March 2/2018

Hi guys,

Sorry for not posting for a while. With things being busy-ish, it completely blanked my mind until now.

Not much has happened recently. I have done shoutouts recently in my Instagram posts & on my IG story, for people who have like bombed me.
Please note, while most of the shoutouts have been done shortly after I received the likebomb, the shoutout can come up to 24 hrs later, so please be patient.

If I start doing videos on YouTube & such, now that I have that Canon PowerShot camera mentioned in my last post, I will do my best to try remember to give shoutouts to anyone who has likebombed me in the past, & anyone who does in the future. However, since I do lack a decent area to record the videos, if I decide to start doing them, they likely won’t start until some point after the snow is gone, since majority of the recording will likely take place outside.

I do have plans for the PowerShot, including getting a dedicated bag for it, along with a shotgun mic, LED Light, wireless mics (for my YouTube videos), etc. which would all be carried in the bag for the camera. I may get a bag for the camera, that’s dedicated to just the camera & nothing else, except maybe an extra battery, & any extra SD cards. I do also plan on getting some sort of cases for my SD cards. With all things though, that will take time & money. I do already have a 32GB SD Card, dedicated for the camera, since previously, I was just using a 16GB card that was from my JVC Camcorder.

I did lookup wireless mics a long time ago, right after I got my camcorder, & the selection available on Amazon, has changed a lot. I remember finding wireless mics, that were only rated anywhere from 2-3 stars out of 5. Now, I see a lot of good quality ones, including some from the same brand I found a long time ago. I hope to get at least 2 Transmitter packs, & have my eye on a decently rated set, with one receiver (plugs into the camera) & 2 transmitters (pack with the actual mic, that clips on the person’s belt), for about $389.95 to $399.44 CAD. Only disadvantage is, it looks like it doesn’t have an individual transmitter available, or just one transmitter & receiver. So, it’s looking like if I end up needing more mics (backups, spares, etc.) I’m going to end up ordering another 2 transmitters & 1 receiver, which I guess could be good, because then I’ll have a backup receiver, or a receiver to lend to a friend, if they needed one.
There is a brand available on Amazon (Saramonic) that has 1 receiver & 2 transmitters, for $589.95 & does have an individual transmitter available, but the individual transmitter is around $188.31 CAD… so, I might just stick with the original one I had my eye on for $389.95 to $399.44, &

On an airsoft note, sadly not to many updates in regards to airsoft, except I do intend to get a pair of Tru-Spec 24/7 pants, & do have a specific setup in mind for my duty belt, that will hopefully work with the Tru-Spec pants, along with my security duty belt.

Anyways, that’s all for now at 1:05 AM…. Until next time… or the first edit 😛



Feb. 18/2018

Hi guys,

Not much has happened this week.
As mentioned in my last post, I’ve been doing shoutouts on my Instagram, for people who have done a like bomb.
Also this week, I was going through Facebook pages I manage, & came across one I made a long time ago, dedicated to Knight Rider.
It has about 2,150 likes/ followers on it, so I ended up making a post, giving a small update about the page itself, & then a big thank you to every single follower on the page. I never thought when I made that page originally it would ever reach that many likes.

The entire post can be found here. It’s been pinned to the top of the page anyways.

I am hoping to try start doing YouTube videos on airsoft things & such, along with reviews on other things such as radios, radio accessories, bags, etc. once I get a good camera, that can support things, such as an external mic (shotgun mic, or wireless mic, etc.), lighting, etc… I do have a JVC Camcorder but after looking it up on Google, since it doesn’t have a dedicated “Mic” port, or a “shoe” mount on the top, where one could attach the receiver for a wireless mic, it does not appear it will support a wireless mic system at all. It would support a tripod, but that’s all.

I do know of a Canon T1i being sold, but due to the fact it’s LCD only serves for previewing pictures after they’re taken, & does not actually show what the camera is seeing, I would need to get an external LCD Monitor of some sort, so I could see exactly where I am in the shot, make sure the camera is seeing everything, etc…. I do also know of a Canon PowerShot SX50 HS being sold, which would be perfect for doing the videos, since it has the flip LCD screen. Personally, I am between the PowerShot & T1i, because the T1i needing an external LCD Monitor of some sort, would actually allow me to easily see where I am in the shot, whereas the PowerShot & its flip out LCD is small enough, that depending on how far away the camera has to be, I may or may not be able to see where I am in the shot, & see if it’s seeing everything I need it to see…

Anyways, I’m hoping some further info/ decisions can be made on that aspect in the next few days. I happen to already have a DSLR backpack I got from Amazon a while ago, so I don’t need to worry about getting a bag to carry either camera. I do need to get a tripod, which I plan on getting from Amazon…

Anyways, that’s all for now at 12:18 AM… Until next time…. or the first edit 😛


Feb. 9/2018

Hi guys,

Been a bit quiet on the blog lately, so I figured I’d do a post today.
Last few days have been quiet in terms of getting things done, but my Instagram last 1-2 days has been flooded with life notifications of recent posts, & even some posts I made just after I made the IG Account. It all started with one individual liking a whole bunch of my posts, & then me screenshotting it & tagging him in the post, basically saying “Thanks for the love! :)”. That lead to another 2 posts involving me being flooded with notifications, but but involved 4 people total instead. They all got a shoutout in a post, & then got another shoutout saying “Thanks for the love :)” on my IG story. It’s obvious I’ve decided to start that.

