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Welcome to my blog. I started this blog, just today (March 12/2017) after doing a random “Audio Log” on my PC tonight about things going on in my life. I will try post everyday, or every other day. Vlogs may also be coming in the future. As this blog has just been setup, things will be added over time, such as more pages, categories, etc. Right now, the about page & contact page are just fine. Sometimes my blog posts will be long & sometimes they will be short.

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Oct. 11/2018

Hi guys,

Not much has happened lately.
Almost every Taurus I looked at online, has disappeared, so either it’s been sold, or the ad expired & wasn’t renewed.

So, I’m starting to look at an Explorer instead, because there are 2 different ones I’ve found, here in Alberta. I’ve also found a 2015 Taurus with 179,000 kms on it, from a dealer in Ontario for $6,990.00, but in the pictures on the dealer website, there’s a picture saying they take care of vehicle shipping, which is ideal, because then I don’t have to try find a carrier myself. However, I would obviously still have to go there in person to buy it & make arrangements for it to be shipped here. Interior is decent on it. No floor plate or center console though. Has USB & 3.5mm Aux input, Answer/ Hang Up Call & voice command buttons on the steering wheel, which has been difficult to find. However, rather then having “Seek” & “Volume” buttons on either side of the voice command & answer/ hangup, it has the Aux 1,2, 3, & 4 buttons which would’ve been used to control equipment from when it was a police vehicle. However, upon looking it up on Google, these buttons can/ should be able to control the radio the same way, as if they were labelled “Seek” & “Vol”, which will work perfectly for me. Sadly, it does not have a trunk tray for equipment. I emailed the dealer asking for specific details, & the only response I got was a response basically thanking me for my interest in the car, & apologies, but he does not have the specific details I seem to need….

One of the Explorers near me I looked at is white, however I don’t believe it has USB or Aux input, which for me is crucial, since I plug in my iPhone 5 through USB & play my own music. This explorer also has a center console that I’m assuming is part of the interior package on an Interceptor Utility, which means I cannot tell if the USB input is there or not. It’s for sale by a dealer for $10,999.00 & has 160,234 kms on it, according to the ad. However, the dealer wasn’t very helpful in giving me any info over email. It also has the interceptor hubcaps & not the chrome center caps on the wheels.

The other Explorer near me is Silver, & for sale by owner, for $9,500.00 & has 162,000 kms on it according to the ad, & has the interceptor hubcaps & not the chrome center caps. Interior is decent. Rear hatch area doesn’t have a floor at all, or a spare tire, which just means I’d have obtain something for there. The front interior is in okay shape. No center console at all, but there was one installed at one time. Through the one picture, I can see it has Answer/ Hangup & voice command controls, & has factory “Seek” & “Vol” controls on the steering wheel, rather then Aux 1, 2, 3, & 4, & can clearly see it has USB & Aux input. The ad said to text him at his number, so I did, but he is out of town until Saturday.

Sadly, I can’t decide between a Taurus or the Explorer. I was originally leaning toward a Taurus in Black, because I already have a truck, that’s in white. But, I’m leaning toward the silver Explorer, because it’s closer to me, a different colour then white or black, & because it’s an SUV, so during the summer months, if I had to drive into a ditch intentionally for any reason, I could do so without worrying about getting stuck. Also because they have storage drawers available for the back hatch cargo area, that can be used for electronics & such, that are also lockable. Only downside is it’s AWD & not 4X4…

Anyways, not much else has happened around here….

That’s all for now, at 9:30 PM. Until next time…. or the first edit… 😛


September 4/2018

Hi guys,

Just figured I’d make what I hope to be a short post, to let you know I’m still alive.
Not much has happened lately. The 3 weekends following August long I did not go out camping.
This weekend (Sept. long weekend), we did go out, & by the sounds of it, this next coming weekend, will be our last weekend camping, since I have been told last year the 2nd weekend in September was the last weekend we went out.

Other then my friend/ brother leaving for Halifax, nothing much has happened here. I have started researching/ debating on saving money, & potentially getting a vehicle dedicated to contributing to your company in some way, rather then use the F150/ my personal/ non-work vehicle. I would use the F150 to go to work, & then the other vehicle I’d use when I’m out trying to contribute to the company.

