June 30/2017

So, I figured I’d make a post, before I basically go [b][i]”AWOL”[/i][/b] for this weekend. If you’re following my Instagram, or Twitter, or have me on SnapChat, you’ll see I’ll [i]”technically”[/i] won’t be AWOL, since I will be trying to post, however I just mean AWOL from the blog.
My SnapChat, Twitter & Instagram are all [b]KN1IGHT[/b] for the username.

Not really much happened today. Went out & filled up the truck with gas for the weekend, & then mowed the lawn. I didn’t sleep great last night, so I did sleep in late today.
Canada Day 150 events going on out camping. Stay safe

Until next time…. or the first edit 😛

~ KR


June 27/2017

So, nothing much has happened recently. Yesterday (Monday, June 26/2017) was quiet, despite the fact it was nice outside. Temperature at a city about 30 mins from me, was about 31 above at one point yesterday. Here, around 7 PM, the temp showed as 29.9 outside, & almost as hot inside…

When the temps start getting to that point, it’s almost to hot to do anything… even sit outside. Anyways, not much to talk about so far. Canada Day weekend is coming up, so keep an eye on the “CTSS” Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & SnapChat accounts & possibly my personal Instagram & SnapChat accounts.

Anyways, that’s all for now, at 12:15 AM…. Until next time…. or the first edit 😛


June 22/2017

Hey guys,

So an update about my last post, regarding the PC thing.
I ended up getting a new OS & drive, to use with my old PC case & an adapter to read the former drive from the old PC, since the OS wouldn’t boot. I was relieved to find out, the drive is still good. Just something was wrong with the OS section, probably explorer.exe that was the problem, since it did boot, but to a black screen with a mouse cursor, but the server application wasn’t running, so I’m guessing it never did get past the logon/ welcome screen.

After a few hrs of fighting that same night, I got the OS (Windows 10) installed. Had to be Windows 10, because they had no other OS, available on a flash drive & the system it was going into, has no optical drive. I borrowed the optical drive from it, for my new PC, when I built it, along with the original hard drive which contained the Windows 8 OS. I did find out that the database being on a 32-bit OS, & Windows 10 I got being 64-bit didn’t matter. I also learned, what I did wrong when I originally started using the old PC as a server…. At the time, I didn’t know much, & was trying to run the 64-bit server application on the 32-bit Windows XP OS…. All I had to do now, was download the 64-bit server files & overwrite all the 32-bit files. My server files, icons, images, database, etc. wasn’t overwritten when I did that, obviously.

Only weird part is the monitor I used to install Windows 10, it worked the night I installed it, but now I don’t get anything on it at all, which isn’t a big deal as long as Chrome Remote Desktop continues working just fine. I will be “investing” in a 2 port KVM switch though for the future, which, IF it works properly, I plug in my current mouse, keyboard & monitor to it, & then plug in each system to it, via their VGA Port & then via USB to allow the keyboard & mouse to control. It comes with a single wired button, for a “remote control” & all I’d do to switch screens is press the button & assuming it works, I will then be able to switch between each system & use one mouse, keyboard & monitor to control both… This is assuming I can figure out why the server system doesn’t want to display on the monitor I was using the night I set it up….

Either way, things went well for me that night & I got my server back up & running. Just gotta try get the CPU temps down a bit, since it does hit 55 – 65 Celsius under 15-30% CPU load, which I don’t think is normal… The lowest temp it’s been at since I turned it on tonight is 39 Celsius & highest is 66 Celsius, with the Max Operating Temp of this CPU being 71.3 Celsius. It’s sitting between 40 & 45 Celsius right now, which isn’t bad. I’ll just have to keep an eye on it.

Anyways, not much else to say right now at 9:07 PM…. Until next time… or the first edit… 😛

~ KR

Weeding Out The Bad Neighbors

(It is during summer and I am about nine years old. A few months prior, the city had decided to fix some nonexistent cracks in the sidewalks and make the residents pay about $500 each for it. Obviously, people complained, but the city informed them that the sidewalks were city property and that the residents had no right to decide whether the repairs were necessary. The residents tried to fight the cost being forced on them, but they lost. One of my neighbors is a bit of a grump who likes to turn tiny problems into huge issues. He also has a large garden, which he tends to obsessively. When I’m walking past his house on the way to a friend’s place, I see a tiny flower (clearly a weed) growing between the cracks of the sidewalk. I pick it and tuck it behind my ear before continuing on my way. My friend isn’t home, though, so I go back to my house. I find my mom and the grumpy neighbor arguing on the front porch.)

Neighbor: *pointing at me* “There! There it is! See? In her hair! That’s the flower she stole!”

Mom: “That little thing? The way you were going on, I thought you meant an expensive flower, like an orchid or something.”

Neighbor: “It doesn’t matter! She’s a dirty thief!”

Me: *thinking I’m about to get in a lot of trouble* “But it was just a weed! It was growing between the sidewalk cracks.”

Neighbor: “I don’t care where it was growing! You stole it from me.”

Mom: “What exactly is it that you want me to do? She can’t put the flower back.”

