I Don’t Work Here, Does Not Work Here, Part 26

(I frequently stop by Large Chain Store on my way home from work to grab a random item or dinner, and I don’t carry around a spare shirt to change into so I usually am in uniform. This night, a woman had been aggressively following me around the store for about 10 minutes screaming “excuse me!”)

Me: “Uh, can I help you?”

Customer: “This is ridiculous. I can’t believe it took you this long to acknowledge me! Where is your manager?”

Me: “Probably at home by now.”

Customer: “You’re lying to me! There has to be a manager on duty right now!”

Me: “No, the store closed about thirty minutes ago. My manager is definitely at home right now.”

(The lady looks genuinely confused.)

Customer: “Isn’t this store open 24 hours a day?”

Me: “It is, which is why I’m glad I don’t work here. Hope you find that rude [Large Chain Store] employee you are looking for.”

(I think at that point she finally noticed that my shirt had another company’s name in huge letters across the back. She left me alone.)

-> I Don’t Work Here, Does Not Work Here, Part 26


Not So Dosa Docile

(It’s spring break and I’m working as a cook at a family friend’s Indian restaurant for free as a favor for the week because I’m a student. Most of the chefs working at the restaurant are Indians that just immigrated here, and they don’t like to talk back because their English isn’t great and they fear getting into trouble. It’s a Friday night and because it’s spring break, there are a lot of people, so many so that there’s a wait to be seated. The restaurant specializes in dosas, which are like crepes, except made of rice batter and black gram. Most people like to add onions or chills to them. It’s also a restaurant that lets you see the chefs making your food.)

Customer: *orders his dosa with onions and then walks over to the counter to watch me cook*

Me: *puts the batter on the pan and then adds the onions, like usual*


Me: *taken aback by his tone, but decides to do what he says* “I’m sorry sir. I’ll make it again.”

(I have to dump out the batter I was using because it would be burnt in the amount of time it takes to fry the onions.)

Me: *fries the onions separately then puts it on fresh batter*


Me: *losing my patience at this point* “Sir, there are a lot of customers behind you and I don’t have time to make your order again. If you don’t like the way we cook the food, you’re happy to make it yourself on your own time at home.”


Me: *at this point, my patience is completely gone* “I’m an American citizen, so it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be sent back to India for not satisfying your dietary needs. Keep yelling, and I’ll kick you out, or better yet, file a harassment claim.”

Customer: *still not getting it* “HOW DARE YOU! I WANT TO TALK TO THE MANAGER!”

(Before I can respond, the owner comes out to see what’s going on.)

Owner: “I’m the owner. Is there a problem?”


Owner: *looks at me* “[My Name], is that true?”

Me: “No, I—”

Customer: *interrupts* “SHE’S LYING. THE LITTLE B**** JUST WANTS TO KEEP HER JOB!”

Owner: “I’m going to have to ask you to leave. First of all, [My Name] doesn’t even work here officially. She’s just helping out as a favor. And second, I don’t serve customers who swear at my employees anyway. So, are you going to leave or do I have to call the police?”

Customer: *thinks for a moment before storming out of the restaurant, still visibly angry*

(And the kicker? He was making such a fuss over an order worth just six dollars.)

Not So Dosa Docile

April 9/2017

So, what can I say about today & last night/ this morning?
I can’t really say much, because nothing worth posting about, really happened….

I ended up programming some radios last night, after 10-15 mins, when I finally got the language problem fixed, with everything showing ???? for each category & setting. Just had to change the language to English lol….. -face palm-
I finally had everything programmed properly, that all radios were talking to each other just fine in digital mode. The only disadvantage about the new radios I programmed are, they do not have the “Talk Permit” or “Channel Free” tones, nor do they have an “Emergency Alarm” feature. That isn’t that big of a deal though & definitely, not a big enough deal to send them back, considering their price was $269.99 for two of them. Compared to $219.99 for another digital capable radio, that’s basically identical, except it has a screen &, the $219.99 price is only for one….

The intended use of these new radios are for out camping, once camping starts, butif I go airsofting at some point, they may be “borrowed” by someone, I can trust completely, & someone I know will not damage them in any way, even though they are IP67 rated.

