Will Pay For What They Said

(A customer has been getting very irate while waiting for manager to authorise her discount. The manager comes down after a couple of minutes.)

Manager: “I am terribly sorry, madam. A woman has gone into labour in the fitting rooms.”

Customer: “That means nothing to me. I am a paying customer, and paying customers comes first. That hussy you’ve got back there probably can’t even afford anything in this store!”

Manager: *annoyed* “Of course, madam. I see you are trying to use this coupon?”

Customer: “Yes, now get a—”

(The manager walks away from us and starts attending to another customer.)

Customer: “HEY! You were helping me, not them!”

Manager: *turning his head* “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you said paying customers come first. Am I to assume you no longer want to use your coupon and actually pay?”

(The woman blushes and keeps quiet while the manager finishes with the other customer. He processes her coupon, but before he hands the receipt over.)

Manager: “In future, madam, steer clear of here, unless you want to be thrown out. No one in my store calls a pregnant woman, much less one in labour, a ‘hussy’ and demands priority treatment because they’re ‘paying.’ Now get out!”

(The woman managed a feeble apology and left in a hurry.)

-> Will Pay For What They Said


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