Dec. 18/2017

Hi guys,

Just a post letting you know I’m still alive again. Lol
Nothing much has happened. Went to town on Friday, Dec. 15 & Saturday, Dec. 16 to do Christmas shopping.
G-Code order showed up on the 15th as well. Only complaints about it, is that our mailman didn’t even try deliver it to our door. Just stuck a delivery notice card in our mailbox & left. Other people were awake around that time, so had he come to the door, he would’ve gotten an answer & that it spent a week in customs. But, I did get tracking all the way to my door, despite G-Code’s website basically saying once it leaves the U.S. it can’t be tracked at all.

The G-Code drop leg, is definitely great. I haven’t had a chance to actually use it in airsoft yet, but in wearing it around here to get used to it, it is very comfortable, & brings my sidearm to the perfect height for drawing it. There’s also 3 different heights for the leg strap to be put on. It came on the center/ 2nd one, so I moved it up to the top hole, which brings it a bit lower, but not by much. The RTI Adapters work well with the SERPA Holsters I have, despite the fact they do not include the locktite type stuff that comes on the factory SERPA screws. The SERPA specific adapters, came with 2 different sets of 3 screws. One is black, that is to short & to small to use for the SERPA. The other is silver which you use to attach the RTI Hanger to the SERPA. No idea what the black screws are for.

Mounting the SERPA Holster into the RTI wheel on the platform, you get a nice loud click once it’s in far enough, & then another audible click when you snap the locking lever/ slide into position. It fits a bit snug, as in, the first time using it, I thought it was in correctly/ slid down far enough, but evidently it wasn’t as the locking lever would not snap in place. Pushed down a bit more & it slid down & then allowed me to lock it in. Then again, a snug fit, is better then a loose fit.

The Safariland adapter, I won’t know if it works well with a Safariland until when/if I get the Safariland for the Glock, as I have finally gotten an answer that a Safariland for a Glock 20 or 21, will work the the TM Glock 18C. Either way, I say it was worth the purchase.

Will likely be another post whenever I get a chance to use it in an airsoft situation, whether it’s at my local field, or with a friend next spring when they come out here.

Anyways, that’s all for now at 1:16 AM. Until next time… or the first edit 😛


P.S. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Dec. 8/2017

Hi guys,

Sorry for being absent, but been feeling sick on & off for a bit, so I haven’t been posting as much.
Still alive though lol.

Not much has happened recently, my G-Code order is within the borders of Canada, & last update was on Dec. 5, that it was processed through a facility in Canada. Nothing since then, so I’m guessing it’ll show up soon. Comparing it to another order I made in the past, that wasn’t G-Code, if I’m correct, it should technically show up on Monday, Dec. 11/2017. But with their weird tracking, I will have zero way of knowing when it’s out for delivery….

Anyways, that’s it for now at 6:45 PM… Until next time… 😛