Now, on to my airsoft trip for the 22nd I mentioned before. After hearing some advertising on the radio last night, it’s very possible, that on the 22nd, if I go to the city, I will not be going for airsoft, & instead will be going to a Motorshow at their local expo centre, that’s on from April 21 – 23, since I can go for airsoft basically any Saturday, because the airsoft field is still going to be there after the 23rd, whereas the Motorshow will be gone after the 23rd….

Yes, it is the same expo centre I spent all day with her at before, which shouldn’t be that much of a “problem” for me, as long as I hopefully don’t go into the one hall, where me & her just sat with each other for a while…. though I feel even if I do walk into that hall, it shouldn’t affect me that much, that I need to walk out right away, because it’s been almost a month since I was there all day with her….

Hell, there’s even a possibility, that she may come there too, so we can see each other, because I mentioned it to her earlier tonight, & included screenshots of the event on the expo center’s website, & she replied “Ooh!?”. I am unsure if she will come or not, but like I told her, if I go, & if she wants to come, she can, but she doesn’t have to come. I just wanted to mention it to her, because I just thought it MAY be an opportunity to see her in person again, earlier then waiting until camping starts, since yesterday she said she’s still willing to try come out camping, but camping doesn’t start for me until near the end of May, & the campground/ park doesn’t even open until May 1st anyways…. I asked her if she could maybe try come out the same weekend I start camping, & she wasn’t sure, which is fair.

I do hope she’ll try come, but it’s okay if she doesn’t because of her saying yes, she will still try come out camping whenever…. 🙂

Anyways, for once this is a post, that even though she was mentioned & talked about, the entire post wasn’t about her.

That’s all for now at 8:25 PM… Until next time…. or the first edit lol 😛

~ KR

April 8/2017

So, let’s recap today… The expo today, was kinda depressing…. lol
There wasn’t much there….
So… anyways, I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about her anymore, but today was a “record”, in the sense we actually talked more then a few mins & am currently in a Skype call with her right now. Not really sure where the Skype calls going right now, so I’m unsure what to make of it. I did ask her if she’d still be willing to try come out camping & she did say yes, so there’s that too…
Obviously, she didn’t make it down to the expo. I’m not trying to sound rude, but I didn’t expect her to, I just suggested it to her if she wanted to try come down.

I’m honestly just happy she actually wanted to Skype tonight. ❤
Anyways, there’s surprisingly not much to say about today, because the expo was kinda sad in terms of what was there to look at….

That’s it for now at 7:50 PM… Until next time…. or the first edit… :p

Edit 9:05 PM: Our Skype call ended at 7:52, because someone else was calling her… She told me/ said to me, to stay right here & that she’ll call me back…. but I’m remembering the last time she told me to stay right here, & that she’ll call me back (2nd time she was in the hospital, I think)…. & she never did…. last active on Facebook 1h ago & was marked as Away on Skype, but now she’s online…. I don’t know if I should call her or not, because she said she was going to call me back…. :$ That’s all for now, at 9:05 PM….

Edit 11:56 PM: So, I messaged her giving her more info at 8:30 PM, about if she comes out camping, in terms of the costs involved & that this new cost, I didn’t mention before, I hope doesn’t affect her wanting to try come out, & she finally replied at 11:15 PM, saying it’s okay… She never did call me back either on Facebook or Skype, & it’s now 11:55, so I doubt she will, as she’s likely sleeping, or at least trying to sleep… as she was active 38m ago now…. I honestly hope she messages me tomorrow & we can Skype for a bit longer…. Was actually nice to talk to her today, longer for then, like, 5 mins…. 🙂

That’s likely all for tonight, at 11:55 PM. Until next time….


April 7/2017

Not much to say about today. I got up, finished watching a movie from the previous night, then started watching a 007 movie (Die Another Day), because there’s nothing else to watch…. lol
Trying to finalize plans for going to the expo nearish to me tomorrow. Also, trying to make plans for an airsoft trip on the 22nd, as I’ve mentioned before & obtain equipment for this year’s camping season & such.

I’m really only going to the expo tomorrow, to actually get out of the house again… while I did get out of the house on Wednesday, that was only for a bottle depot run, & I wasn’t by myself either….
Might stop in & see a few people I used to bowl on Saturdays with, if it’s open when I get to town…. if not, well then even better opportunity to try talk to people, because they’ll likely be waiting outside….

