April 11/2017

So, a bit of a late post today, as I’ve been searching up TV/ Monitor mounts on Amazon, along with wall plates with VGA, HDMI, 3.5mm Audio, S-Video, Component Audio/Video (Red, Green & Blue) & Composite Audio/ Video (Red, White & Yellow) connections, considering my room is having its floor redone & it’s possible, that my current TV stand will be removed after, & a normal, smaller stand will replace it, & will possibly be mounting either my current TV or a newer, wider TV on the wall.

Hence why I am looking at wall plates with those connections. Sadly, I have not found one plate with all those connections available on it. I do have S-Video on my current TV, but I have nothing that even uses S-Video, so it doesn’t matter. The 3.5mm audio is important, as my current TV has a headphone port (pointless if you ask me) & an Audio Input port. Basically, I can connect my laptop to the VGA Port, & the laptop’s headphone plug to the audio input on the TV, so my laptop audio comes through the TV’s speakers. I have found 2 separate plates. One has the HDMI & Component Audio/ Video plugs & the other has the VGA, 3.5mm Audio & Composite Audio/ Video plugs on it.

The wall plates are simple to use. You basically use cords for each of these plugs/ ports, plug them into your TV, & then run them through your wall to wherever the plate is installed. If my TV ends up being wall mounted, these wall plates may be “vital”, to me being able to easily plug in my old school PS2 & my current DVD player, to the TV, without having cords stretched across the wall. It’s also possible that if my TV ends up being wall mounted, I may try get a recessed power plug installed in the wall & a simple “pass through” plate next to it for the cables.

I am unsure if my TV will go on the wall or not. If it does, I’m going to need a wall mount that has an arm/ swing out mount & a gas spring/ shock that will allow the TV to be lowered, as it’ll be to high for me to watch, when laying on the bed, if it cannot be lowered & tilted. Only time will tell. There’s still about half the floor to finish redoing, but the longest part, is having to move/ rearrange things so the new floor can be put down, without completely emptying/ cleaning off anything that’s being moved (DVD Cupboard, TV Stand, etc.).

Anyways, this post is a really late one, because of cleaning out the closet to move a few things & hide a few things so no one sees them tomorrow, when we start on the floor again. This post wasn’t going to be this late, but I ended up not knowing what to type, so it sat as a draft for a bit…
That’s all for now, at 11:55 PM…. Until next time… 😛