June 30/2017

So, I figured I’d make a post, before I basically go [b][i]”AWOL”[/i][/b] for this weekend. If you’re following my Instagram, or Twitter, or have me on SnapChat, you’ll see I’ll [i]”technically”[/i] won’t be AWOL, since I will be trying to post, however I just mean AWOL from the blog.
My SnapChat, Twitter & Instagram are all [b]KN1IGHT[/b] for the username.

Not really much happened today. Went out & filled up the truck with gas for the weekend, & then mowed the lawn. I didn’t sleep great last night, so I did sleep in late today.
Canada Day 150 events going on out camping. Stay safe

Until next time…. or the first edit šŸ˜›

~ KR