April 17/2017

So, I didn’t post yesterday again, because there wasn’t really anything to post about. All that was done yesterday, was I went to see The Fate Of The Furious which turned out to be a great movie. Only thing I was surprised about, was that Paul Walker’s brother wasn’t in the movie as Brian O’Conner, yet I swear in the previews, well before it came out, he was going to be. He was mentioned once along with Toretto’s sister Mia, but neither of them made an appearance in this one.

Not much was done yesterday. Went to see the movie, came home & my dresser was put back in my room, while I was gone. I ended up flipping my bed around, & so far that’s proving to have been a good decision, as I can now finally sleep better. Not really sure what else is in store for my room. Since the bed’s flipped around, a wall mount TV is unlikely, because the wall I’d be facing, while laying on my pillows, on my bed, has no type of power outlet on it so, when I’m laying on the bed, the TV is actually behind me. I don’t mind actually, because I now have room to bring my computer chair in & use it to sit on, rather then that small hard bench I was using before.

I still need to figure out where to put everything I cleared out the one night, before the rest of my room was done. There’s a few things in boxes, which shouldn’t be to hard to store away. It’s just the bags & such we moved down to the basement temporarily, that’ll be difficult to hide, as I’ll need to empty them first before storing them away. I’m hoping it’s possible to put my Airsoft M4 under my bed, in its bag somehow. Maybe the BBs, drop leg, pistols, etc. can go in the one cupboard if it gets cleaned out. Either way, there is not anymore room for a cupboard that’s basically the same as the current one, so I’ll have to figure it out somehow…. I shouldn’t need to hurry that much, since an airsoft day in the city, is still more then 2 weeks away at least. This Saturday (22nd) is the motorshow & next Saturday is out of the question.

I try plan for a Saturday, because normally Sundays are a day, you just relax at home & not do much, but I recently learned that, Sundays may be possible as a place nearby the airsoft field is also open on Sundays too.

Anyways, that’s all for now at 11:35 PM…. Until next time…

~ KR


Misplaced Your Misplacement

Patron: “Can you help me find a book? The catalog says it’s available, but it’s not where it’s supposed to be.”

Me: “Sure! First we’ll check and make sure we’re looking in the right ‘neighborhood’, since our books aren’t in strict Dewey order anymore; they’re arranged in neighborhoods and then by Dewey.”

Patron: “Yes, I know. This one is supposed to be in Sports & Recreation.”

Me: “Perfect! I’ll just look it up real quick to get the complete number.”

(I jot down the call number of the book he is looking for (he actually remembered the title!), and then we go to check the shelf in Sports & Recreation. Sure enough, the title he wants is not on the shelf where it is supposed to be. I scan the shelves above and below, and on either side, just in case it is a little out of order.)

Me: “Hmmm… I don’t see it anywhere. We can go check on the carts downstairs to see if it’s waiting to be shelved. We can also check to see when it last circulated. It might be missing.”

Patron: “Oh, it was just here the other day, because I was looking at it before.”

Me: “Oh, did you happen to put it on a cart to be re-shelved?”

Patron: “No, I put it on a different shelf so that no one else would take it.”

Me: *struggling to keep facial expression neutral* “Okay… well, where did you put it?”

(He leads me to another section entirely and points at the cookbooks. Sure enough, there was the book he wanted, tucked in among the vegan cookbooks.)

Me: “Here it is… right where you left it.”

Patron: “Well, that’s frustrating. How are we supposed to find books if they’re not where they’re supposed to be?”

-> Misplaced Your Misplacement

April 15/2017

Not really much was done today. My room’s floor got done yesterday, so that’s done. All that’s really left is to move a few things back into my room, such as my dresser, & that’s really it.
I’m not sure if I’ll keep my bed where it is right now. I may move it back to its old spot. However, the only advantage from where it is right now, is I now have a bit of room to use my computer chair, to sit & watch a movie on the TV instead of laying on the bed, which from the angle I’m at, the bed blocks the bottom right area of the TV screen, or sitting on a hard bench…

Not really sure on a wall mount TV yet, but if my bed stays where it is, even if it gets flipped around, then a wall mount TV will be better, because I’ll likely have more room to move between my room & the bathroom next to it. Right now, with the bed where it is, & my current TV stand, it’s a pain to get to the bathroom, as the “opening” between my bed frame & the TV stand is small. It is small enough you cannot walk “normally” through it.

I messaged her last night, asking if she’d be coming to the Motorshow on the 22nd/ if I should “expect” her to come, so I know if I should try wait for her to show up, or just walk right in…. She said “I’m hoping”, so I’m honestly hoping she does come. It would be nice to see her again, even though it’s very possible I’ll see her out camping at some point, as she did say she’s still willing to [b]try[/b] come camping.