Neighbor: “I know she can’t put the flower back. Do you think I’m stupid? She destroyed it, and I want her punished! If you refuse to address this matter, I’ll have to involve the police.”

Mom: *pulling me behind her* “Go right ahead.”

Neighbor: *shocked* “What?”

Mom: *trying not to smirk* “As you well know after those repairs, the sidewalks are the property of the city, not you. The city has no laws forbidding children from picking flowers. Now, if that will be all, I think it’s time for you to leave.”

Neighbor: *sputtering* “But… but… she stole from me!”

Mom: “No, she clearly didn’t. But you’re on private property, and I’ve already asked to leave once. If you stay here, you’ll be trespassing, and I’ll have to involve the police.”

Neighbor: *leaves, looking like he just swallowed a lemon*

Me: *staring in shock at my mom, who’s normally very soft-spoken and non-confrontational*

Mom: “Never give in to people like that, honey. If you do, they’ll walk all over you forever.”

-> Weeding Out The Bad Neighbors

June 19/2017

Nothing much was done today. It rained majority of the day, despite it not being on the weather forecast at all. It didn’t rain enough to “form” mud, but it rained enough to basically not allow anything to be done outside.

I’m still working on trying to get my TeamSpeak Server PC back up & running. It’s just a matter of getting the files off the old hard drive (which I’m positive/ hoping hasn’t failed), reinstalling the PSU in my old PC Tower/ Case, install a new hard drive in it, then install a new 32-bit OS & then finally putting the TS Server files back on & praying it works. The OS needs to be 32-bit because when I originally setup this PC as the server, I tried using the database from my main/ gaming PC, but it didn’t work because my gaming PC’s OS is 64-bit.

If it doesn’t work, I’m not sure what I’ll do, because before it decided to crash, I had done a major “overhaul” on the way channels, server groups, channel groups, etc. were setup, especially for the gameplay channels, which, at the time, took me about a week to do, maybe a bit longer, since I had to do the testing using a separate TeamSpeak Identity I made myself.

The main thing I need is the files from the server. Then I’d say the OS & new hard drive can wait for a little bit. The folder contains multiple folders, which contain the server icons, avatars, channel files, & the database (most important) for the server. Either way, once I get the files, the server is in need of an upgrade either way. I checked a backup I had of the main server I always used before it crashed, & the backup is to old to even bother restoring.

Anyways, not much else to say right now at 6:46 PM. Until next time…. or the first edit…


June 15/2017

So, not much has happened recently.
Basically just posting to let you know I’m still alive. Lol

Very likely going camping this weekend, since I haven’t been out there the past 2 weekends.
Not sure if anything is happening on July long/ Canada Day weekend, but I am assuming there will be things going on…
I may end up asking if there’s any plans for Canada Day weekend, provided the weather remains nice.

Anyways, like I said, nothing much has happened recently that has been worth posting about. Just basically letting you know I’m still alive.

That’s all for now at 11:41 PM. Until next time… 😛


Can’t Refund The Police’s Time

(A customer is making a scene at the customer service counter. He wants a refund on a phone we don’t stock and has a receipt from another store with a name that sounds similar to ours but isn’t quite the same. I’ve had to call my manager over to explain we can’t refund products that weren’t purchased from us but this guy refuses to budge.)

Customer: “Listen, buddy, you are going to give me back the money I paid for this piece of s**** or I am going to dial the police right now and see how you like having to deal with them!”

Manager: “If you do that they’ll tell you they can’t do much. I’ve already explained, and my employee has already explained, that you didn’t purchase this from us so we can’t refund you for it.”

(The customer proceeds to pull out his phone and makes a show of dialing the police.)

Customer: “Yeah this is [Customer] at [Store] at [Address]… I need some boys in blue to come down and settle a dispute the s*** these employees are giving me! No… no, they aren’t armed… No, I’m not in any danger… Look, just send the d*** police, okay?! Thank you!”

(He turns and smiles smugly at us.)

Customer: “You two are in trouble now!”

Manager: “In that case, sir, please can you step aside so we can assist the customers behind you while we wait?”

(The customer does so but keeps smirking at us. Several minutes pass and he starts looking more unsure.)

Customer: “Well?”

Manager: “Well what?”

Customer: “Aren’t you going to try to get me to call off the cops?”

Manager: “Sir, I already told you they aren’t going to be able to do anything. Upholding our return policy is not a crime so all that’s going to happen is they’re going to come here, possibly take a statement, and tell you there’s nothing more to be done.”

(The customer’s smile slowly melts away.)

Customer: “You’re serious? You’re not going to do anything to stop the cops from getting involved?”

Manager: “I don’t know how else to say this, sir. You want to return something you didn’t buy here; we can’t do that because, as stated, you didn’t buy it here. If the only way you will believe me is if the police tell it to you then so be it.”

(The customer is now looking pale.)

Customer: “You… you a**-hole! I have unpaid tickets! I can’t talk to the police!”

(The customer bolted out of the store and quickly drove like a madman out of our parking lot. Several minutes later the police actually did turn up and confirmed the guy’s description and car matched that of a driver they’ve had to pull over multiple times for dangerous driving and who owed a fair amount.)

-> Can’t Refund The Police’s Time