Not really sure on a vehicle yet. If I want to stay local in terms of a vehicle, & not do the most common one (think CVPI guys), then my choices are limited. One choice being a Charger, which is about 40 minutes from me at a Go Auto outlet/ dealer (which I unfortunately have never seen anything good posted about it in a Facebook group I’m in), for about $12,xxx.00 (I think. Website it’s listed on won’t load at this moment), with about 104,xxx on the odometer (again, I think), in the colour white. Another choice, is a Ford Explorer Interceptor in the city (think Edmonton) from a dealer, for $10,999.00 with 160, 234 on the odometer, again, in white. My last choice (since a CVPI is to common), is a 2011 Charger from the same dealer with the Explorer, for $9,999.00 with 81,234 on the odometer, & in white again.

I’m not much of a Dodge fan. But the Charger from the city dealer, seems to be in decent shape based on the provided pictures, with the exception of the chrome center caps on the wheels missing, & former pushbar mounts (if I wanted one) are still there, but from what I can tell in the pics, the former pushbar was cut off with a grinder, as the end edge of each mount, have the colour of rust on them, which can only happen from it being cut off. Interior isn’t to bad, with the exception of the floor underneath where the console would’ve been, is missing the carpet/ covering for it & all the wires underneath are exposed.

The Explorer, seems to be in decent shape. It has the hubcaps rather then steel rims. Interior seems pretty good. A factory center console is present. Seats are in good condition. Dash still has a mic clip from when it had a radio in it. Lol

The Go Auto charger, at this moment I remember the exterior was pristine, based on the pictures. However, I don’t remember what the interior was like, & at this moment in time, the website in question it was listed on, is not wanting to load for me.

Edit Sept. 5/2018 8:22 PM: Finally got that Go Auto Charger listing to load. The odometer is 105,029 kms (not bad actually. Better then the Taurus Interceptor I had my eye on, & better then every Explorer Interceptor I looked at), V6 engine. The interior is pristine as well, However, there is a center console, but from the pictures I can’t tell if it’s an OEM console, or an aftermarket one that was installed after the equipment console was removed from it. This Charger is the closest to me, though more expensive then my “dream” car. There are 2 other Chargers listed on the same site, however they’re both in the city. One is black with a V8 Hemi engine with 164,000 kms on it, & the other is white, also a V8, with 147,000 kms on it, & the interior is red & it has a “puck” antenna on the forward part of the roof already.
I just may have to resign myself to the fact, I may not get my “dream” car I wanted to get (Ford Taurus Police Interceptor Sedan in Black), because that one was $10,999.00 from a dealer in Ontario, but then I have to also factor in the likely costs of a plane ticket to fly there & purchase it, & then the costs associated with having it shipped back here, even though the shipping costs, per my research may not be as bad as I think, depending on what company I would pick to ship the car. Either way, in the end, the Taurus would end up more expensive then this Go Auto Charger…. Whereas, this Go Auto Charger is literally 35-45 minutes away from me, & I can/ could inspect it in person, possibly test drive it, etc….

While all these vehicles are a good choice & picking the Charger would make me & my brother/ friend “Dodge brothers” (he now has a Dodge Avenger), I’m not much of a Dodge fan, I already have a truck, so I’m trying to find the interceptor sedan, which is proving difficult to find…. locally anyways…. There’s plenty that are all over 1,000 miles away from me, in great condition. I am hoping to find an Interceptor Sedan, in black since my existing truck is white, & surprisingly all the ones available over 1,000 miles away, the majority of them are black.

Anyways, that’s all for now at 1:16 AM…. Until next time…. or the first edit 😛


August 8/2018 – (Music Festival/ Long Weekend )

Hi guys,

Yes, I know I’ve been AWOL, for a while, but from August 2nd until August 8th (today) I was out working the 2018 music festival where I go camping.
Thursday isn’t much to note. Got assigned to traffic duties, the same as last year, because there is 2 driveways before the driveway that lead to the parking/ camping area, & people failed to read the signs saying it is up farther. So, Thursday our “shift” was handling that.
Friday, wasn’t to bad, but was a bit of the same thing. Later Friday night, we met the Owner/ President of the security company that was hired for the weekend & went along with the company owner & park owner while he gave the security owner a run down/ tour of the park.

During that tour, I also learned that because the park owner actually owns the land, that me & my friend can be classified as in house security, despite the fact neither of us hold a security license at all. The security company owner we also learned, was/ is a federal peace officer with Corrections Canada. We also hungout with the night shift security on Friday as well.

Saturday was the big day. Festival area opened at 1:30. Great crowd. Few people who were disappointed that it was no longer a bring your own booze event, which was unfortunately a last minute change, but instead of having it be a dry event, they had a bar in the festival area, with drink tickets at $3 each, so it wasn’t bad. Midnight & later on Saturday night/ Sunday morning was when SHTF. I won’t disclose to many details, but simply put, drunk lady, 2 contracted security staff, my friend & park director trying to find where she was staying, & then her being locked out, because her husband/ boyfriend (found out later on Sunday it was her husband) was out like a light, & had locked their trailer, & she had no keys, no wallet/ ID, & no phone.

