Should Have Check-ed The Date

(I am the unlucky customer stuck behind this transaction. It’s the holiday season, so the store is very busy.)

Customer: *after all items have been scanned* “Yes, what’s your return policy on this [Large Electronic Item]?”

Cashier: “For this item, it is a 30-day return policy, but you must have the receipt and all of the original packaging.”

Customer: “So if it doesn’t work, I can bring it back tomorrow?”

Cashier: “Yes.”

Customer: “Okay, let me just get my checkbook.”

Cashier: “If you are paying by check, there is a three to five day waiting period before we can issue a refund.”

Customer: “You just said I could return this tomorrow. Which is it?”

Cashier: “We have to wait for the check to clear before refunding you.”

Customer: “MANAGER! NOW!”

(The manager shows up and the cashier explains the question.)

Customer: “I want to buy this tonight and if I don’t like it, I want to return it tomorrow.”

Manager: “That’s not possible; it takes a few days to process checks. We don’t get many, so they only get deposited twice a week.”

Customer: “Just keep it in your safe and if I don’t like it, you can just tear it up when I bring back the item.”

Manager: “That’s not how that works…”

Customer: “Why not? This is 2016! Can’t you figure out a faster way to handle checks?”

(At this point, I step in.)

Me: “Yes, it’s 2016. Who writes checks anymore? Either buy it and wait to return it or use a credit card or debit card like everyone else, but don’t hold up the rest of us because you haven’t learned that writing a check is the slowest form of payment in existence — for everyone involved.”

Customer: *shocked look* “Can she talk to me like that?”

Manager: “She’s not an employee, so…”

(The lady pulls out a credit card and pays. Really? You had one the whole time, lady?! After she has left…)

Cashier: *to me* “Thanks. I’m not allowed to say what I think!”

Me: “I’ve worked retail management; it’s my duty now to speak up when customers suck.”

Cashier: “I’m so sorry; your candy fell into the bag before I could scan it. Have a great night!”

-> Should Have Check-ed The Date


April 12/2017

So, I’m not sure what to say about today…
The weather prevented anything more from being done on my bedroom floor, as it was raining all day & is likely going to rain & snow tomorrow…. so tomorrow will likely be another day that nothing more is done to get my bedroom floor done. I’m still unsure if my current TV stand will stay, or be replaced by something else, & maybe mount my TV on the wall, possibly with those wall plates I mentioned in my last post.

The only “problem” with doing those wall plates is that my wall is not drywall. I believe it is plaster, but I’m not sure…. So, if the wall plates are possible, that’ll make it more difficult then it would be if it was drywall. Drywall you can easily mark where the plates going & then just use a knife & cut the hole out. I will still need a wall mount for the TV, that can allow the TV to be lowered to a height that’s comfortable to watch at, & when it’s not being used, be pushed up & folded against the wall, out of the way. I’m hoping another cupboard will be put somewhere in my room, because where I have airsoft things (radios, gear, etc.) stored right now, (filing cabinet drawers), in order to get one thing out, I almost need to empty the entire drawer just for 1-2 things…. & the drawers are basically “packed full” to the top, so if even one thing, isn’t put back in the exact same way it was before, then the drawer likely won’t close….

A cupboard would solve this problem, & I would likely be able to use separate shelves for the radios, their chargers, etc., then another shelf for pistols such as my M9 & then another shelf for smaller gear, such as my goggles, mesh mask, drop leg, Red Dot Sight, etc…. Where I plan on placing my M4, its magazines, case/ bag, etc. I don’t know yet…. The batteries for my M4, Pistol CO2 & Green Gas, BBs, Speedloaders, etc. will likely have their own shelf, likely on the bottom, depending on if a cupboard can be found, & how many shelves it has…. Based on my list I just gave above, the cupboard would “need” at least 4 shelves, if not more….

Nothing was done today, hence why I am just discussing possibilities for my room & storage for my airsoft gear, that I can easily get to when needed….

