Tattootally Unacceptable Behavior

(My husband owns a restaurant and I work as a hostess. A couple walks in with their young daughter, who is maybe three or four. I have full sleeve tattoos on both my arms and bright blue hair. I am also heavily pregnant.)

Me: “Hello, welcome to [Restaurant]! Two adults and one child?”

(The wife is staring at me horrified.)

Customer: “You should be ashamed!”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer: “Bringing a child into this world looking like that. Have you no respect? I bet you’re on something, too. Your baby is going to have so many problems.”

(I’m obviously shocked and nearly in tears. Her husband looks mortified by her behavior.)

Customer’s Husband: *to me* “I’m so sorry. She’s usually not like this.” *to her* “There is no need to berate this poor woman.”

(The woman continues to insult me over her husband’s pleas. Luckily one of our servers hears and goes and gets my husband, who is also heavily tattooed, who had been cleaning and is wearing long yellow gloves.)

My Husband: “Ma’am I think you need to leave.”

Customer: “Who are you? A dishwasher? I demand to see the owner and complain about his hoodlum employees!”

My Husband: “Actually I’m the owner and you’ve been insulting my wife here.” *turning to her husband and daughter* “You two are free to stay but she must leave.”

(The customer looks pointedly at her husband who sighs heavily.)

Customer’s Husband: “Go home, dear.”

(The customer stormed out angrily, cursing. Luckily she didn’t try to come back and her husband left me a hefty tip!)

-> Tattootally Unacceptable Behavior

Note: I do not find it funny that the lady was made fun of for her tattoos & such. I find this funny due to the ending of the story, where the lady demands to see the owner & her own husband tells her to go home.


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