Flash ahead to about 12:55. The decision had been brought up to call the police, because she is walking around drunk, screaming & is getting hostile with my friend. 12:58-ish while my friend was trying to help her find her trailer/ try get her to settle down, I guess another drunk came at him, who was telling him to leave her alone, which in turn caused him to discreetly, but quickly push the panic button on the radio, which in turn (obviously) set off mine. I was just having a short talk about my night with a friend I’ve been friends with since we were 2 years old, after I had written down/ texted the blue sign #at the driveway which I’ve been told Police, Fire or EMS do need to get to your location, but then had to go find night security to let him know of the decision to call the police, but never made it to find him in person because the SHTF/ panic/ emergency alarm had went off, not even 10 seconds after hopping in the truck, which I’m pretty sure this friend I was just talking to heard. To say the least, I took off from where I was like a bat out of hell, with my friend & all her friends just looking because I did not back up & take off “peacefully/ easily” (R.I.P. my tires) & was up there in a few seconds, listening to the open mic of his radio (his radio is set to set off the alarm silently on his end, & then open the mic for about a minute), after muting the alarm tone (See the “P.S.” at the end). On the way there, I called Ron & Eric (night shift security staff) to get up there now. Once we finally found each other, Ron parked his car & hopped in my truck (remember where we were going is/ was in a field, & was off the only set path/ road in the field, so full of holes, probably a few rocks, etc. which definitely isn’t car friendly, & he had shown up on the other side of the fence, so considering the situation, coming all the way around with his car was definitely not the best idea to get there quick), while Eric just walked, & we finally we met up with my partner/ friend & in the process of asking where she was, had another group of people agree, that, yes, we should call the police. So, 911 was dialed. Situation was explained, transferred to RCMP, & they sent 2 units out. Me & night shift lead (Ron) went down to meet them, & I was expecting them to take at least a few minutes, so I pulled in the driveway, & was in the process of making a U-turn to face the highway & wait. I was just about to backup & wait, when Ron suddenly said “They’re here”. So, we talked to them shortly, & then they followed me up to the field where all festival campers were staying. We parked just inside the fence & continued on foot. When we did find her again, she had settled down. RCMP got her up, & started asking where she’s staying, what’s going on tonight, etc. Me & Ron went to talk to the park director which inevitably had showed up, since I’m realizing now, I think she was inside the gates in her vehicle, when the RCMP showed up, & followed me out to the field. Simply put, we had to tell her exactly what happened. So, we had walked up to her vehicle & quietly I hear just before I get to her window, “Paul, what’s going on?”. All I say is the lady she had in her truck trying to find where she was staying, we had to call the cops on her & then Ron took over in explaining the situation. After we finished explaining to her what happened, we walk back & I see them closing the back door on the one RCMP unit. Next time I see this lady, is in cuffs in the back seat & then he closed the door. But that was short-lived, because she wouldn’t sit up properly, so he opened the door again, & asked if someone could hold his flashlight while he gets her on the seat properly (she was laying down on her stomach, & he had to lift her feet up on the seat). Ended up being me holding his light, since the other officer was taking my partner’s statement about what happened. Either way, that ended that situation. After that, me & Ron went to notify the park owner/ owner’s son (Kyle) because Ron had made him aware of the likelihood of cops being called.

Anyways, Saturday night we finally got back at around 2 am & last time I saw before I went to sleep was 2:30. I would’ve returned earlier, but I’ve been camping out there all my life, & had to be present when 911 was dialed to answer questions about where we were, spelling of the park name, etc.

Sunday, was uneventful during the day, & in turn was uneventful after midnight as we turned in & let Ron & Eric handle the night shift that night. Obviously, this night is/ was the last time we’d be seeing them, so before we returned to the truck, we all said our goodbyes/ shook hands, & in turn both got comments that it was great working with us & also learned from Ron, that they already have the contract for next year’s music festival. It was also mentioned when we returned to our trailer, that the security company owner, wasn’t happy with the fact my partner was out there himself with that lady in the first place.

Anyways, this is one of my longer posts in a while, but it detailed the main event, which was Saturday night/ Sunday morning having the panic button pressed, & calling the cops, which I definitely hope doesn’t happen next year. I am also glad that we had our radios programmed with the emergency function. I will be heading into town sometime soon, & getting my radio reprogrammed to silently send an alarm, & to have the open mic for so many seconds, just like my partner’s.

