This page is dedicated to listing my airsoft gear & such.

I will do my best to describe each item, mainly the weapons to the best of my ability. However, my primary weapon below, was purchased by someone who was selling it. I will list in parenthesis if the gun “came” with that or not.

  1. Primary Weapon:

A) ICS M4A1 Full Metal AEG Rifle

-> Rewired to stock/ butt for batteries to go in back (Came like this)

-> Daniel Defense All Metal Rail System (Came like this)

-> Prometheus 6.03 Inner Barrel (Came like this) – (Never used yet)

-> Secondary Upper Gearbox Included. One for Indoor use, one for outdoor use (Came with these)

-> Silencer accessory (Came with this)

-> Carry handle iron sight & other iron sights (Came with this)

-> Two Tenergy 1600mAh butterfly batteries (Came with these)

-> 8 M4 Mid Cap Plastic Mags (Came with these)

-> Original/ “stock” Hi-cap metal mag (Came with this)

-> Carry Case (Came with this) – (As seen on my Instagram)

-> Frog Lube Cleaning Kit (Came with this)

-> 10,000 BBs (Two 5,000 CT Elite Force .20g Bio BB Bottles) – (Came with this)

-> One point sling (Came with this)

Yes, I currently only have one primary weapon. Some may not think that’s smart, since if it goes down during a game, I’m likely screwed.

2. Secondary Weapons:

A) KJ Works M9A1 Full Metal CO2 Blowback Pistol:

-> No modifications.

-> CO2 Powered – Green Gas capable. Just purchase green gas mags

-> No average FPS except what I’ve seen in reviews on it. I currently do not own a chronograph

-> “Pairs” with a BLACKHAWK Level 3 Tactical SERPA Holster either on drop leg platform or a Jacket Slot Duty Belt Loop, using their proprietary Quick Disconnect system. Looking at potentially getting a Safariland drop leg platform with the DFA (Drop Flex Adapter. DFA Video Here) which would bring it up higher on one’s leg then the BLACKHAWK Platform. Both the drop leg platform & duty belt loop have the Quick Disconnect installed on them. M9A1 SERPA can also “pair” with BLACKHAWK’s Strike/ MOLLE Platform using the Quick Disconnect. Will likely be used once I obtain a “proper” airsoft/ MOLLE plate carrier/ vest.

-> Currently “Paired” with a BLACKHAWK Level 3 Tactical SERPA Holster, mounted to a G-Code MULE ISS Carry Platform with the REAC Clip, using G-Code’s RTI SERPA Hanger. (Safariland Level 3 ALS Holster on their DFA Leg Platform, G-Code’s MULE ISS Platform, or a G-Code Duty Belt Mount Slide planned for the future)

-> 2 Spare CO2 mags (3 mags total counting the factory one). 24 BB capacity + 1 in the chamber

-> CO2 lasts about 2-3 full mags (24 BBs)

B) Tokyo Marui Glock 18C (Purchased from someone else):

-> No modifications

-> Green Gas powered. No CO2 available. Came with duster gas. Chose green gas due to the small amount of oil included in the green gas & the slightly higher power.

-> Average FPS Coming Soon

-> “Pairs” with a BLACKHAWK Level 2 Tactical SERPA Holster on drop leg platform. Came with a SERPA CQC Holster & Paddle Platform. Both holsters are equipped with the Quick Disconnect system for easy transition between platforms (Drop Leg, Paddle or Duty Belt Loop) & sidearms. G18C SERPAs can also “pair” with BLACKHAWK’s Strike/ MOLLE Platform using the Quick Disconnect. Will likely be used once I obtain a “proper” airsoft/ MOLLE plate carrier/ vest.

-> Currently “paired” with a BLACKHAWK Level 2 Tactical SERPA Holster (or a CQC Holster), mounted to BLACKHAWK’s MOLLE/ Strike Platform using their QD System. Can be paired with BLACKHAWK’s Jacket Slot Duty Belt Loop too, if needed. (Safariland Level 3 ALS Holster on the factory mid-ride belt loop, or G-Code Duty Belt Mount planned for future) – (Glock is intended as a backup gun, due to the fact nearest green gas supplier is about a 1 hr drive from me, whereas a CO2 supplier, is about 20-30 mins)

-> 3 mags. 2 usable. 1 currently has a slow leak.

