They’re A Card-Carrying Member Of The A**-Hole Club

(I get a lot of rude people throwing their credit cards at me. One day it happened one time too many.)

Rude Customer: *blathering on phone, throws card at me*

(The card falls in crack between my desk and wall.)

Me: “Oops, can’t reach that. Do you have another card?” *big grin*

Rude Customer: *to phone* “Hold on a second.” *to me* “You’ll get that, b****, or else!” *shakes fist*

Me: *bigger grin* “Can’t. Now, pay or lose your room!”

(She rants expletives at me, and I just smile, which only makes her madder. Finally the manager is called.)

Rude Customer: “She dropped my card and that’s my only one!”

Me: “Not true; she threw it at me. Check the cameras.”

(The customer choked, then flounced away. She later complained the corporate, and got a free certificate! Her card is still there as far as I know.)

-> They’re A Card-Carrying Member Of The A**-Hole Club


August 18/2017

Hi guys,

Basically just a post letting you know I’m alive. Nothing much has happened recently. Did find out a city near me is looking to hire a CPO Level 1, but there’s a bunch of things I don’t have to be eligible such as the 2 yr secondary education in law enforcement & 3 yrs experience in a law enforcement related field.

I’m hoping to go for my security license sometime soon.

Anyways, that’s basically it for now, at 12:08 AM. Until next time… or the first edit 😛


Creep Spill In Aisle Fourteen

(This is before cell phones are common. My mom and I stop at a clothes store after she picks me up from school. Since I haven’t had a chance to change, I’m still wearing my uniform, with my middle school’s name clearly written on the front of the shirt. So, even though I look older than I am, it should be very obvious that I’m underage. My mom and I are shopping in different sections of the store with a plan to meet up in the shoe section in a half hour. As I start to browse, I notice a man in his mid to late twenties shopping in the section for teen girls. I find it a little odd, but don’t think anything else of it. There’s also a middle-aged woman in the same section. When I’ve finished looking at one rack of clothes, I turn to look at another and find that the man’s been standing right behind me, creepily close.)

Me: *jumping back in alarm*

Creepy Man: “Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you.”

Me: *trying to get around him* “It’s fine.”

Creepy Man: *blocking me into a corner* “So, do you shop here often?”

(Because I don’t look my age, I’ve had grown men hit on me before. Usually, a quick mention of my mom or middle school makes them practically bolt for the door.)

Me: “No, I’m just here with my mom on the way home from school.”

Creepy Man: *undeterred* “Cool, cool. Hey, I know of this great party at [Downtown Club] tonight. You should come with me.”

(At about this time, I notice the woman is browsing a rack of clothes nearby without actually looking at them. She’s watching the situation unfold intently.)

Me: “No, thanks. I should really go. I was supposed to meet up with my mom a few minutes ago. She’ll be looking for me.”

Creepy Man: “Aw, come on. It’ll be fun!”

Me: *deciding to be more direct* “I’m fourteen.”

Creepy Man: *winks at me* “Yeah, old enough to have a fake ID, am I right?”

Me: “Uh, no. You’re not. I don’t have one.”

Creepy Man: “That’s all right. I know a guy who can hook you up. Come on.”

(He tries to grab my arm, and I rear back. Before anything else can happen, the woman hurries up to me.)

Woman: “There you are! I was looking all over for you, honey. You were supposed to meet me five minutes ago.”

Me: *playing along* “Sorry, Mom.”

Woman: *smiling at the creepy man like a lioness sizing up her prey* “Oh! Who’s this, sweetheart?”

Creepy Man: *paling dramatically* “Um… I was just… uh… shopping for… uh… my sister.”

Woman: “Of course.” *turning back to me* “I found these shoes that would look adorable on you. I can’t wait to show you.”

(The woman and I walk away until we’re around a corner and out of sight of the creepy man.)

Me: *sighing in relief* “Thank you for that.”

Woman: “No problem. I’d want someone to do the same for my daughters. Now, do you know where your mom is?”

Me: “Yeah, she should be in the petites section.”

(We walked over together to find my mom and then explained what happened. My mom made sure I’m okay, and the three of us all went talk to a manager. Unfortunately, by the time security was sent, the creepy man was long gone. My mom used the store phone to call my dad and have him pick me up. I’m not really sure what happened after I left, but I think the police might have been involved. I don’t think anything came of it, though.)

-> Creep Spill In Aisle Fourteen

August 10/2017

Hi guys,

Sorry for being AWOL all weekend, but if you were/ are following my Twitter, you would’ve seen a tweet ahead of time, giving a warning I may be AWOL all weekend.

The music festival went pretty good. Definitely had a few laughs with the paid security guys that were there. Not much else I’d like to type out right now at 12:16 AM, considering I’m still kinda “dead”/ tired from this last weekend. If I get a chance later today, I’ll make an edit & share some more details.

Until next time…. or hopefully the first edit 😛


August 1/2017

Hi guys,

Not much has happened recently. Went to a meeting on Saturday where I go camping, for those who are volunteering from August 3rd to August 7th. Learned a few more things regarding the music festival they’re hosting.

Submitted an Amazon order, with some Valken .20g BBs, some speaker mics for radios & 2 more RT81s. All that’s left is to pick up the BBs which arrived on July 31 & wait for the RT81 radios to show up, hopefully on Wednesday, then get them programmed & charged for the weekend.

Anyways, not much else to “report” at 12:05 AM… Until next time… or the first edit… 😛


July 26/2017

Hi guys,

Not much has happened recently. The 25th, I did go into town & meet a friend, & hungout for the day. Was honestly nervous as hell, because I haven’t seen them in a long time, but all went well.

2 weekends ago, the park I go camping at, hosted their very first outdoor movie on that Friday night. The movie on that night was Moana. The weekend after, I wasn’t out camping, since there was a supper in town I ended up attending. They had the movie on Saturday, & it was Jurassic Park. They posted recently on their Facebook page, asking for votes on what the next movie should be, meaning this coming weekend, there will likely be another movie.

Next weekend (not this coming one), is the music festival, I may have mentioned before happening on August long weekend, celebrating the park’s 30th anniversary/ 30 years being open.

Anyways, not much else to say at 11:35 PM. Until next time… 😛


July 18/2017

Hi guys,

Still alive. Lol. Nothing much has been going on here. August long is the next “big” event, I’ll be at, where I go camping, & will be doing security likely the entire length of the event.
For anyone who follows my Instagram, almost every weekend, I’m usually uptown having an ice cream, & sitting by the lake, hence the last few lake shots on my Instagram. Those seem to be gaining popularity, as the first one I posted, the like notifications didn’t shut up until about a day or 2 later.

Anyways, like I said, not much to say, so that’s all for now at 12:16 AM. Until next time…. or the first edit 😛