Time For You To Clearance Out

(It’s about an hour until close, so it’s just me and the manager on duty when a customer enters the store. We both recognize him as a regular who’s tried to scam us multiple times by adjusting prices on items. He knows we know him and he knows we’ve foiled his scam several times. He approaches the registers with a large vase that I had opened and placed on the floor literally a couple hours before.)

Me: “Will this be all for you tonight?”

Regular: “Yeah, I found this hidden away in the clearance. Isn’t it great?”

Me: “Oh?”

(The vase had been placed well away from the clearance bays, and it’s been an extraordinarily slow night customer-wise.)

Regular: “It’s such a great price, too.”

Me: “Huh, that’s lucky. I’ve never seen a vase this size go for so little.”

(The markdown tagged attached to the vase shows it was marked down from $12.95 to $6.98 and when I search the SKU in our database, the item that comes up is a small sugar bowl that’s been sitting in our dining clearance — on the other side of the store from where clearance vases would be — for months. At this point my manager comes over.)

Manager: “Someone must’ve been playing a joke, because this isn’t the right price tag. The SKU on the markdown sticker and the vase don’t match. The vase is regular price at $99.95.”

Regular: “I should get it for the sticker price though, if it was wrong. The person doing the markdowns must’ve made a mistake.”

Manager: “My associate and I are the only ones on the floor tonight, and she put this out at the start of our shift. It definitely wasn’t on clearance then.”

Regular: “I should still get it for the price on the sticker.”

Manager: “I’m not giving you a $100 vase for $7. You can choose to pay full price for it or not buy it.”

Regular: “But it’s not my fault the tag was wrong!”

Manager: “I’m not giving the vase to you for $7.”

(He storms out in a huff, and since he’s notorious for coming into our various locations and fixing prices, she calls our other locations in town to warn them.)

Manager: *to me* “You know, I know he can’t know who will be working when, but this is the fourth time he’s come in and tried it only to get foiled by the same two people.”

-> Time For You To Clearance Out


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