-> As I learned of the slow leak target practicing at home, I don’t have an “average” for how long each mag lasts before needing to be “recharged” with Green Gas

C) RWA Nighthawk Custom Recon CO2 (Purchased from someone else):

-> No modifications

-> CO2 Power only. 3 working mags.

-> No average FPS

-> Will “pair” with a SERPA CQC Holster first & then a Level 2 Tactical SERPA. Problem with obtaining a tactical, is currently the only one available comes with another drop leg platform.

-> 3 mags. 24 BB capacity. Never fired, so unsure if all mags hold CO2. Previous owner says no problems with mags & all work perfectly, lasting about 2-4 mags before needing to change CO2

3. Gear

A) UTG Tactical Vest:

-> Not much to say about this vest. It comes with all the pouches & such. Includes a cross draw universal pistol holster. The back of the vest does have a mounting system, but it’s not “true” MOLLE webbing. It also comes with its own duty belt which can be “attached” to the vest with 5 loops around the vest made for that. I plan on removing the cross draw holster & attaching the mag pouch it can be replaced with.

-> Yes, I do plan on getting a “proper” MOLLE vest. I had a good one lined up on Amazon, but when I went to order, it had magically vanished from my cart. Not in saved for later, not in my wish list, not even on Amazon at all…. My “proper” plate carrier will likely be tan in color, to go with my planned Multicam pants & shirt.

B) Valken Goggles:

-> Not much to say about these. Just your standard goggles. May “replace” them with Valken’s low profile goggles instead.

C) Valken Mesh Face Mask:

-> Again, not much to say. Just your standard lower mesh face mask. Plan on “combining” the goggles & the mesh mask once I obtain a helmet, so that the goggles & mesh mask remain with the helmet.

D) Valken Mesh Ear Protectors:

-> Standard mesh ear protectors. Protects your ears, while still allowing air flow & the ability to hear noises. Trying to figure out a way to “pair/ attach” them to the mesh mask straps.

E) Valken Helmet (Coming Soon):

-> The helmet I had chosen at the time of an Amazon order, went up in price 2-3 days before I submitted the other, & therefore was outside my allotted budget for that order. Was going to be the Valken V-Tac Airsoft Tactical Helmet on Amazon.

-> The helmet isn’t “vital” to me playing, hence why it isn’t a big deal I don’t have it yet. Plan on using the clips that come with it & attaching my mesh mask to those clips. Will be attaching the goggle straps to the 2 screws on the back of the helmet, either directly to the straps or using the goggle “slings” available from retailers such as This is so the goggles, mesh mask & helmet are always together, & so I know for sure, that as long as I grab my helmet when I leave for a game, that I have my eye protection & lower face (mouth, teeth, etc.) protection as well.

-> Not to sure how I’ll “attach” the Valken V-Tac Zulu goggles to the helmet as their strap is not as wide as the goggles I have right now. I’ll likely figure out a way

4. Communications:

A) Puxing PX-888K:

-> Dualband VHF (136-174 MHz) & UHF (400-480 MHz)

-> Analog Only

-> First radio I’ve ever used for anything outside of airsoft. Will be used for airsoft if necessary. Battery life is decent when using low power mode.

B) Retevis RT3:

-> UHF 400 – 480 MHz

-> Digital (MotoTRBO) & Analog capable

-> Used this radio for a while now for other things outside of airsoft, & it’s proved to be a very reliable radio with a very long battery life if used in digital mode.

C) Retevis H777:

-> UHF 400 – 470 MHz only

-> Analog only

-> Used this radio occasionally for other uses. It’s proved reliable, but is only available in Analog

D) Retevis RT22:

-> UHF 400 -480 MHz Only

-> Analog only

-> Very small radio. Radio wasn’t “intended” for airsoft use, but will be used if necessary. Not much to say, as it hasn’t had a chance to be used just yet.

E) Retevis RT81:

-> UHF 400 – 480 MHz Only

-> Digital (MotoTRBO) & Analog capable

-> Fair sized radio. Almost the same size as a Motorola XPR 6350. Battery life is okay. Will last almost an entire day starting at 10 AM, until 3-5 PM, depending on how frequently it is used.

F) Retevis RT5 (Gen 2):


5. Accessories:

Accessories section coming soon.


Last updated November 24/2017 

These items subject to change without notice