June 22/2017

Hey guys,

So an update about my last post, regarding the PC thing.
I ended up getting a new OS & drive, to use with my old PC case & an adapter to read the former drive from the old PC, since the OS wouldn’t boot. I was relieved to find out, the drive is still good. Just something was wrong with the OS section, probably explorer.exe that was the problem, since it did boot, but to a black screen with a mouse cursor, but the server application wasn’t running, so I’m guessing it never did get past the logon/ welcome screen.

After a few hrs of fighting that same night, I got the OS (Windows 10) installed. Had to be Windows 10, because they had no other OS, available on a flash drive & the system it was going into, has no optical drive. I borrowed the optical drive from it, for my new PC, when I built it, along with the original hard drive which contained the Windows 8 OS. I did find out that the database being on a 32-bit OS, & Windows 10 I got being 64-bit didn’t matter. I also learned, what I did wrong when I originally started using the old PC as a server…. At the time, I didn’t know much, & was trying to run the 64-bit server application on the 32-bit Windows XP OS…. All I had to do now, was download the 64-bit server files & overwrite all the 32-bit files. My server files, icons, images, database, etc. wasn’t overwritten when I did that, obviously.

Only weird part is the monitor I used to install Windows 10, it worked the night I installed it, but now I don’t get anything on it at all, which isn’t a big deal as long as Chrome Remote Desktop continues working just fine. I will be “investing” in a 2 port KVM switch though for the future, which, IF it works properly, I plug in my current mouse, keyboard & monitor to it, & then plug in each system to it, via their VGA Port & then via USB to allow the keyboard & mouse to control. It comes with a single wired button, for a “remote control” & all I’d do to switch screens is press the button & assuming it works, I will then be able to switch between each system & use one mouse, keyboard & monitor to control both… This is assuming I can figure out why the server system doesn’t want to display on the monitor I was using the night I set it up….

Either way, things went well for me that night & I got my server back up & running. Just gotta try get the CPU temps down a bit, since it does hit 55 – 65 Celsius under 15-30% CPU load, which I don’t think is normal… The lowest temp it’s been at since I turned it on tonight is 39 Celsius & highest is 66 Celsius, with the Max Operating Temp of this CPU being 71.3 Celsius. It’s sitting between 40 & 45 Celsius right now, which isn’t bad. I’ll just have to keep an eye on it.

Anyways, not much else to say right now at 9:07 PM…. Until next time… or the first edit… 😛

~ KR

June 19/2017

Nothing much was done today. It rained majority of the day, despite it not being on the weather forecast at all. It didn’t rain enough to “form” mud, but it rained enough to basically not allow anything to be done outside.

I’m still working on trying to get my TeamSpeak Server PC back up & running. It’s just a matter of getting the files off the old hard drive (which I’m positive/ hoping hasn’t failed), reinstalling the PSU in my old PC Tower/ Case, install a new hard drive in it, then install a new 32-bit OS & then finally putting the TS Server files back on & praying it works. The OS needs to be 32-bit because when I originally setup this PC as the server, I tried using the database from my main/ gaming PC, but it didn’t work because my gaming PC’s OS is 64-bit.

If it doesn’t work, I’m not sure what I’ll do, because before it decided to crash, I had done a major “overhaul” on the way channels, server groups, channel groups, etc. were setup, especially for the gameplay channels, which, at the time, took me about a week to do, maybe a bit longer, since I had to do the testing using a separate TeamSpeak Identity I made myself.

The main thing I need is the files from the server. Then I’d say the OS & new hard drive can wait for a little bit. The folder contains multiple folders, which contain the server icons, avatars, channel files, & the database (most important) for the server. Either way, once I get the files, the server is in need of an upgrade either way. I checked a backup I had of the main server I always used before it crashed, & the backup is to old to even bother restoring.

Anyways, not much else to say right now at 6:46 PM. Until next time…. or the first edit…


June 15/2017

So, not much has happened recently.
Basically just posting to let you know I’m still alive. Lol

Very likely going camping this weekend, since I haven’t been out there the past 2 weekends.
Not sure if anything is happening on July long/ Canada Day weekend, but I am assuming there will be things going on…
I may end up asking if there’s any plans for Canada Day weekend, provided the weather remains nice.

Anyways, like I said, nothing much has happened recently that has been worth posting about. Just basically letting you know I’m still alive.

That’s all for now at 11:41 PM. Until next time… 😛


June 11/2017

So, this weekend was a decent one.
Went somewhere we do every summer & stayed the weekend there. Went there on Friday & came back today (Sunday).
There was a rodeo there, similar to the one I went to recently, but, sadly there wasn’t any amusements/ rides there, so it was pretty disappointing.

