April 26/2017


Yes, I am still here. There’s just really been nothing worth posting about these last few days, but I have been posting stories from “NotAlwaysRight.com” so you know I’m still alive.

Short recap of today. Nothing much can be done, because our yard is basically a mudhole & you can’t drive on it with anything, without leaving a mess behind you. That’s likely because it’s been so warm out recently, but the forecast is it’s supposed to snow the rest of the week. So, today was basically a lazy day. I am still trying to get some CR123A Batteries for a flashlight, laser & for my EOTech sight I got for my M4 on the 22nd. So far, every airsoft day I’ve thought up has fell through in some way…. but the person I would’ve borrowed an EOTech from is/ has been completely cool, in the sense he hasn’t gotten mad about the days falling through. So far, the days that have fell through, it turns out he did have something planned anyways. It must have been warm today, because last night our entire lawn was covered in a thin layer of snow & today, it was green with barely any snow on it.

This post wasn’t in any particular “order”. I just typed things out as I thought of them.

Not really sure what else to say at 12:25 AM. Until next time…. or possibly the first edit… 😛