May 8/2017 – Yes, I’m Still Alive

As the title says, yes, I am still alive. lol
Just been busy with life & such & trying to prepare for camping this year & the very real possibility, that it may be the last year….

Still trying to get a hard drive for my server PC that failed a few months ago, & some CR123A batteries for my EOTech sight. I’m likely going to have to get the batteries from Amazon, along with a hard drive for the PC. The pack of 12 Streamlight CR123A batteries is still $27.99 last time I looked & a 7400 RPM 1TB WD Blue drive for PC, is about $64.99 I think. I also think, I’m going to go ahead & get a green laser, flashlight & a rail QD Sling mount from Amazon too, rather then waiting until whenever I get to the field in the city.

Then all I need to get from the airsoft field in the city is a different stock, one that is easier to change batteries in, as my current one has 2 screws in the rubber buttplate, which isn’t exactly convenient in the middle of a game. I’d be looking at getting something that the buttplate either has a hinge & a snap that locks it in place, maybe similar in shape to my current one, or one that the buttplate snaps in place, but can be removed completely. Might spend the extra money, if they have it & get one capable of accepting a 5000mAh tri cell crane style battery, which I’d obviously use for long drawn out games & my current 1600mAh butterfly style batteries I have right now.

Then a PEQ Box with a red laser & flashlight later on, & then a 2 point sling such as the Condor STRYKE Tactical Sling, which is convertible between a one point & two point sling & has what they call a “transition-loc” with pull tab, which basically allows you to grab this pull tab, & tighten up the sling when the weapon it’s being used with, isn’t being used, or maybe if you decide to throw (not literally) your primary behind your back & use a secondary weapon on your sidearm, & then possibly a pistol lanyard for my M9, as it’s the only sidearm I have with a lanyard hole. Not sure where I’ll get the lanyard from. Might get it from Amazon, since I’ve seen a few decent ones there. Last item will be a vertical grip, hopefully in tan, & one that folds, but if tan isn’t available, I can live with black.
As always, I will provide links down below to the items I can, such as the stocks I’m deciding between, the Condor sling, etc.

Like I mentioned before, I’m hoping to do the following things in tan colour on my M4 if possible:

  • Stock
  • EOTech Sight (Already done/ own)
  • PEQ Box
  • Folding Vertical grip
  • Mid cap mags (New idea. Maybe)

On another note, I actually heard from her the other day…. Apparently, person she was with left her…. I honestly don’t know what to say… but she is still willing to try come out camping. Anyways, we haven’t talked that much, since that day…. :/ I’ve sent messages & she’s seen them, but she never replies, which I guess is a good thing, since it kinda let’s me know she’s still okay. ❤ :heart:

Anyways, that’s it for now at 10:20 PM…. Until next time…. or the first edit… 😛


-> 6mmProShop CTS Carbine Tactical Advanced Ergonomic Adjustable Stock – M4/M16 Series Airsoft Rifles – Tan
-> 6mmProShop CTS Carbine Tactical Advanced Ergonomic Adjustable Stock – M4/M16 Series Airsoft Rifles – Black
-> Elite Force Next-Gen CQB/CQC Crane Stock for Airsoft Rifles – Dark Earth (Commercial Spec.)
-> Elite Force Next-Gen CQB/CQC Crane Stock for Airsoft Rifles -Black (Commercial Spec.)
-> Vega Force Company QRS Stock – Tan
-> Vega Force Company QRS Stock – Black
-> Condor STRYKE Tactical Sling
-> FMA PEQ15 Style Airsoft LED Illuminator & Laser Combo – Dark Earth – Sadly the lowest priced tan one with a red laser &LED Illuminator/ flashlight, considering I’ll have a separate green laser mounted on the rail
-> FMA PEQ15 Style Airsoft LED Illuminator & Laser Combo – Black