Saturday was the “main” day, as that’s when we went on the train we went there for in the first place. Only disadvantage was it rained the entire trip there & back… Not much else was done after we got back from the train, because we got back around 7:30-7:35 PM, so majority of places were closed. Went back to the hotel, & caught up on Chicago Fire episodes on DVD. I had brought my laptop & a VGA cord, so the DVDs were watched with my laptop, through the TV in the hotel room. Before watching though, I discovered a new show, which sadly I cannot get out here where I live, called #Live PD. The show is exactly what the title sounds like. It’s based in the U.S. & is basically TV crews following around some PDs in different places, like Jeffersonville, etc. all broadcast live. It was an interesting show, but Saturday night I sorta gave up on watching it, because it was showing the same things I saw on Friday night…

Anyways, it was raining all day today, & all weekend, so nothing was done at home.

That’s all for now at 10:40 PM… Until next time…. 😛


June 8/2017 – Happy Birthday To Me (Day Late)

Hi guys,

Nothing much has been happening recently, so that’s why I haven’t posted much. If you couldn’t guess by the title, yesterday (June 7th) was my birthday. I am now officially 21 years old. Nothing much was done yesterday. Was a normal day, as in, went outside to help with things at about 10 or 11 AM & then at 3:30, left for town to go to supper at Boston Pizza.

Since I’m getting older, it’s hard for someone to know what to get me for my birthday, so basically, what I got was a $100 Amazon card & a $250 Prepaid Visa Card. The Amazon card, is exactly what the name says. It’s like an iTunes gift card. You redeem it on Amazon.ca for anywhere from $25 – $500 & then that gets added to your Amazon gift balance, which you can use towards buying/ ordering anything. However, you can not use gift card funds, to buy & send an “email gift card”. The $250 VISA Card, is basically a credit card you can use for anything, whether it’s an in store purchase, or online purchase. However, the VISA card once it’s spent/ used, is not reloadable. They do make & sell reloadable prepaid cards here, but, the catch is, there’s a small monthly fee ($4.95 I think) which comes out of the balance on it. I’m not sure what happens, if the balance doesn’t have enough on it to cover the monthly fee, as I have never bought one, for that simple reason: monthly fee….

Heading out to somewhere about 2-3 hrs away, for the weekend, so posts [b]may[/b] be down a bit. It’s possible I will probably still post some stories from NotAlwaysRight.com.

That’s all for now at 11:50 PM… Until next time…. 😛


May 28/2017

For anyone who didn’t notice, I basically went AWOL for 9 days.

That is because on May 19, I started camping & went straight out camping, without signing on PC at all, & out camping while I do have a device that broadcasts a WiFi Network, everyday when I normally post, by that time out camping, I was basically just drained/ tired & didn’t feel like posting.

Basically, starting on May 19, me & a friend do security out where I go camping, & did the security from the 19th to the 28th. Wednesday, May 24/2017 we got booted, because of the storm that hit the area. Winds as high as 90 km/h & at one point 100 km/h hit the area, & basically we were told to get the hell out, & go somewhere without trees. We ended up heading back home, because the maintenance person out there, said at one point in about an hour, there was supposed to be winds, worse then earlier. We ended up staying the night at home, & then went back out Thursday, at like 3:30 – 4 PM. Heading back out Thursday, passed an interesting looking black GMC truck, that, if it was night, would’ve basically been a Christmas tree, because of all the lights it had on it. A tree had fell down Wednesday & blocked the south gate, & Thursday was taped off with caution tape, so we had to go in the north/ office gate. Ended up getting asked by the maintenance guy (Marty) if we had gotten a plate on that truck, because he was in the park snooping around. Sadly, we hadn’t. Marty was reprogramming the gates, because the wind from Wednesday had pushed the one gate open past its programmed open limit, & the other one was pushed closed a bit. Basically, the office gates are 2 gates that meet together & then lock & when you’re entering/ looking at them from the highway, the left one must reach its closed position first, because it has the electro-magnet on it, & the right one has the plate on it that locks to the magnet. After the wind though, the right one was reaching its closed position first/ well before the left one, so Marty was reprogramming it. The only solution I could think up to remedy this problem, that is also the smallest in terms of how big it’d be in size, in case of another storm, is having some sort of latch in the ground, that latches at the bottom of each gate &holds them open, & then at the same time, prevents them from being pushed open farther, or being pushed closed by anything. Likely an electro-magnet. It’s really the only thing I could think of, short of them building a “wall” behind each gate.

