May 12/2017

So, a little update regarding my last post.
I’ve gotten responses back from every place I’ve emailed.

The “primary” place I’m looking at that I got a response saying, to basically look at the gov’t website, doesn’t require a diploma from a 2 yr program, at a post secondary institution. I’m assuming it just requires the basic training/ induction course, the physical test, & then any other training, such as operation of certain equipment….

I also emailed another place a bit farther from me, & actually got a .PDF document from a previous job listing in 2015, that outlined the requirements. There, they require a diploma from a 2 yr program, minimum 3 yrs related experience, & knowledge of provincial statutes related to the duties. Ideal candidates there will also have current first aid/ CPR training, current PPCT certification, current certification for use of baton & OC spray, training in equipment operation, etc…

The last place I emailed near me, only employs one so, they’re out of the question.

I’m assuming the first place I emailed, that I got a direct answer, saying no, a diploma from a 2 yr program isn’t required, will still require the equipment operation training, & likely the baton & OC spray certification as well, so that’s not that bad. However, I can[b]not[/b] take the basic training/ induction course, without an employer submitting an application for me first. That’s the disadvantage. I am assuming the induction course isn’t that long, because once an employer submits an application, & it’s accepted, I’m assuming you then go on & complete the basic training/ induction course, which is the minimum required.

However, I won’t be able to apply anytime soon, because all their position are filled & have been for over 2 years. The closest place to em (10-15 mins away) their one position is already filled, so I guess I just wait….

Not really sure what to do now….

Anyways, that’s all at 11:33 PM…. Until next time…. 😛

~ KR