April 22/2017

So, let’s recap today.

Went to the motorshow, but first stopped in at a supply store & picked up an EOTech XPS 2-Z for my M4 in Tan/ Dark Earth colour & a lens protector for it. Sadly, not a kill flash as they don’t carry those at all. The “Z” is basically representing that it’s a “zombie” sight, as in the reticle is not your typical EOTech reticle. It is the “Biohazard” symbol. It was either the tan one, with the function buttons on the rear, for easier access while looking through it, or a black one with the normal reticle, but the buttons on the side. So, trying to keep “consistent”, with my “plan” I outlined in my last post, for colour variation, I picked the tan. Next step is a tan foregrip at the very least & hopefully a tan stock, but the stock isn’t “vital” to me playing airsoft anytime soon. Since the angled foregrip I got with my M4, doesn’t really work for me, the vertical foregrip is “vital” to playing soon, but will likely have to be purchased at the airsoft field, whenever I get there. All I need to “complete” the sight is some CR123A batteries.

Anyways, after picking up the sight we went over to the motorshow. Great show altogether. I sadly did not get to see her, like I had hoped. I didn’t realize she had basically just moved elsewhere. I found that out, when she said she was still unpacking stuff & had just moved, so didn’t know how soon she was going to get there. Basically, it ended up, I didn’t see her in person, but have plans to try go back one weekend & meet her elsewhere, or just try have her come out camping one weekend, once I start camping.

The motorshow was full of vehicles (obviously haha). Main booths I “focused” on was Ford, as I drive a Ford. I did take a lot of pictures on my phone, & haven’t had a chance to sort through them all yet, but they’ll likely be uploaded to my Imgur account & shared that way. There was at least 3-5 prototype Ford vehicles including a Mustang GT, Shelby GT, Raptor, & an Expedition. I mainly took pictures of vehicles I was interested in, & a few of vehicles that just caught my eye, even if I couldn’t see myself driving one. Neither of us used the driving simulator at the Ford section, due to the long as hell line up, but was interesting to watch it be used. Sorry, no video footage of it being used by others. Just pictures.

I got to experience a virtual reality headset for the first time at the Mazda booth. After entering information, such as email, address, preferred Mazda dealer, etc. which also entered us in a contest/ draw for one of the VR Headsets, a Samsung phone or a $250 gift card to a local theater in the city. The booth we entered all our information on, did give a few people before us “Instant Winners” of one of those items above. Sadly, neither of us were an instant winner…. We then went over to the actual virtual reality booth with the headsets, entering our emails again, to confirm the lady there was doing her job of helping us (LOL), we sat down & were taken on a virtual ride of the Mazda CX-5 convertible. It was interesting to say the least, considering it was my very first time using a VR Headset, in any way. It was only a 2 min thing, but for my first VR Headset experience, it was amazing, being able to look around & actually see the entire car, from the passenger seat as there was a virtual Mazda guy taking you on the ride. Though, I’m not sure if I could game for hrs on end using one, likely because my eyes are used to the screen being at least 1-2 ft away from me & this, the “Screen” was basically right in front of me. My eyes were watering a little bit, by the time it was done. The one thing that made it “difficult” for me to “fully” enjoy the virtual ride, was I couldn’t tighten the headset strap tight enough to keep it from falling down on my nose (LOL). It was either to tight or to loose, so I just gently held it up when my hands. This particular headset, did not have a strap going over top of your head to support it. The VR booth also had a fan on it, in the center to simulate driving down the road with the convertible top down.

The Lexus booth had VR Headsets too, but since it was getting late in the day, we didn’t use them. The Lexus area was setup, that you give your info to someone at a desk & then you get a sort of “smart” card, that you can tap on a screen at each Lexus vehicle. It’d then show a pop up, on the scree with your first name & first letter of your last name, asking what you’d like to do. You had the choice of either booking a test drive for that particular car, or using their VR headsets for a virtual race. Lexus had 4 VR Headsets total for racing. There was the spot you sat in, with basically the same controls as you would probably find on an arcade racing “booth”, the headset you put on, which was better then Mazda’s, because it had that top support strap, that Mazda was lacking & the headphones were “built in” to the headset. Each seat was facing the crowd, so behind you & above your head, there was a TV screen, to basically show everybody else watching around you, exactly what you’re seeing. On our way out, past the Volkswagen booth, I noticed that VW had the same “tap” cards that Lexus had, but I didn’t notice if they had a VR racing booth or not.

The weather stayed fairly nice for us during the day. It snowed on & off but not enough to make us leave earlier then we did. Ended up stopping on the way home for something to eat. Don’t remember what time we got home at. But right now, it’s basically Christmas for us, since it’s been snowing steady all night, since we got home…

Anyways, that’s it for now at 10:50 PM…. Until next time… or the first edit.. 😛

~ KR