Anyways, I’m not really sure what else to talk about at 11:23 PM. Until next time…


April 14/2017

So, yet another very late post, since I had the new post window open, but kept forgetting to type one out & didn’t know what to say….
I didn’t post on the 13th, because nothing happened worth posting about. Today, we finally got the floor in my room finished, & so far my TV is still on the TV stand it was on before. I would really like a wall mount, but I learned today, that due to the way the walls/ studs were done when the house was built, running new cables/ cords in the wall is not possible. Most houses have vertical studs about 16 inches apart. Well, the studs are 16in apart here too, but when the house was built, there were horizontal pieces put in between all the studs at certain distances apart, hence why no new wires/ cords can be ran inside the wall… so that kinda dampens my idea for the wall plates…. plus I hadn’t exactly told my idea to anyone…. All that can really be done is wall mount the TV, & that’s it…. which may prove to be a pain with all the cords, unless there is a way to “attach” the DVD Player to the wall mount as well, so it can move with the TV, otherwise the cords will be all over the place….

I’m looking at a 2 arm wall mount on Amazon, capable of holding a 23″ to 42″ wide TV for $69.99, & the 2nd arm has a gas spring on it which allows the TV to be adjusted vertically up or down 13.25″ to 15″ as well…. There is a mount, that is just 1 arm, with a gas spring, however personally, I feel that won’t offer me many options for adjusting the TV. The 2 arm wall mount I’m looking at, I think when straight/ fully extended from the wall, will bring the TV out about 22″ from the wall, which should be interesting, because there is no way to run wiring & install a new wall power plug right behind the TV wall mount, for the reason mentioned above…. I’m not really sure how big of a TV I’ll get if a wall mount is done, due to the fact the wider the TV, the less swivel adjustment freedom you have on a wall mount, from side to side, as the TV will hit the wall sooner then a smaller TV would. Right now, I’m just going with the existing TV stand for a while…. since the floor is done & a new stand or wall mount can be done at any time now. Though, if a wall mount is done, the existing TV stand will have to go, is what I was told….

Sadly, so far, I haven’t figured out what to do with my airsoft gear, mainly the M4…. I still don’t really have a place to store it yet, but since a few more spots in my room have been cleaned out, I should have room to store the bags/ backpacks I plan on using to take my airsoft gear in better spots then stuffed in the closet. While, they likely will end up in the closet again, when they’re empty, it’s possible they’ll end up in a better spot then before, along with my M4 case. I’ve debated the option of putting my M4 in the case, along with all the mags & such, & then just sliding it under my bed…. Due to the way the house was built, there’s a small portion of my closet that is sort of “wasted space” because only my M4 case fits in there, & only if it’s completely empty. That small portion is there, because right next to it, is the chimney in the house, for our furnace apparently. If I had no closet, I’d have a lot more room, for another cabinet/ cupboard of some sort, to store all my airsoft gear, mainly the BBs, batteries, chargers, CO2, holsters, etc.

I have thought about possibly just putting the dresser in front of/ behind the existing bedroom door, but then the only door into my room, is through the bathroom right next to it, so that’s not really practical either, even though it’d free up a bit more room, possibly for another cupboard. Either way, I need to find a better way to store my airsoft sidearms (Glock, M9, 1911, etc.), radios, radio batteries, chargers, etc. then in my filing cabinet drawers, since right now the way they are, while it does work, it’s a pain when putting them back, due to the fact they basically need to be “packed” exactly the same way they were before, if I want the drawer to close…. With a cupboard or cabinet of some sort, with shelves I likely wouldn’t have that problem. Guess I’ll just have to see what happens….

That’s all for now at 11:59 PM. Until next time….

~ KR

Customers Are Beastly On Opening Weekend

(We’ve just gotten the “Beauty and the Beast” remake in. It managed to sell out every single screening for the weekend before Friday afternoon. We are a relatively small theater, but we manage to schedule about 20 screenings of the film between open and close each day over the weekend, and have even started to get permission to start canceling other shows in order to add a few extra show-times for the film. It’s gotten to the point where this new release is so in-demand that the other films we have at the moment are only getting one to three screenings each per day to make room for it. It’s complete and utter chaos, with hundreds of people in the lobby at any given time, our concession staff being unable to even keep up with simple things like making enough popcorn to keep the warmers filled despite bringing in extra people, and the phone ringing off the hook with dozens of calls each hour. Yet despite all this… everyone’s being pretty nice. So of course, about 10 minutes before I’m done for the day on Saturday, a customer has to walk up to me with several other adults and about a half-dozen children…)

Me: “Picking up tickets?”

Customer: “No. I’m gonna need ten tickets to Beauty and the Beast for the 4:45 that just went in.”

Me: “Oh, jeez. I’m sorry. Everything for Beauty and the Beast is sold out until 11:15 tonight. We just added a show for that time. But even that’s already half-full.”

