Internet Is Down And They Are Out

(My job consists of going to people’s houses and performing repairs on their Internet service. Sometimes customers defy belief. I am on one of my visits. After knocking on the door for several minutes a very young boy, about six or seven years old, pokes his head out.)

Kid: “Hi?”

Me: “Hi, I am with [Internet provider]. Did your mom ask for help?”

Kid: ” Let me see…”

(The kid goes in the back. I can clearly hear the following conversation, as the voice of an older woman is rather loud.)

Older Woman: “Tell him we are not here.”

(The boy pokes his head out.)

Boy: “We are not here.”

(I am trying not to laugh.)

Me: “Well, do you know when your mom is getting back?”

(The kid turns back and asks the older lady who is obviously not there.)

Boy: “When are they getting back?”

Older Woman: “I don’t know.”

Boy: “She doesn’t know.”

Me: *stifling laughter* “Okay, I will wait for a bit.”

(The kid’s mom and the owner of the house arrived about 15 minutes later. The older woman, apparently the grandmother, sat there shamelessly the whole time, and not once did she address the situation.)

-> Internet Is Down And They Are Out


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