June 22/2017

Hey guys,

So an update about my last post, regarding the PC thing.
I ended up getting a new OS & drive, to use with my old PC case & an adapter to read the former drive from the old PC, since the OS wouldn’t boot. I was relieved to find out, the drive is still good. Just something was wrong with the OS section, probably explorer.exe that was the problem, since it did boot, but to a black screen with a mouse cursor, but the server application wasn’t running, so I’m guessing it never did get past the logon/ welcome screen.

After a few hrs of fighting that same night, I got the OS (Windows 10) installed. Had to be Windows 10, because they had no other OS, available on a flash drive & the system it was going into, has no optical drive. I borrowed the optical drive from it, for my new PC, when I built it, along with the original hard drive which contained the Windows 8 OS. I did find out that the database being on a 32-bit OS, & Windows 10 I got being 64-bit didn’t matter. I also learned, what I did wrong when I originally started using the old PC as a server…. At the time, I didn’t know much, & was trying to run the 64-bit server application on the 32-bit Windows XP OS…. All I had to do now, was download the 64-bit server files & overwrite all the 32-bit files. My server files, icons, images, database, etc. wasn’t overwritten when I did that, obviously.

Only weird part is the monitor I used to install Windows 10, it worked the night I installed it, but now I don’t get anything on it at all, which isn’t a big deal as long as Chrome Remote Desktop continues working just fine. I will be “investing” in a 2 port KVM switch though for the future, which, IF it works properly, I plug in my current mouse, keyboard & monitor to it, & then plug in each system to it, via their VGA Port & then via USB to allow the keyboard & mouse to control. It comes with a single wired button, for a “remote control” & all I’d do to switch screens is press the button & assuming it works, I will then be able to switch between each system & use one mouse, keyboard & monitor to control both… This is assuming I can figure out why the server system doesn’t want to display on the monitor I was using the night I set it up….

Either way, things went well for me that night & I got my server back up & running. Just gotta try get the CPU temps down a bit, since it does hit 55 – 65 Celsius under 15-30% CPU load, which I don’t think is normal… The lowest temp it’s been at since I turned it on tonight is 39 Celsius & highest is 66 Celsius, with the Max Operating Temp of this CPU being 71.3 Celsius. It’s sitting between 40 & 45 Celsius right now, which isn’t bad. I’ll just have to keep an eye on it.

Anyways, not much else to say right now at 9:07 PM…. Until next time… or the first edit… 😛

~ KR