Customer: “Fine. Then give me tickets for the 5:30.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but unfortunately everything is sold out for Beauty and the Beast until 11:15 tonight.”

Customer: “The 6:00 3D showing, then!”

Me: “Again, I apologize, but everything is sold out until 11:15 tonight.”

Customer: “I knew this would happen! The 6:15 showing?”

Me: “…everything is sold out until 11:15.”

Customer: “Fine! Ten tickets to whenever the next showing of Beauty and the Beast’ is! And I’m not paying for all ten tickets!”

Me: “The next available time is at 11:15 tonight.”

(The customer slams her hands on the counter, turns, and starts screaming about how we ‘don’t know how to do anything right.’ Her daughter starts crying and tries to hug her, and hand to god, the customer shoves her daughter away and bellows…)

Customer: “Don’t cry to me! Cry to the jerk there who doesn’t know how to sell us f****** tickets! He can’t even do his job right! It’s his fault. He won’t let you in. Cry to him! Leave me alone!”

(She stormed away, leaving the rest of the group speechless. They slowly sulked away a few moments later.)

-> Customers Are Beastly On Opening Weekend

Note: This one I don’t think the entire thing is funny, considering the part about her shoving her daughter away…. I just shared it, because the part with her asking about every time & being told only next available time is 11:15, 5 times was funny, that she couldn’t get it through her head….

Hit Them With Reality

(I am a customer in line at the ticket booth. In front of me are two teenage girls, and in front of them is a group of four younger kids, around 10 or 11. A man comes up and gets in line with the kids. It’s quite obvious he’s the father of one of them and the chaperone for them that night.)

Teenage Girl #1: “Hey! You can’t cut in line!”

Man: “Oh, I’m not cutting. I am with them. I just had them stand in line while I parked the car.”

Teenage Girl #1: “I don’t give a s***! YOU CAN’T CUT IN LINE.”

Man: “Whoa! Calm down! I’m here to take these kids to a movie. I dropped them off while I parked the car. We’re all in the same group so it’s still just going to be one transaction. it’s not going to take any longer.”


Man: *very calmly* “Oh, yeah? Well, do it. Go ahead and hit me. Let’s see how that goes.”

Teenage Girl #1: *starting to cry hysterically* “You can’t say that! You can’t get in my face like that!”

Teenage Girl #2: “You can’t do that! You can’t get in her face like that! SHE’S A MINOR! DON’T YELL AT HER! SHE’S A MINOR!”

Man: *still calm* “Well, if she’s still a minor then she should learn to respect her elders.”

(He then turned around and stood in line like nothing happened. The girl continued to cry and went to get an employee to try to get the man kicked out. But because several witnesses explained the situation, the girls were asked to leave instead!)

-> Hit Them With Reality

Should Have Check-ed The Date

(I am the unlucky customer stuck behind this transaction. It’s the holiday season, so the store is very busy.)

Customer: *after all items have been scanned* “Yes, what’s your return policy on this [Large Electronic Item]?”

Cashier: “For this item, it is a 30-day return policy, but you must have the receipt and all of the original packaging.”

Customer: “So if it doesn’t work, I can bring it back tomorrow?”

Cashier: “Yes.”

Customer: “Okay, let me just get my checkbook.”

Cashier: “If you are paying by check, there is a three to five day waiting period before we can issue a refund.”

Customer: “You just said I could return this tomorrow. Which is it?”

Cashier: “We have to wait for the check to clear before refunding you.”

Customer: “MANAGER! NOW!”

(The manager shows up and the cashier explains the question.)

Customer: “I want to buy this tonight and if I don’t like it, I want to return it tomorrow.”

Manager: “That’s not possible; it takes a few days to process checks. We don’t get many, so they only get deposited twice a week.”

Customer: “Just keep it in your safe and if I don’t like it, you can just tear it up when I bring back the item.”

Manager: “That’s not how that works…”

Customer: “Why not? This is 2016! Can’t you figure out a faster way to handle checks?”

(At this point, I step in.)

Me: “Yes, it’s 2016. Who writes checks anymore? Either buy it and wait to return it or use a credit card or debit card like everyone else, but don’t hold up the rest of us because you haven’t learned that writing a check is the slowest form of payment in existence — for everyone involved.”

Customer: *shocked look* “Can she talk to me like that?”

Manager: “She’s not an employee, so…”

(The lady pulls out a credit card and pays. Really? You had one the whole time, lady?! After she has left…)

Cashier: *to me* “Thanks. I’m not allowed to say what I think!”

Me: “I’ve worked retail management; it’s my duty now to speak up when customers suck.”

Cashier: “I’m so sorry; your candy fell into the bag before I could scan it. Have a great night!”

-> Should Have Check-ed The Date