June 11/2017

So, this weekend was a decent one.
Went somewhere we do every summer & stayed the weekend there. Went there on Friday & came back today (Sunday).
There was a rodeo there, similar to the one I went to recently, but, sadly there wasn’t any amusements/ rides there, so it was pretty disappointing.

Saturday was the “main” day, as that’s when we went on the train we went there for in the first place. Only disadvantage was it rained the entire trip there & back… Not much else was done after we got back from the train, because we got back around 7:30-7:35 PM, so majority of places were closed. Went back to the hotel, & caught up on Chicago Fire episodes on DVD. I had brought my laptop & a VGA cord, so the DVDs were watched with my laptop, through the TV in the hotel room. Before watching though, I discovered a new show, which sadly I cannot get out here where I live, called #Live PD. The show is exactly what the title sounds like. It’s based in the U.S. & is basically TV crews following around some PDs in different places, like Jeffersonville, etc. all broadcast live. It was an interesting show, but Saturday night I sorta gave up on watching it, because it was showing the same things I saw on Friday night…

Anyways, it was raining all day today, & all weekend, so nothing was done at home.

That’s all for now at 10:40 PM… Until next time…. 😛