asked her if she could maybe try come out the same weekend I start camping, & she wasn’t sure, which is fair.

I do hope she’ll try come, but it’s okay if she doesn’t because of her saying yes, she will still try come out camping whenever…. 🙂

Anyways, for once this is a post, that even though she was mentioned & talked about, the entire post wasn’t about her.

That’s all for now at 8:25 PM… Until next time…. or the first edit lol 😛

~ KR