May 17/2017

So, an update on my May 10/2017 post. I learned that their training program only accepts applications from “sponsored” candidates. In other words, the candidate’s training is being paid for by their current employer or their future employer who has a job offer waiting, with the condition the training program is completed successfully. The eligibility for self-pay enrollment is currently under review.

I did find out, that the program is 6 weeks for a Community Peace Officer but only 3 weeks for an Alberta Peace Officer. The only difference is the Alberta one may have to carry a sidearm/ has the authority to carry one under the Peace Officer Act.

I emailed the Protective Services Director in one “city” near me on Saturday, because the other one only accepts resumes/ applications for jobs that are posted on their website & the town near me only employs one Community Peace Officer. However, I still haven’t heard back yet… I may end up giving them a call this week sometime, when I can.

Anyways, on other notes, not much has been going on in my life, other then reading the Peace Officer program manual every night, specifically the CPO Level 1 & Level 2 requirements.

We opened our trailer on Monday, May 15/2017, cleared out our water lines of the antifreeze, & put out the slide out, then brought bedding & such out today, to prepare for this weekend, paid the rent, paid the deposit on 2 remotes for the park’s automatic gate system. Only got one remote though, because the 2nd one (mine) has to be programmed into the system, & assuming they use the computer I think they do for that, I’ll be waiting a while for it, since the same computer is also their security camera system “mainframe”, & it was down today. In other words, this computer is where all the camera footage records to & normally the monitor is on, for them to view 4 camera feeds up in the office. Today the monitor was on, along with the tower for the computer, but the screen was black & the power/ “status” light on the monitor was orange & then a staff member mentioned their camera system isn’t working. Didn’t find out either what they keypads at each gate are for, but also learned that the staff there at the office, have an app on their phone that they can open the gates with if needed.

Anyways, that’s all for now at 10:15 PM.

Until next time… or the first edit