Anyways, onto today’s events. Today, I did attend the 38th RV Expo & Sale at the Expo Centre. As I said on my IG story (if you follow me), shoutout to Ethan Mason, for attending & lending the Canon Powershot to me to take some pics, just had to supply my own SD Card. Going through the pics now, I evidently did not even make 50 pics, but was still a good RV Show. The shows are basically the same every year, but I still go.

Sadly, at 3 PM, had to call it a day & head home. Either way, the RV show was great, & the love from IG followers is also great. I will likely be attending their Boat & Sport show in March as well.

Anyways, that’s all for now at 9:15 PM… Until next time… 😛


Jan. 29/2018

Hi guys,

Sorry for not posting once last week. Was busy all week, & on Saturday, Jan. 27/2018, I ended up going to town, & seeing a movie that recently came out, called Jumanji. It’s hard to explain what it’s about, so head on over to Google & google it, to find out more.

It was a good movie, with some funny parts. Will likely be something I get on DVD once it’s out.

For anyone who follows me on Instagram, you will see I posted some pictures featuring my Safariland Level 3 ALS Holster for my Glock, along with a BLACKHAWK SERPA Level 3 Duty Holster for the Glock as well, & both holsters mounted to the G-Code MULE ISS Platform.

I do still need to get a decent vest for airsoft, & I have one in mind, for now, on Amazon, that’s a true 5/5 star rating. It does come with mag pouches, but they’ll be replaced with open top ones. It already comes with 2 radio pouches (as the description says), a medic pouch, which I can just use as a general purpose pouch, & an admin pouch. While it’s not the ideal vest/ plate carrier I had in mind, it will likely work better then the current one I have, & will work for now until I can get a different plate carrier.

As for airsoft clothing, I do[ plan on eventually getting multicam pants & combat shirt. But for now, I won’t worry about that, since I still have to get a decent bag to carry all the airsoft gear anyways.
My CQB/ indoor loadout, I intend to be all black (vest, helmet, etc.) & for any games I attend in the future that are outdoor, everything (vest, helmet, mesh mask, goggles, etc.) will be tan, except my footwear, gloves, & obviously my drop leg platforms & my sidearm holsters. I am debating between getting a pair of tan gloves, or just sticking with my original plan & keeping my gloves black.

If everything works out, I’ll have a black loadout for indoor games, & a tan loadout for any outdoor games, that are setup the exact same, in terms of pouch locations, etc. just the color is different. Unfortunately, the vest I intend on ordering from Amazon sometime soon, only comes in black..

Anyways, this post sorta jumped around on topics & that’ll likely be it for now at 1:15 AM…

Until next time… or the first edit… 😛

~ KR

Jan. 14/2018

Hi guys,

Still alive. Just nothing much has happened recently.
Found out a while ago, when I was talking to a friend, that they broke up with who they were with, & that there’s apparently still feelings there for me. No, it’s not the same person mentioned repeatedly back in March 2017.

Will try remember to edit this post later on today, with more updates & such.

That’s all for now at 12:23 AM

Edit 8:00 PM: So, I’m not sure if I mentioned it or not, but my Safariland Level 3 ALS Holster for a Glock 20/21 came in a while ago, & it fits the TM G18C like a glove. So, if you’re an owner of a TM Glock 18C, I can confirm for sure, that a Safariland ALS holster sized for a Glock 20/ 21 will fit it perfectly. This goes for a BLACKHAWK Level 3 Duty Holster as well.

I test fitted the G-Code adapter for the Safariland & it fits perfectly. Hoping to get some pics of it up on Instagram sometime soon. I’ve also been looking on Amazon for a decent MOLLE vest I could use for airsoft. But, considering how cold it’s been recently, not to sure when I’d be going airsofting, so instead I’ve been looking at things that could be used for camping this season, when me & a friend do security, assuming the trailer is not being sold. If it is being sold, well, that’s the end of camping/ doing security altogether… Either way, I need to get a bag to carry all my airsoft gear , & from one video I’ve seen on YouTube of an airsofter’s loadout, who also does play at the field I plan on going to, I plan on getting this bag, as it appears to be the same one he uses, & it fits all his gear, so it should fit all mine.

Also, I’ve been looking at a new headset for my PC, as the current one is having sound issues, as in it goes from stereo to mono depending on how I turn my head, & possibly a new keyboard for the PC as well. I’m likely going to be getting the headset & keyboard first, as right now, I can make use of the headset & keyboard, whereas the airsoft gear bag I can’t really make use of right now, until I get my gear finalized & such, but since I’ll be on the PC the most, the keyboard & headset would be the most useful to me right now.

