July 3/2017

So, this last weekend (Canada Day 150 weekend) was great.
Some events were held where I go out camping, such as bumper balls (I call them human soccer balls) & then the giant ball, which for easy reference, I just called a hamster ball. Got to take on a few people, close-ish to my age, that decided they were invincible because they were in a ball. Sunday, during the bumper balls & such, had a good laugh a few times, sharing stories with another person there, & then just a good laugh in general.

Saturday it started raining around 4-ish PM, sadly. But, at least the weather leading up to the rain wasn’t hot. It was warm, but at the same time, combined with the clouds hiding the sun & a nice breeze, was the perfect temperature/ condition for that. Sunday was damn hot. Was hot enough, that, for a while, it was basically a day where one would just sit under a tent & have something to drink. Around 2:30 – 3 PM how “busy” it was with the hamster ball & bumper balls, got busier, but everyone got a chance/ turn in, by 7 PM, when it was closed up.

Park director was more then happy with us helping.

Anyways, not much to say, other then a warning that these weekends I do go AWOL on the blog, because I essentially only have a data connection to use, & it does go up quickly, even if one is not watching/ listening to any type of streaming media.

That’s all for now, at 10:45 PM. Until next time… 😛