April 20/2017

Sorry I’ve “technically” been MIA, apart from posting stories from NotAlwaysRight.com
There just hasn’t been much worth posting about. Recently learned the airsoft field does not have any EOTech sights in stock, so…. I am going to have to take that offer of borrowing someone else’s. He does have a protector on it though. Closest place to get an EOTech, probably a Tan one, with all the function buttons on the back, is about 20-30 mins away from the field, which wasn’t in the plan, but I need a sight with a protector either way, even if I borrow his for whatever day, since I obviously can’t keep borrowing it. The 20-30 mins away place, has a black EOTech, but all the function buttons are on the side of it, which will make it difficult to use, while looking through it, hence why I am looking for one with the buttons on the back, & one that can accept a CR123A battery, because my flashlight, laser & PEQ Box I all have planned, will take the CR123A as well….

In the end, I’m hoping that my EOTech sight will be tan, vertical foregrip will be tan, & a different stock/ new stock will be tan. I would do tan magazines too, but considering I got the current mags with the gun, when I got it, there’s no point buying more mags. So, my M4 will at least have some colour variation to it, rather then being all black. I was planning on doing a tan PEQ Box instead of the sight, but, to me, if I do a tan PEQ Box & then a black sight, then my mags “need” to be tan too… so I am going with a tan foregrip, tan EOTech & tan stock, & maybe a tan suppressor too, even though I already have one that’s black.

Now, regarding that motorshow Saturday the 22nd. I may be going, but the weather is forecasting rain & snow that day, which will mean if it does snow, I won’t be going…. Either way, I haven’t gotten an answer from her yet, if she’d be coming or not. I honestly hope she would be coming, but preferably by herself. I just feel it’d be awkward if she came & who she’s with right now, came with her too…. If she doesn’t come, I didn’t mention to her, for my own reasons, but I do have plans with another person to try meet there too that day…. I’m just lost on what to do, if she can come & the other person can too…. :$ Oh well, I guess. Just have to see what happens….

Anyways, I don’t really have much else to say tonight at 8:22 PM… Until next time…. or the first edit…. 😛

~ KR