That’s all for now at 8:58 PM… Until next time…. 😛

~ KR

P.S. For those wondering about the emergency alarm, & what I heard on my end, please view this video. While we only used portables/ handhelds this weekend because we have no need to run mobile radios like the one in that video, the alarm/ beeping tone heard in that video is the exact same thing I heard, before pressing my orange button once to mute that tone on my end & to listen to the open mic.

July 18/2018

Hi guys,

Hopefully a small post today.
Haven’t had a chance to suggest the radio rental idea to the festival coordinator, since last weekend he wasn’t out at all. However, I did get a chance to mention it to the park director, & the message I got, was she wasn’t against it, but said it’d be something to bring up with the festival coordinator. My idea, as I explained it, if they agree to my idea, & rent the radios from the same place I got mine programmed, is that the rental ones will be programmed with the same channels as mine, but in digital. Hopefully their rental radios are in UHF & cover at least 450-470 MHz. If not, I’m partially screwed with using my own radio the entire festival weekend, as my radios are in the 462.xxx range, so the rentals hopefully cover that at least.

So, hopefully this weekend, specifically July 21, I will be able to suggest it to him, when I go out there for a BBQ/ meeting for festival volunteers. I am hoping I can do the same things as last year. I still have last year’s schedule, so hopefully me & my friend (regardless if he returns or not) can be put on the schedule doing the same things as last year, which was doing tickets until noon, & then general assistance, which was mainly hanging around the festival area.

For the festival, I also got a Safe Life Defense vest with SECURITY on it. Unfortunately, before they responded to my email about sizing my order had already shipped, otherwise I would’ve gotten the “modified” version, with security on it. Only difference between the one I ended up getting, & the one I wanted, is the one I wanted had SECURITY across the front in the same size as the back (11″ x 4″), but that one wouldn’t have shown up in time for the festival as it was listed as “Ships in 2-3 weeks” in size Large. The one I got has the front security patch on its utility pocket, & a square velcro up top, across from a badge pin holder. The one I wanted shipped the same day in size XL, but 2-3 weeks in size Large, & based on their sizing chart, I was a size Large. The email I mentioned above, I got a response back after it already shipped, that XL would’ve fit me just fine, & that the only difference between L & XL is XL gives more side coverage. But, the vest shipped out on July 9th, after I ordered it on Sunday night (July 8) & it showed up on Monday, July 16, which is perfect. It shipped with UPS, which avoided the week long wait at border services that most likely would’ve happened if it was shipped by mail. However, on delivery had to pay UPS $76.91.

Anyways, stay tuned to my SnapChat & Instagram after Aug 1/2018, for pics & such from the festival.

That’s all for now at 12:32 AM… Until next time…. or the first edit… 😛


July 10/2018

Hi guys,

Just a hopefully short post today.

Canada Day weekend was good, but felt weird to be out myself, since the person who is usually out every long weekend, wasn’t out this Canada Day weekend. Weekend was good, apart from the rain that showed up. However, it remained nice enough on Saturday for the park to have their outdoor movie.

Not much else has happened at the park lately. Their music festival on August 4th & 5th is slowly getting closer. I’ve been learning more & more about what they plan on doing, how they plan on doing it, etc. by just being around. Keep in mind, any & all info I receive, I am not asking about. It is being given/ provided to me openly.

I recently got pricing for radio rental, since I hope to suggest renting radios this year, since from what I learned this last weekend, 2017 festival had about 15 volunteers, & this year we’re at about 30 volunteers so far. Also, they’re hoping some volunteers will be interested in doing security, along with the “professional” security coming (not my words), considering the problems with the hired security last year (billed for hours when they weren’t even there. Stuff like that), & there’s 2 volunteers (I think) who have their security license, & the appropriate training. I also heard a blip about the possibility of the park covering costs for training/ courses for any volunteers who are interested in security, but don’t have any training. I was asked if I’d be interested & if I had any training or anything. I don’t have any training, but I do hope to get that done soon, & also get a license.

But, with the radio rental I hope to suggest, the idea is that any volunteers that would need a radio will have one. Ideally, anyone interested in security would have one, including the park director. If there’s some left over, then other volunteers doing things such as parking, merchandise, etc. would get one if they want one. I’m only wanting to suggest this because while I do have enough radios myself to lend out to about 4-5 people, if, god forbid, one should get damaged beyond repair, then I am out a radio. I’m also hoping, if the rental idea is agreed on, that the rental radios can be programmed to the frequencies currently on my radios (Standard GMRS Channels), & can also be programmed in MotoTRBO Digital, so I can use one of my own radios instead. The only reason I hope they can be programmed with digital frequencies, is because digital allows one battery to last longer.

