June 19/2017

Nothing much was done today. It rained majority of the day, despite it not being on the weather forecast at all. It didn’t rain enough to “form” mud, but it rained enough to basically not allow anything to be done outside.

I’m still working on trying to get my TeamSpeak Server PC back up & running. It’s just a matter of getting the files off the old hard drive (which I’m positive/ hoping hasn’t failed), reinstalling the PSU in my old PC Tower/ Case, install a new hard drive in it, then install a new 32-bit OS & then finally putting the TS Server files back on & praying it works. The OS needs to be 32-bit because when I originally setup this PC as the server, I tried using the database from my main/ gaming PC, but it didn’t work because my gaming PC’s OS is 64-bit.

If it doesn’t work, I’m not sure what I’ll do, because before it decided to crash, I had done a major “overhaul” on the way channels, server groups, channel groups, etc. were setup, especially for the gameplay channels, which, at the time, took me about a week to do, maybe a bit longer, since I had to do the testing using a separate TeamSpeak Identity I made myself.

The main thing I need is the files from the server. Then I’d say the OS & new hard drive can wait for a little bit. The folder contains multiple folders, which contain the server icons, avatars, channel files, & the database (most important) for the server. Either way, once I get the files, the server is in need of an upgrade either way. I checked a backup I had of the main server I always used before it crashed, & the backup is to old to even bother restoring.

Anyways, not much else to say right now at 6:46 PM. Until next time…. or the first edit…