That’s really it, for now at 9:22 PM… Until next time…. or the first edit 😛


Switching That Mouthing Off, Off

(I work as a transporter at a hospital, pushing patients to tests and operations and the like. After a while, you get to be a pretty good judge of character — who’s going to be a crank, who’s scared, who needs cheering up, who wants to be left alone. I am picking up a patient for surgery who is probably 16 or 17 and is accompanied by his mom and step-dad. I don’t know what he is scheduled for, but I get the feeling that he is nervous and covering by mouthing off. But boy, is he mouthing off. This kid is being rude and disrespectful to both of his parents, but especially his step-dad. Back-talk, cussing, yack yack yack. I keep my mouth shut, because it’s not my business. I only have to spend another ten minutes with this kid and then I’m off to the next person. We get on the big patient elevator, the four of us with me behind his wheelchair (patients aren’t allowed to just walk around), and the parents off in front and off to the side against the walls. The patient is still just laying into his step-dad and starts to make fun of the crease between his step-dad’s eyebrows, comparing the deep furrow to a part of the female anatomy.)

Patient: “F***, look at you and that f****** stupid c*** on your forehead, haha!

Mom: *glancing at me* “Shh, stop it! You’ll offend the transporter!”

Patient: *with a sneer* “Yeah, whatever. She’s got one, too.”

(I’ve had enough. I lean over his shoulder so he can look me dead in the eye and point to his stepdad’s forehead.)

Me: “Yeah, and if you keep up with a mouth like that, that is as close as you’ll ever get to one.”

(The elevator went dead silent for a beat and then his parents started laughing so hard that we almost missed our floor. Except for a sheepish “Yeah, true,” the kid was silent the rest of the way to the OR.)

-> Switching That Mouthing Off, Off

April 11/2017

So, a bit of a late post today, as I’ve been searching up TV/ Monitor mounts on Amazon, along with wall plates with VGA, HDMI, 3.5mm Audio, S-Video, Component Audio/Video (Red, Green & Blue) & Composite Audio/ Video (Red, White & Yellow) connections, considering my room is having its floor redone & it’s possible, that my current TV stand will be removed after, & a normal, smaller stand will replace it, & will possibly be mounting either my current TV or a newer, wider TV on the wall.

Hence why I am looking at wall plates with those connections. Sadly, I have not found one plate with all those connections available on it. I do have S-Video on my current TV, but I have nothing that even uses S-Video, so it doesn’t matter. The 3.5mm audio is important, as my current TV has a headphone port (pointless if you ask me) & an Audio Input port. Basically, I can connect my laptop to the VGA Port, & the laptop’s headphone plug to the audio input on the TV, so my laptop audio comes through the TV’s speakers. I have found 2 separate plates. One has the HDMI & Component Audio/ Video plugs & the other has the VGA, 3.5mm Audio & Composite Audio/ Video plugs on it.

The wall plates are simple to use. You basically use cords for each of these plugs/ ports, plug them into your TV, & then run them through your wall to wherever the plate is installed. If my TV ends up being wall mounted, these wall plates may be “vital”, to me being able to easily plug in my old school PS2 & my current DVD player, to the TV, without having cords stretched across the wall. It’s also possible that if my TV ends up being wall mounted, I may try get a recessed power plug installed in the wall & a simple “pass through” plate next to it for the cables.

I am unsure if my TV will go on the wall or not. If it does, I’m going to need a wall mount that has an arm/ swing out mount & a gas spring/ shock that will allow the TV to be lowered, as it’ll be to high for me to watch, when laying on the bed, if it cannot be lowered & tilted. Only time will tell. There’s still about half the floor to finish redoing, but the longest part, is having to move/ rearrange things so the new floor can be put down, without completely emptying/ cleaning off anything that’s being moved (DVD Cupboard, TV Stand, etc.).

Anyways, this post is a really late one, because of cleaning out the closet to move a few things & hide a few things so no one sees them tomorrow, when we start on the floor again. This post wasn’t going to be this late, but I ended up not knowing what to type, so it sat as a draft for a bit…
That’s all for now, at 11:55 PM…. Until next time… 😛


April 10/2017

So, once again, I’m not sure what to say about today…
Ended up cleaning out my room when I woke up, so the rug/ carpet, can be changed to hardwood…. even though I prefer the rug. I basically have no say in what happens…. Tickets were bought last night, for that Motorshow on the 22nd, so it’s obvious I will be going. I messaged her last night about it, like I said in yesterday’s post, & before I signed off last night, after midnight, I told her, that this time I won’t be able to stay for 7 hrs, like last time at the Boat & Sport Show & told her that tickets have been bought already…

I told her, that she doesn’t have to try & come, & that I just thought it’d be an opportunity to try see each other again, before camping starts. She surprisingly said “We can try to see each other xd”. I also found out, after asking if I should “expect” her to come, when I go there on the 22nd, that basically lives right near the expo center now.

