March 21 Blog Update

Hi guys,

Just a short-ish post, to give an update about the blog.

In the coming days/ weeks, you will likely see some new menu items above coming into effect, along with the¬†“Social” side menu having its layout changed, along with 1-3 new links being added to it.

I won’t give any spoilers as to what the new menu items will contain/ be linked to… Just keep an eye out ūüėõ



Airsoft Page Updated!

Probably only the second post in this category.

With recent airsoft orders & such, I realized tonight that I gotta update the airsoft page, as some details are out of date. The main things updated were details about my M9, TM Glock 18C & some details of radios I have available to me for airsoft use.

I will be doing my best to update the airsoft page when I can. Will also be trying to possibly do some reviews on some of the items on that page, such as the M9, Glock, etc. when I can. No guarantees though.

No disrespect, but no I will not include a list of changes/ updates at the bottom of the page. Only thing included at the bottom, is a date that says when the page was last updated & that the items on the page are subject to change without notice, which basically means that whenever the page gets updated/ changed, I may or may not make a post in the Blog News category each time, but I will try.

Airsoft Page Added

Just an update to the blog/ site.

I went & added an airsoft page today, detailing my airsoft loadout following multiple Instagram notifications¬†(Posts being liked & follow requests) after posting a few pics of my primary weapon & secondary weapons/ sidearms. As there is a lot I’d like to share/ put on that page, I will be updating it periodically.

I hope to have a pic of my current loadout up on my Instagram sometime this month. It will likely stay the same for a while, but I will do my best to update my loadout when I can. I’m also hoping¬†to get a loadout video up likely on YouTube,¬†but possibly also my channel. I’ve used for a lot of videos, due to the fact uploading is a lot faster then YouTube. Loadout updates won’t happen unless there’s a major change (different vest, etc.). Small changes such as new pouches, boots, pants, gloves, etc. won’t be announced.

Welcome to the blog!


Welcome to my blog. I started this blog, just today (March 12/2017) after doing a random “Audio Log” on my PC tonight about things going on in my life. I will¬†try post everyday, or every other day. Vlogs may also be coming in the future. As this blog has just been setup, things will be added over time, such as more pages, categories, etc. Right now, the about page & contact page are just fine. Sometimes my blog posts will be long & sometimes they will be short.

I will not be posting my personal Facebook link.

A note about some posts. Some posts in the¬†Personal/ My Life¬†category will¬†sometimes¬†be 2 posts, titled the same day, with the 2nd one having “(Again)” in the title,¬†which only happens if I make one post on that date, just after midnight & then another later on in the afternoon. Edits will sometimes be made to posts, including the edit time. Another note about the¬†Personal category, is that¬†any post that has¬†Personal/ My Life as a category, whether it’s the only category or not, will have comments disabled on it.

Any rude, disrespectful, racist, etc. comments on any post will be removed.

Sometimes they may have pictures & sometimes they won’t. If they do, the pictures will likely be linked from IMGUR to save space on this domain as it is a free domain.

If I’ve been posting everyday, & then suddenly skip a day, or a few days, it’ll either be because, I’ve been busy & haven’t had time, keep forgetting to, or there was just nothing to post about those particular days

Note, most recent posts are displayed at the top below this post because this one is a Sticky Post.



Last updated April 14/2017 

These items subject to change without notice