March 21/2018

Hi guys,

Not much has happened recently, other then attending a Boat & Sport show near me on Saturday. I managed to get about 143 pictures during the event. However, majority of the pictures are not showing boats. I mainly went there for the ATVs, Side by Sides, etc.

I uploaded all 143 pics to an Imgur Album. A few of the pics aren’t in the same order they were taken, bu majority of them are. Please do not re-use the pics in any way, without giving proper credit. In fact, please do not use any of my pics without giving proper credit.

Please note any & all pictures I take from events I attend, will have their own Album on my Imgur Profile. Descriptions for any album can be found by opening the album, & scrolling directly to the bottom. Album descriptions will typically say what the pics are.

That’s all for now at 1:20 AM… Until next time… or the first edit 😛