June 8/2017 – Happy Birthday To Me (Day Late)

Hi guys,

Nothing much has been happening recently, so that’s why I haven’t posted much. If you couldn’t guess by the title, yesterday (June 7th) was my birthday. I am now officially 21 years old. Nothing much was done yesterday. Was a normal day, as in, went outside to help with things at about 10 or 11 AM & then at 3:30, left for town to go to supper at Boston Pizza.

Since I’m getting older, it’s hard for someone to know what to get me for my birthday, so basically, what I got was a $100 Amazon card & a $250 Prepaid Visa Card. The Amazon card, is exactly what the name says. It’s like an iTunes gift card. You redeem it on Amazon.ca for anywhere from $25 – $500 & then that gets added to your Amazon gift balance, which you can use towards buying/ ordering anything. However, you can not use gift card funds, to buy & send an “email gift card”. The $250 VISA Card, is basically a credit card you can use for anything, whether it’s an in store purchase, or online purchase. However, the VISA card once it’s spent/ used, is not reloadable. They do make & sell reloadable prepaid cards here, but, the catch is, there’s a small monthly fee ($4.95 I think) which comes out of the balance on it. I’m not sure what happens, if the balance doesn’t have enough on it to cover the monthly fee, as I have never bought one, for that simple reason: monthly fee….

Heading out to somewhere about 2-3 hrs away, for the weekend, so posts [b]may[/b] be down a bit. It’s possible I will probably still post some stories from NotAlwaysRight.com.

That’s all for now at 11:50 PM… Until next time…. 😛