Anyways, if things go as planned, I hope to suggest the rental idea this weekend & provide the paper I got today showing pricing to them, but I only have pricing from the location I deal with, which will probably be to expensive. No other dealers have responded to my inquiries via email yet….

Anyways, that’s all for now at 8:54 PM… Until next time… or the first edit 😛


June 13/2018

Hey guys,

Sorry for going AWOL, but after the May long weekend, I was basically exhausted, & every time I remembered to post something here, I ended up forgetting, or got started doing something else & then remembered after I had shut down my PC for the night.

I’ve tried posts before from my phone, but the PC is honestly a lot easier.

Anyways, May long went well, other then the fact for the first time in a while, the water wasn’t turned on yet, because of the frost still in the ground in some sections, but the section we were in was thawed completely, but they basically refused to turn the water on until all sections could have their water turned on, because it “wouldn’t be fair to all in the park”. While I do understand that, I also remember that in the past years, before I started doing security with a friend, whether it was fair or not never mattered. They turned on the water for the areas that were thawed, & if a spot wasn’t thawed, they left that water off until it was thawed.

Definitely not as hectic as 2017, when there was a storm, that ended up making us leave the park & come home for the night. We’ve had a few strong winds this week, & evidently from a Facebook post by the park director, trees did fall down, but nothing to major. No damage to any trailers this time, but based on the pictures, the same people from 2017 who had their trailer moved out of their lot, to allow a fair sized tree to be cut down (had fell over in the storm winds in 2017), had a smaller tree land on their trailer, so their trailer will possibly have to be removed from the lot again to safely remove either just the part of the tree that fell, or the entire tree altogether.

On a positive note, 2017 May long, there was a tree in front of our trailer, that we’re positive if it ever got uprooted, it would take the roof over our trailer with it due to where its roots are. Well, when we opened our trailer one day before I went out, the chainsaw was brought along to cut it down ourselves, & during the process, dad noticed that tree had already been removed, so thank you goes to the park for doing that.

Anyways, on other notes, my birthday was June 7/2018. Didn’t get many things, but being 22, I got some DVDs, Amazon gift card, & a prepaid credit gift card as well, so it allows me to get what I would like.

On a slightly less positive note, my friend & brother (not blood related in any way, but you’d swear we are), will be leaving for school elsewhere for at least 2 years, on June 27, so sadly we won’t be doing security at all on Canada Day weekend, but to my understanding he will be returning sometime before August long weekend, to gather the rest of his belongings, & to come work the music festival out at the park that weekend, & then on August 26 (I think) he will head back, where he will stay for 2 years at least. At this time he doesn’t know when or if he will be returning after the 2 years. But, a while back it was mentioned that if I still have the trailer at the park next year & depending on how he is doing financially, he may come out just for working the same music festival next year, if it will be happening again, which even though it’s over a year away, I’m safely assuming it will be.

On the festival note, since last year was the first year for it, they have learned a few things, & per one of their Facebook posts, festival volunteers will receive complimentary camping passes (if needed), complimentary festival/ concert area access (obviously), t-shirts & meal vouchers this year, which is definitely better then last year (no t-shirts or meal vouchers at all), but honestly, I will only believe the t-shirt & meal voucher parts when I see it for myself (no disrespect intended).

Anyways, I don’t know if you still read my blog since I started it, but, while I’m not that happy that you will be leaving, I honestly wish you the best in your chosen field at school & with your news company, & do hope you will return here after the 2 years. Hopefully at some point, if you’ve found people to cover the news area here, I will have things setup in such a way, that I can possibly join & contribute to the company as well, & do my best to cover stories out in the areas around me.

Anyways, that’s all for now at 11:10 PM… Until next time… 😛

~ Kn1ight

May 15/2018

Hey guys,

Big apology for being AWOL this long. I never did get a chance to upload the pics from the Motorshow I mentioned in my last post.
Anyways, not much has happened. Ordered a few things from Amazon to prep for this May long weekend of camping.

Also, ended up ordering a few things for home as well, that may get reviewed later.

Anyways, I surprisingly don’t have much to say, considering I haven’t posted in almost a month. This is basically just a post to let you know I’m still alive.

Also, starting on May 17/2018 to May 28/2018, I will likely not be seen online anywhere, & if I am online, it likely won’t be for very long. This will be because I’ll be out camping with a friend & doing security for that period of time.

Another post after the weekend, will come [b]if[/b] I don’t get a chance to post while I’m out there.

Anyways, that’s all for now at 10:20 PM… Until next time… 😛