Oct. 13/2017

Hey guys,

Sorry for being AWOL, for the last 2 weeks. Internet went out on the first light snow we had, & didn’t come back. Had someone come & look at it shortly after it went out, replaced power supplies, changed the antenna (radio), etc. & it still didn’t work.

Today, we ended up getting an upgrade to the ISP’s new LTE service, which so far is just as fast, if not faster as the previous service, however, the only problems I’m having now, is getting my TeamSpeak server working so people can connect to it.

See, their new LTE service doesn’t support a Static IP, yet, & on the old service we had a Static IP, so it was easy for the TeamSpeak server to run. Now, it’s a Dynamic IP & it’s proving to be a big pain, because so far, only I can connect, despite zero settings being changed in terms of the port forwarding. It’s all the same for the ports & such. Just a different IP address setting in our router.

Anyways, that’s just a short update for now, at 8:05 PM. Until next time…. or the first edit 😛



Sept. 30/2017

Hi guys,

Yes I’m still alive. Just been busy.
Not to much has happened. We went out the other day & got everything out of the trailer & tomorrow we’re going to go close it up for the year.
I’m planning on hopefully getting to the city, to do some airsoft this winter, every so often. Keywords are planning & hopefully… Will obviously depend on the weather & roads, since the field I’ll be going to, is a good 1 hour away from me.

Though, unfortunately, I do not know what I’m going to do for radio comms during airsoft, because of the 2 radios I had to try pick between on Amazon, neither of them are available on Amazon. All I get is a 404 not found error when I try view them through the bookmarks I had saved on Google Chrome. I would prefer to try get my hands on one of the 2, that are suddenly gone from Amazon, because [b]if[/b] it somehow gets damaged during gameplay to the point it doesn’t work anymore, it’s not [b]that[/b] expensive to replace & because both of them have spare batteries available on Amazon. One of them has a spare battery that is 3800mAh & also makes the radio a bit “taller” when using it. The other ones spare batteries, are just identical to the original 2500mAh that would come with it upon ordering.

Anyways, not much else to talk about at 10:33 PM… Until next time… 😛


Sept. 22/2017

Hi guys,

Just a post letting you know I’m still alive. The Drumheller trip was good. I won’t go into to much detail, but it was good. Did get to meet up with someone I know there on the day before we went home.
It evidently rained at home the entire time we were there.

We left on Sunday, Sept. 17/2017 & left on Wednesday, Sept. 20/2017. The weather there was decent the entire time, with the exception of the last day being colder then the previous days. A few places we stopped at the last time we were there, were either closed down permanently, or closed temporarily (owners on vacation, etc.)….

Woke up to a thin layer of snow this morning at 8 or 9-ish… but it all melted by noon, I think… It’s also looking like we’ll be closing up our trailer for the year, this weekend.

Anyways, sorry for the “jumping” around the topics, in this post. I just typed things as I thought of them.

That’s all for now at 12:28 AM… Until next time… 😛


Sept. 15/2017

Hi guys,

You may have noticed, I’ve been quiet these last few days. Once again, it’s because nothing much has happened for there to be any point in making a post.
I do know this coming weekend on Sunday, we’ll be going to Drumheller for a few days, so there’s that. We likely will be closing up our trailer for the year sometime soon, which is unfortunate, but either way, the power out there is going off at the end of the month (I think) & the water gets turned off whenever the first frost shows up…. Once the powers off, their automatic gates are deactivated which basically means, if one has to go out there after the powers off, for any reason, they will need to make an appointment, as everybody’s remote/ keyfob for the gates, are/ will be basically useless over winter since the gates will be deactivated.

I have also thought about going for my security license, & possibly seeing if they’d be willing to hire me as actual paid security out there, opposed to my “normal” volunteer security I do with a friend. I do highly doubt they will, since I do believe there’s multiple things a company/ business has to do before, in order to even hire their own paid security. But it has crossed my mind, since I’ve been camping out there, since I was at least 10 yrs old, maybe younger, & basically know the park like the back of my hand. Either way, the park manager/ director, & their VP of Development, are both happy with what me & my friend have been doing out there, & will continue to appreciate/ be happy with us doing that as long as we’re out there.

