April 12/2017

So, I’m not sure what to say about today…
The weather prevented anything more from being done on my bedroom floor, as it was raining all day & is likely going to rain & snow tomorrow…. so tomorrow will likely be another day that nothing more is done to get my bedroom floor done. I’m still unsure if my current TV stand will stay, or be replaced by something else, & maybe mount my TV on the wall, possibly with those wall plates I mentioned in my last post.

The only “problem” with doing those wall plates is that my wall is not drywall. I believe it is plaster, but I’m not sure…. So, if the wall plates are possible, that’ll make it more difficult then it would be if it was drywall. Drywall you can easily mark where the plates going & then just use a knife & cut the hole out. I will still need a wall mount for the TV, that can allow the TV to be lowered to a height that’s comfortable to watch at, & when it’s not being used, be pushed up & folded against the wall, out of the way. I’m hoping another cupboard will be put somewhere in my room, because where I have airsoft things (radios, gear, etc.) stored right now, (filing cabinet drawers), in order to get one thing out, I almost need to empty the entire drawer just for 1-2 things…. & the drawers are basically “packed full” to the top, so if even one thing, isn’t put back in the exact same way it was before, then the drawer likely won’t close….

A cupboard would solve this problem, & I would likely be able to use separate shelves for the radios, their chargers, etc., then another shelf for pistols such as my M9 & then another shelf for smaller gear, such as my goggles, mesh mask, drop leg, Red Dot Sight, etc…. Where I plan on placing my M4, its magazines, case/ bag, etc. I don’t know yet…. The batteries for my M4, Pistol CO2 & Green Gas, BBs, Speedloaders, etc. will likely have their own shelf, likely on the bottom, depending on if a cupboard can be found, & how many shelves it has…. Based on my list I just gave above, the cupboard would “need” at least 4 shelves, if not more….

Nothing was done today, hence why I am just discussing possibilities for my room & storage for my airsoft gear, that I can easily get to when needed….

That’s really it, for now at 9:22 PM… Until next time…. or the first edit 😛