It Was A Fine Graduation

(I am a junior in high school. When I return a book I give it to the library’s student aid whose job it is to put the books back and record it on the computer. Years later, the librarian has billed me for the missing book at the end of my senior year. Basically if you don’t pay the fine you don’t get to walk.)

Me: “I gave this book to your student aid last year. Why am I being fined for not returning the book?”

Librarian: “The book isn’t here; you were the last to check it out, therefore you have it.”

Me: “I certainly do not. I gave this book back to your student aid who should have put it back. Go talk to her or look around for it. I told you I turned this in.”

Librarian: “No, you didn’t, otherwise I would have the book.”

Me: “It’s not my fault your student aid didn’t do their job correctly. As I said, I’m not paying this since I turned it in.”

(After the exchange the librarian emailed my homeroom teacher and my guidance counselor who then emailed my parents. My parents were on my side but they told me to pay the stupid fine anyway so I can walk at graduation.)

-> It Was A Fine Graduation


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