April 15/2017

Not really much was done today. My room’s floor got done yesterday, so that’s done. All that’s really left is to move a few things back into my room, such as my dresser, & that’s really it.
I’m not sure if I’ll keep my bed where it is right now. I may move it back to its old spot. However, the only advantage from where it is right now, is I now have a bit of room to use my computer chair, to sit & watch a movie on the TV instead of laying on the bed, which from the angle I’m at, the bed blocks the bottom right area of the TV screen, or sitting on a hard bench…

Not really sure on a wall mount TV yet, but if my bed stays where it is, even if it gets flipped around, then a wall mount TV will be better, because I’ll likely have more room to move between my room & the bathroom next to it. Right now, with the bed where it is, & my current TV stand, it’s a pain to get to the bathroom, as the “opening” between my bed frame & the TV stand is small. It is small enough you cannot walk “normally” through it.

I messaged her last night, asking if she’d be coming to the Motorshow on the 22nd/ if I should “expect” her to come, so I know if I should try wait for her to show up, or just walk right in…. She said “I’m hoping”, so I’m honestly hoping she does come. It would be nice to see her again, even though it’s very possible I’ll see her out camping at some point, as she did say she’s still willing to [b]try[/b] come camping.

Anyways, I’m not really sure what else to talk about at 11:23 PM. Until next time…