May 10/2017 – A Potentially Life Changing Day/ Night?

So, where do I start?…

Today, ended up going to a county BBQ & open house, at the county office, & hung around in town until 3 PM.

Other then that, that was the main thing done that got me outside today. When I got home, it was raining a bit, so everything here was closed up & put away, so watched an episode of Knight Rider on TV, until I signed on PC for the night.

I then learned tonight before I signed on PC, that one of my brothers (not “blood” related, just someone I consider family/ a brother), who lives in Singapore, is joining the military today (he’s 12 hrs ahead of my time, so right now for him it’s likely almost 10 AM, while it’s almost 10 PM here)…. & that tonight/ today is the last time we’ll speak for a long time…. :/ 😦
I asked if this is legit, because a long time ago, he mentioned something, but never did anything about it. He said “Yes” & then “I look forward to the day we will be able to chat as usual again”….
I added in, that I don’t know what to say except obviously be safe & stay alive & that hopefully things work out & one day I will travel there & we will meet in person, so I can meet the first person in my life I ever considered a brother…. who wasn’t related to me in any way…
I ended up having to leave PC at 8 PM, at which he said
“Okay. This is goodbye then” & then “In about 2 hours I’ll be heading to the island where they’ll train us”.
Haven’t heard from him since, but he has seen my last few messages, where I gave him the link to this blog, my Twitter, Instagram & SnapChat usernames, so he can keep up with my life when he can, while he’s gone….
Anyways, on to the “life changing” part of the title. All night, since he mentioned joining, I’ve now been seriously considering becoming a Community Peace Officer somewhere near me. I’ve sent out emails, asking if I can get a document outlining the requirements, & have got one response so far, which was sort of helpful. Basically, the one response was, me being told to go to the gov’t website on Peace Officers & then go to the Enforcement section (didn’t say what website, county or city) then to the Peace Officers section & then there’s a link for FAQS on the bottom. Only website that says “Peace Officers” is the city website, & that page is completely blank… so I’m not sure. I replied letting him know what I have found, as he asked me to let him know.
You might be wondering why only a Peace Officer, & why not a full police officer?  Well, my answer, is because as I am right now, I do not think that I could handle/ deal with potentially having to shoot someone as an officer, even if my life was in danger & them possibly dying as a result…. I just don’t think I could handle knowing I am the reason that person died, even with a legitimate reason for shooting them in the first place.
As far as I know, a CPO doesn’t carry a sidearm for any area I’m looking at, & they don’t deal with any firearms calls anyways, so I should be good….
Anyways, that’s it for now at 11:12 PM… Until next time…

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