I also have to look at a different way of transporting all the two way radios out camping when I do security, as the current method is definitely not the best, or the most organized. I have been looking at getting a waterproof case such as a Plano one (even though the Plano one I have in mind is “technically” a pistol case), or a different brand off of Amazon that will hopefully hold all the radios, their batteries, & chargers, so it’ll be easy to know if I have all the radios or not, based on what’s in the case. I have a Plano case in mind, that has keyed latches on it, so I can easily lock the case, but it’s about $105 CAD, not counting shipping, so it’s in the maybe “pile” for that. I have a few other cases in mind, such as “Nanuk”brand ones, which appear to be the same size as the Plano one, are significantly cheaper then the Plano, but are still highly rated, as multiple reviews from people state that they’re using the case for their camera gear & such, & both the Plano & Nanuk cases have the square pluck-type foam, so I could easily remove the foam so it “forms” around the radio, & stops the radios from shaking, moving, etc. while they’re being carried.

Also have a few minor things planned for re-organizing my duty belt for security, such as an actual/ proper flashlight holster, keyholder, etc. I’ve also ordered & already received a riggers type belt with the cobra buckle, which I plan on using during the music festival over August long weekend this year. I intend to carry my radio (obviously), one cuff case, flashlight holster & possibly an actual keyholder on the belt during the festival, rather then using the entire duty belt I have setup. The duty belt setup could use a few changes, such as a belt keeper/ keyholder combination, a proper flashlight holster that will permanently stay on the belt, & possibly a multi-tool pouch. I don’t plan on using the full duty belt setup, because there will very likely be paid security people there again, like last year. I’m definitely stuck between a Surefire Flashlight Holster, a Streamlight Holster or a Brite Strike Holster which is similar to a 5.11 Tactical ATAC flashlight holster.

I’ve also looked at a car seat organizer for my truck, which would hang from the passenger seat headrest, mainly for carrying papers & such related to security, gloves, flashlight, spare radio batteries, etc. which would just be switched around to hang behind the seat whenever there’s someone in the passenger seat & then just hang behind the seat whenever I’m not doing security at all.

Anyways, I obviously have plenty of time, before I “need” to worry about ordering anything for security this spring/ summer. I’m likely going to end up getting the keyboard & headset for my PC first, then possibly the airsoft gear bag I linked above, & then everything to do with security, like the hard case for the radios, duty belt stuff, etc.

That’s probably it for this edit at 8:12 PM. Until next time… or another edit… 😛

~ KR


Jan. 5/2018

Hi guys,

Sorry for being AWOL. Things have been busy lately.

I didn’t forget about posting, as in I thought of it/ remembered I had to make a post before I signed off the PC for the night, but was to tired to do so.

This is being posted using my phone as I remembered I hadn’t posted in a while, after I signed off PC & shut it down.

Will try remember to edit this post later to add some more things.



Dec. 18/2017

Hi guys,

Just a post letting you know I’m still alive again. Lol
Nothing much has happened. Went to town on Friday, Dec. 15 & Saturday, Dec. 16 to do Christmas shopping.
G-Code order showed up on the 15th as well. Only complaints about it, is that our mailman didn’t even try deliver it to our door. Just stuck a delivery notice card in our mailbox & left. Other people were awake around that time, so had he come to the door, he would’ve gotten an answer & that it spent a week in customs. But, I did get tracking all the way to my door, despite G-Code’s website basically saying once it leaves the U.S. it can’t be tracked at all.

The G-Code drop leg, is definitely great. I haven’t had a chance to actually use it in airsoft yet, but in wearing it around here to get used to it, it is very comfortable, & brings my sidearm to the perfect height for drawing it. There’s also 3 different heights for the leg strap to be put on. It came on the center/ 2nd one, so I moved it up to the top hole, which brings it a bit lower, but not by much. The RTI Adapters work well with the SERPA Holsters I have, despite the fact they do not include the locktite type stuff that comes on the factory SERPA screws. The SERPA specific adapters, came with 2 different sets of 3 screws. One is black, that is to short & to small to use for the SERPA. The other is silver which you use to attach the RTI Hanger to the SERPA. No idea what the black screws are for.

Mounting the SERPA Holster into the RTI wheel on the platform, you get a nice loud click once it’s in far enough, & then another audible click when you snap the locking lever/ slide into position. It fits a bit snug, as in, the first time using it, I thought it was in correctly/ slid down far enough, but evidently it wasn’t as the locking lever would not snap in place. Pushed down a bit more & it slid down & then allowed me to lock it in. Then again, a snug fit, is better then a loose fit.

The Safariland adapter, I won’t know if it works well with a Safariland until when/if I get the Safariland for the Glock, as I have finally gotten an answer that a Safariland for a Glock 20 or 21, will work the the TM Glock 18C. Either way, I say it was worth the purchase.

Will likely be another post whenever I get a chance to use it in an airsoft situation, whether it’s at my local field, or with a friend next spring when they come out here.

Anyways, that’s all for now at 1:16 AM. Until next time… or the first edit 😛


P.S. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!