April 17/2017

So, I didn’t post yesterday again, because there wasn’t really anything to post about. All that was done yesterday, was I went to see The Fate Of The Furious which turned out to be a great movie. Only thing I was surprised about, was that Paul Walker’s brother wasn’t in the movie as Brian O’Conner, yet I swear in the previews, well before it came out, he was going to be. He was mentioned once along with Toretto’s sister Mia, but neither of them made an appearance in this one.

Not much was done yesterday. Went to see the movie, came home & my dresser was put back in my room, while I was gone. I ended up flipping my bed around, & so far that’s proving to have been a good decision, as I can now finally sleep better. Not really sure what else is in store for my room. Since the bed’s flipped around, a wall mount TV is unlikely, because the wall I’d be facing, while laying on my pillows, on my bed, has no type of power outlet on it so, when I’m laying on the bed, the TV is actually behind me. I don’t mind actually, because I now have room to bring my computer chair in & use it to sit on, rather then that small hard bench I was using before.

I still need to figure out where to put everything I cleared out the one night, before the rest of my room was done. There’s a few things in boxes, which shouldn’t be to hard to store away. It’s just the bags & such we moved down to the basement temporarily, that’ll be difficult to hide, as I’ll need to empty them first before storing them away. I’m hoping it’s possible to put my Airsoft M4 under my bed, in its bag somehow. Maybe the BBs, drop leg, pistols, etc. can go in the one cupboard if it gets cleaned out. Either way, there is not anymore room for a cupboard that’s basically the same as the current one, so I’ll have to figure it out somehow…. I shouldn’t need to hurry that much, since an airsoft day in the city, is still more then 2 weeks away at least. This Saturday (22nd) is the motorshow & next Saturday is out of the question.

I try plan for a Saturday, because normally Sundays are a day, you just relax at home & not do much, but I recently learned that, Sundays may be possible as a place nearby the airsoft field is also open on Sundays too.

Anyways, that’s all for now at 11:35 PM…. Until next time…

~ KR