April 14/2017

So, yet another very late post, since I had the new post window open, but kept forgetting to type one out & didn’t know what to say….
I didn’t post on the 13th, because nothing happened worth posting about. Today, we finally got the floor in my room finished, & so far my TV is still on the TV stand it was on before. I would really like a wall mount, but I learned today, that due to the way the walls/ studs were done when the house was built, running new cables/ cords in the wall is not possible. Most houses have vertical studs about 16 inches apart. Well, the studs are 16in apart here too, but when the house was built, there were horizontal pieces put in between all the studs at certain distances apart, hence why no new wires/ cords can be ran inside the wall… so that kinda dampens my idea for the wall plates…. plus I hadn’t exactly told my idea to anyone…. All that can really be done is wall mount the TV, & that’s it…. which may prove to be a pain with all the cords, unless there is a way to “attach” the DVD Player to the wall mount as well, so it can move with the TV, otherwise the cords will be all over the place….

I’m looking at a 2 arm wall mount on Amazon, capable of holding a 23″ to 42″ wide TV for $69.99, & the 2nd arm has a gas spring on it which allows the TV to be adjusted vertically up or down 13.25″ to 15″ as well…. There is a mount, that is just 1 arm, with a gas spring, however personally, I feel that won’t offer me many options for adjusting the TV. The 2 arm wall mount I’m looking at, I think when straight/ fully extended from the wall, will bring the TV out about 22″ from the wall, which should be interesting, because there is no way to run wiring & install a new wall power plug right behind the TV wall mount, for the reason mentioned above…. I’m not really sure how big of a TV I’ll get if a wall mount is done, due to the fact the wider the TV, the less swivel adjustment freedom you have on a wall mount, from side to side, as the TV will hit the wall sooner then a smaller TV would. Right now, I’m just going with the existing TV stand for a while…. since the floor is done & a new stand or wall mount can be done at any time now. Though, if a wall mount is done, the existing TV stand will have to go, is what I was told….

Sadly, so far, I haven’t figured out what to do with my airsoft gear, mainly the M4…. I still don’t really have a place to store it yet, but since a few more spots in my room have been cleaned out, I should have room to store the bags/ backpacks I plan on using to take my airsoft gear in better spots then stuffed in the closet. While, they likely will end up in the closet again, when they’re empty, it’s possible they’ll end up in a better spot then before, along with my M4 case. I’ve debated the option of putting my M4 in the case, along with all the mags & such, & then just sliding it under my bed…. Due to the way the house was built, there’s a small portion of my closet that is sort of “wasted space” because only my M4 case fits in there, & only if it’s completely empty. That small portion is there, because right next to it, is the chimney in the house, for our furnace apparently. If I had no closet, I’d have a lot more room, for another cabinet/ cupboard of some sort, to store all my airsoft gear, mainly the BBs, batteries, chargers, CO2, holsters, etc.

I have thought about possibly just putting the dresser in front of/ behind the existing bedroom door, but then the only door into my room, is through the bathroom right next to it, so that’s not really practical either, even though it’d free up a bit more room, possibly for another cupboard. Either way, I need to find a better way to store my airsoft sidearms (Glock, M9, 1911, etc.), radios, radio batteries, chargers, etc. then in my filing cabinet drawers, since right now the way they are, while it does work, it’s a pain when putting them back, due to the fact they basically need to be “packed” exactly the same way they were before, if I want the drawer to close…. With a cupboard or cabinet of some sort, with shelves I likely wouldn’t have that problem. Guess I’ll just have to see what happens….

That’s all for now at 11:59 PM. Until next time….

~ KR