Went to the trailer & put our stuff in the trailer, then went up town for a drink from the store. Came back & the gates were fixed & closed, so had to use my remote to open them. As they were closing, a Jeep pulled in & opened them with her remote. They opened successfully & then closed halfway & remained there. So, ended up phoning Marty & letting him know they were stuck halfway/ closed/ open, but open enough that vehicles could still get through. He came up 20 minutes later & went through the reset process himself, tested the gates & explained how it worked, etc. & said once they’re locked, when it’s quiet like it was/ when you’re not in your vehicle you should hear a click. It clicked, but the right gate/ wing was still closing just a bit farther/ tighter then the left one, as you could visibly see it.

After he said he finally knows who we are (security), I sent him a text from my number with my name in it, since before, I only had his number (even though my friend, 98% of the time called Marty, because I’m doing the driving), Marty then went through & told us how to reset it (but added in, don’t tell the park director this. lol), if they ever did that again. Basically, we press a reset button on the control box, that is behind the left gate’s mounting post, which will then cycle it open & then use the remote/ fob to close it & it should work/ be fine & if we ever do that, send him a text when we do, so he can keep a log of it. He then went through & explained the photo eyes & such, & basically explained how the gates are kept open during the day, which was just a business card taped in front of the one photo eye. He also added in that if we’re ever around the park at, say, 10 or 10:30 PM, & the gates (north & south gates) are still open, just go ahead & remove the card from the photo eye & tape it behind it, because sometimes the park director (Cindy) forgets to do this, & one night they were open all night & he had turned in for the night at 10 PM that night.

After we learned all that, we headed back down to the trailer. A few nights/ days before we were taught this, I was tempted to take the business card off at 10:30 & let them close because they were still open after 10, but I did not, because I had not been specifically told to do so, if they’re still open at 10 PM or later. Now that Marty has basically given us permission to do that/ asked us to do that if, they’re open, I won’t hesitate at taking the card off, if they’re still open at that hour, but so far they’re normally closed before 10 PM (8 – 9:30 PM), so I haven’t had to yet.

Not much else happened the rest of the week. I will post some pictures of the trees & such that I was able to get pics of, on my Instagram. I did not get many pics, because majority of the trees that went down, were in Phase 4 & Marty had specifically asked us to stay out of there, just because there’s still a chance these may come down, before they’re removed by a third party & he doesn’t want us getting hurt (since we’re not paid staff & not covered by WCB) & doesn’t want a tree landing on my vehicle. The rest of the weekend, (27, 28 & 29) was basically a “lazy” weekend, because not many people were out, & since it wasn’t a long weekend, we didn’t expect there to be any “trouble” (someone having to many drinks, etc.) so we just hung around outside my trailer & on the 29th, went home before noon & did some airsofting around the property.

Anyways, that’s all for now at 10:11 PM. Until next time… or the first edit 😛


May 17/2017

So, an update on my May 10/2017 post. I learned that their training program only accepts applications from “sponsored” candidates. In other words, the candidate’s training is being paid for by their current employer or their future employer who has a job offer waiting, with the condition the training program is completed successfully. The eligibility for self-pay enrollment is currently under review.

I did find out, that the program is 6 weeks for a Community Peace Officer but only 3 weeks for an Alberta Peace Officer. The only difference is the Alberta one may have to carry a sidearm/ has the authority to carry one under the Peace Officer Act.

I emailed the Protective Services Director in one “city” near me on Saturday, because the other one only accepts resumes/ applications for jobs that are posted on their website & the town near me only employs one Community Peace Officer. However, I still haven’t heard back yet… I may end up giving them a call this week sometime, when I can.

Anyways, on other notes, not much has been going on in my life, other then reading the Peace Officer program manual every night, specifically the CPO Level 1 & Level 2 requirements.

We opened our trailer on Monday, May 15/2017, cleared out our water lines of the antifreeze, & put out the slide out, then brought bedding & such out today, to prepare for this weekend, paid the rent, paid the deposit on 2 remotes for the park’s automatic gate system. Only got one remote though, because the 2nd one (mine) has to be programmed into the system, & assuming they use the computer I think they do for that, I’ll be waiting a while for it, since the same computer is also their security camera system “mainframe”, & it was down today. In other words, this computer is where all the camera footage records to & normally the monitor is on, for them to view 4 camera feeds up in the office. Today the monitor was on, along with the tower for the computer, but the screen was black & the power/ “status” light on the monitor was orange & then a staff member mentioned their camera system isn’t working. Didn’t find out either what they keypads at each gate are for, but also learned that the staff there at the office, have an app on their phone that they can open the gates with if needed.

Anyways, that’s all for now at 10:15 PM.

Until next time… or the first edit