Anyways, not much else to say at 8 PM…. Until next time… or the first edit 😛


April 6/2017

So, I’m not really sure what I can say about today. Been a quiet day, really.
Only signed on PC finally around 7 PM… Trying to make plans for an airsoft day in the city, in about 2 weeks & also finalize plans for going to an expo this Saturday.
There isn’t really much to say about today, since I’m going to try stop talking about her now, so we’ll see how that goes…. Not trying to be disrespectful to her, but going through my last posts, I’ve realized all I’ve basically talked about is her.

Even though it’s still just over 2 weeks away, I’m going to be going through my gear, & preparing things for my airsoft day, so it’s ready the night before, & all I’ll have to really do the night before is, make sure everything is in my bag, such as mags, CO2, batteries, etc. & also rememer to bring my wallet, because I plan on trying to at least get a vertical grip (angled one I have, just doesn’t work for me), a flashlight at least, & a holographic sight of some sort, likely an EOTech style one, & either a clear lens protector, or the “killflash” that is available for EOTechs, which also serves as a lens protector, & is made out of aluminum, compared to the normal lens protector, which is just clear plastic, that you install under the EOTech housing. I would prefer to only have to buy a lens protector once, rather then more then once, because the plastic one got shot out, even though it will have saved my sight.

I do have a sight right now, but even though it’s done the job here at home, just shooting targets & such, where I have time to get lined up with the dot, in game, I’ll only have probably below 5 seconds, to get my eye on the dot & fire. That is why I am going to be trying to get an EOTech style one. Being a holographic sight, your eye does not have to be lined up perfectly with the dot for your BBs to be on target. The red dot sight I currently have, also does not have any lens protectors available for it (unless I make one), & it was about a $50 sight off of Amazon…. I shall now quote part of an EOTech 556 Holographic sight’s product description from a Canadian retailer:

Holographic sights like the Petrol 556 have an advantage over regular red dot sights because they are near immune to parallax distortion. With a red dot sight your eye needs to be in line with the sight so that the reticle will be lined up with the target. If your eye is not lined up, your shot will end up being off target. With a holographic sight, you can move your eye off the sight line, and the reticle will stay on target. This has to do with the way the reticle is projected onto the lens and is why holographic sights are more expensive, and superior, to basic red dot sights.

-> Taken from Hero Outdoors 556 Holographic Sight‘s product description

I was offered by someone I’ll be meeting for airsoft that day, to borrow their EOTech sight, but, while I do appreciate their offer, I would prefer to not take/ have the risk of it getting shot out while being used by me. If I have no other choice, but to accept their offer, or use the red dot sight I have, I will likely take their offer. This airsoft trip/ game will be my first actual game, at an actual field, rather then just on the property here at home, with one other person. I am hoping it goes well.

Anyways, that’s it for now, at 8:05 PM. Until next time…. or the first edit 😛

Edit 11:58 PM: Nothing else worth mentioning has happened tonight, other then trying to finalize plans for the expo on Saturday. That’s all for tonight folks at 11:58 PM!


A Couple Of Annoying Squirts

(Our shop is pretty quiet at the moment. The only customer in it is a twenty-something woman, eating her meal and reading a book. Two boys, about fifteen and thirteen, come in carrying what appears to be badly painted water pistols.)

Older Boy: Yo, b****! This is a stick up!

Younger Boy: “Yeah, give us all your money! Empty the register.”

(At this point, the woman looks up. She gets a very angry look on her face.)

Me: “Those aren’t real guns.”

Older Boy: “F***, yeah, they are! Hurry up!”

(The woman walks over to them and taps the older boy on the shoulder.)

Older Boy: *turns around* “What the?”

(He freezes and stutters for words. The woman smacks the other boy’s head with her book.)

Woman: “What the h*** do you two think you’re doing? Are those squirt guns?”

(Both boys look shocked. The older one is beet red and the younger one is actually crying.)

Woman: “Go to the corner, right this instant! I’m calling your mother.”

(Both boys go to sit in the corner of the restaurant.)

Woman: “Ah! Apologize to this nice lady first!”

Both Boys: “S…s…sorry!”

Woman: “Now go stand in that corner and face the wall!”

(Both boys obey and stand against the wall. The woman then turns back to me.)

Woman: “I’m sorry, I really am.”

(The woman proceeds to call their mother, who shows up five minutes later and hauls both boys out. Apparently, the woman is their aunt. She left us two twenty dollar bills in our tip jar!)

Original Link: https://notalwaysright.com/a-couple-of-annoying-squirts/27264