I’m not really sure what else to say, other then that while the floor in my room is being redone, I’m going to have to try be around, whenever something like my TV Stand, filing cabinets, or my closet is cleaned out/ moved to put the hardwood down. Only reason I have to try be around, is because there’s a lot of airsoft things, that dad doesn’t know about, hiding in my TV Stand, in the cupboards & my actual airsoft M4, is hiding in my closet, that he does not know I have…. yet. My bed will also have to be taken apart & moved out, & my airsoft vest (that he also doesn’t know about) is currently hiding between my bed & the wall… He did look in my closet right at the spot the M4 was hiding in, & he didn’t say anything, so he either didn’t notice it, or he did notice it, & didn’t bother saying anything (unlikely). He knows I have the CO2 M9, but, in my one cupboard next to my TV Stand, is my tablet & a CO2 1911, which he doesn’t know about…. along with all the stuff that came with my M4…. such as the outdoor gearbox/ spring, cleaning/ unjamming rod, etc…. The case/ carrying bag for the M4 is hidden in a small area of my closet, again, he doesn’t know I have that case.

Also sounds like he’s planning on clearing out the top shelf part of my closet…. I bought a few GoPros a few years ago & because he didn’t know about them, I may have stuck the empty GoPro packages up there, which he will obviously see if that gets cleared out…. I don’t really have an idea what to say, if he questions me about the packages, since I got them a long time ago, on the way home from my former job one night, 1 or 1.5 yrs ago. He does know about the GoPro I bought a while ago from Amazon, one of them I use for a dashcam on my vehicle for now. But I am unsure if[ he knows I bought 3 of them at the time, or not :$…. I do have an idea of what to say about the M4, if he asks about it. Basically, the story will be that I’ve had it for a while (since I started using airsoft guns originally), & the batteries I had before for it, no longer held a charge & I wasn’t able to find any batteries that worked with it until I looked them up on Amazon & found some a while ago…. Hopefully he buys that, because if he doesn’t, I don’t know what to say….
I just need a story that’s believable for him, so I can actually use it around here, when an airsoft friend comes out here with his M4 too…. rather then just using CO2/ Green Gas Pistols out here. I feel that the story about not being able to find any batteries until I looked on Amazon will be believable. He can’t really, not believe it, because once I get the story straight, & if he thinks about it the same way I do, he should realize that he’s never seen the M4, because I had no working batteries for it & never found any until I looked them up on Amazon & had no reason to take it out…

Anyways, I’m not really sure what else to say about today… so I guess that’s all for now, at 8:35 PM…. Until next time…. or the first edit 😛


The Joke Is Free, But The Twist Will Cost You

(I want to buy my first pocket knife. I go into the local knife/sword shop in our mall and notice some cool, basic pocket knives on sale; buy-one get-one. As I go up to purchase them the second one won’t scan.)

Employee: *trying repeatedly to scan the barcode* “Odd, it seems to not want to scan. This may take a moment.”

Me: *chuckles a little but not making the “must be free” joke*

Employee: *completely straight face* “Well I’m sorry, but items that don’t scan are $100k. Will that be cash, debit, or credit?”

(I was shocked for a couple seconds before we both started laughing and he found another code to scan for the same knife. Best twist on the “it won’t scan; it must be free!” joke I’ve ever seen!)

-> The Joke Is Free, But The Twist Will Cost You

I Don’t Work Here, Does Not Work Here, Part 26

(I frequently stop by Large Chain Store on my way home from work to grab a random item or dinner, and I don’t carry around a spare shirt to change into so I usually am in uniform. This night, a woman had been aggressively following me around the store for about 10 minutes screaming “excuse me!”)

Me: “Uh, can I help you?”

Customer: “This is ridiculous. I can’t believe it took you this long to acknowledge me! Where is your manager?”

Me: “Probably at home by now.”

Customer: “You’re lying to me! There has to be a manager on duty right now!”

Me: “No, the store closed about thirty minutes ago. My manager is definitely at home right now.”

(The lady looks genuinely confused.)

Customer: “Isn’t this store open 24 hours a day?”

Me: “It is, which is why I’m glad I don’t work here. Hope you find that rude [Large Chain Store] employee you are looking for.”

(I think at that point she finally noticed that my shirt had another company’s name in huge letters across the back. She left me alone.)

-> I Don’t Work Here, Does Not Work Here, Part 26