Sadly, the future of us doing security out there, is uncertain, as selling the trailer has been discussed before…. since right now, as it stands, I’m mainly the only one in my family who wants to keep the trailer. Even the future of my friend coming out/ wanting to come out is uncertain for next year. Guess we’ll just have to see what happens next year…

Other then that, there’s not much happening, that’s worth posting about at 12:10 AM.

Until next time… or any edit during the day 😛


Sept. 4/2017

Hi guys,

So, you may have noticed I’ve been pretty quiet these last few days. That’s mainly because there was nothing really worth posting about.
Not much to talk about, except that camping is coming to an end. Their food trailer had its last weekend of being open this weekend.
Still haven’t had much luck finding an actual job…. I do look when I can…

Last few days when I’m not camping, & am inside for the rest of the night, I’ve been playing LSPDFR (mod for GTA V on PC) & making use of ELS V for the vehicles & going between GTA V & Minecraft every so often.

Still hoping to make a trip to airsoft in the city, before winter comes…. right now, haven’t even had a chance to go airsofting, mainly because every weekend I’m out camping…. I’m hoping to get airsoft time in sometime soon, but, that may be difficult because the radio I had in mind on Amazon to use for airsoft, all radios from that brand, suddenly vanished off of Amazon a few days ago, & give a 404 Not Found error page, when I try view them from my bookmarks…. Hopefully that doesn’t affect anything….

I did find a radio that’s basically the exact same as a radio I have from that brand that went missing (Retevis), it’s just a different brand name, but otherwise the exact same radio, in terms of supported frequencies, design, etc… but I cannot find a similar one to the Analog one I wanted for airsoft…. The one I found under a different brand name, is to expensive to use for airsoft….

It also turns out, my Code Red Headsets earpiece, the clear tube has a bit of a kink in it, so audio through it, is basically garbage…. even at full volume, so I’m going to have to order another one of those from CRH, or make use of a Retevis brand one off of Amazon, for airsoft….

Anyways, that’s basically all for now at 10:05 PM…. Until next time… 😛


August 24/2017

What’s going on guys? KR here.

Nothing much has been happening. This last week upon going into town for a meeting, I got there WAY early, so took advantage of that, & may or may not have looked at a townhouse for rent in an area. While the townhouse was very nice inside, sadly, the vehicle I drive (F150 Regular Cab) was to wide for the garage door of the single car garage. Even with the mirrors folded in, it was still a tight fit (got to “test” it when I met the person renting it out). Is a nice house, in a great area, but my vehicle, sadly renders that not a choice, due to the fact it wouldn’t have fit in the garage.

I have a few more on a list to try make arrangements to look at, that have double car garages, so even if my vehicle is the only one in the garage, I know that it should fit for sure. The most expensive one for rent I have saved is almost $3000, so that one will likely be out of the question. One I’m looking at trying to view, is a decent price. If I were to find one roommate, & divided the cost by 2, we would both have to come up with $950 a month (not sure if it include utilities or not. Ad doesn’t say…)

It’s only a 2 bedroom, so obviously only one other person could live there too.

Anyways, that’s the main thing that’s happened recently (viewing that townhouse) & basically the only thing to talk about at 12:15 AM…

Until next time… or the first edit… 😛


They’re A Card-Carrying Member Of The A**-Hole Club

(I get a lot of rude people throwing their credit cards at me. One day it happened one time too many.)

Rude Customer: *blathering on phone, throws card at me*

(The card falls in crack between my desk and wall.)

Me: “Oops, can’t reach that. Do you have another card?” *big grin*

Rude Customer: *to phone* “Hold on a second.” *to me* “You’ll get that, b****, or else!” *shakes fist*

Me: *bigger grin* “Can’t. Now, pay or lose your room!”

(She rants expletives at me, and I just smile, which only makes her madder. Finally the manager is called.)

Rude Customer: “She dropped my card and that’s my only one!”

Me: “Not true; she threw it at me. Check the cameras.”

(The customer choked, then flounced away. She later complained the corporate, and got a free certificate! Her card is still there as far as I know.)

-> They’re A Card-Carrying Member Of The A**-Hole Club