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Welcome to my blog. I started this blog, just today (March 12/2017) after doing a random “Audio Log” on my PC tonight about things going on in my life. I will try post everyday, or every other day. Vlogs may also be coming in the future. As this blog has just been setup, things will be added over time, such as more pages, categories, etc. Right now, the about page & contact page are just fine. Sometimes my blog posts will be long & sometimes they will be short.

I will not be posting my personal Facebook link.

A note about some posts. Some posts in the Personal/ My Life category will sometimes be 2 posts, titled the same day, with the 2nd one having “(Again)” in the title, which only happens if I make one post on that date, just after midnight & then another later on in the afternoon. Edits will sometimes be made to posts, including the edit time. Another note about the Personal category, is that any post that has Personal/ My Life as a category, whether it’s the only category or not, will have comments disabled on it.

Any rude, disrespectful, racist, etc. comments on any post will be removed.

Sometimes they may have pictures & sometimes they won’t. If they do, the pictures will likely be linked from IMGUR to save space on this domain as it is a free domain.

If I’ve been posting everyday, & then suddenly skip a day, or a few days, it’ll either be because, I’ve been busy & haven’t had time, keep forgetting to, or there was just nothing to post about those particular days

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Last updated April 14/2017 

These items subject to change without notice


Jan. 14/2018

Hi guys,

Still alive. Just nothing much has happened recently.
Found out a while ago, when I was talking to a friend, that they broke up with who they were with, & that there’s apparently still feelings there for me. No, it’s not the same person mentioned repeatedly back in March 2017.

Will try remember to edit this post later on today, with more updates & such.

That’s all for now at 12:23 AM

Edit 8:00 PM: So, I’m not sure if I mentioned it or not, but my Safariland Level 3 ALS Holster for a Glock 20/21 came in a while ago, & it fits the TM G18C like a glove. So, if you’re an owner of a TM Glock 18C, I can confirm for sure, that a Safariland ALS holster sized for a Glock 20/ 21 will fit it perfectly. This goes for a BLACKHAWK Level 3 Duty Holster as well.

I test fitted the G-Code adapter for the Safariland & it fits perfectly. Hoping to get some pics of it up on Instagram sometime soon. I’ve also been looking on Amazon for a decent MOLLE vest I could use for airsoft. But, considering how cold it’s been recently, not to sure when I’d be going airsofting, so instead I’ve been looking at things that could be used for camping this season, when me & a friend do security, assuming the trailer is not being sold. If it is being sold, well, that’s the end of camping/ doing security altogether… Either way, I need to get a bag to carry all my airsoft gear , & from one video I’ve seen on YouTube of an airsofter’s loadout, who also does play at the field I plan on going to, I plan on getting this bag, as it appears to be the same one he uses, & it fits all his gear, so it should fit all mine.

Also, I’ve been looking at a new headset for my PC, as the current one is having sound issues, as in it goes from stereo to mono depending on how I turn my head, & possibly a new keyboard for the PC as well. I’m likely going to be getting the headset & keyboard first, as right now, I can make use of the headset & keyboard, whereas the airsoft gear bag I can’t really make use of right now, until I get my gear finalized & such, but since I’ll be on the PC the most, the keyboard & headset would be the most useful to me right now.

I also have to look at a different way of transporting all the two way radios out camping when I do security, as the current method is definitely not the best, or the most organized. I have been looking at getting a waterproof case such as a Plano one (even though the Plano one I have in mind is “technically” a pistol case), or a different brand off of Amazon that will hopefully hold all the radios, their batteries, & chargers, so it’ll be easy to know if I have all the radios or not, based on what’s in the case. I have a Plano case in mind, that has keyed latches on it, so I can easily lock the case, but it’s about $105 CAD, not counting shipping, so it’s in the maybe “pile” for that. I have a few other cases in mind, such as “Nanuk”brand ones, which appear to be the same size as the Plano one, are significantly cheaper then the Plano, but are still highly rated, as multiple reviews from people state that they’re using the case for their camera gear & such, & both the Plano & Nanuk cases have the square pluck-type foam, so I could easily remove the foam so it “forms” around the radio, & stops the radios from shaking, moving, etc. while they’re being carried.

Also have a few minor things planned for re-organizing my duty belt for security, such as an actual/ proper flashlight holster, keyholder, etc. I’ve also ordered & already received a riggers type belt with the cobra buckle, which I plan on using during the music festival over August long weekend this year. I intend to carry my radio (obviously), one cuff case, flashlight holster & possibly an actual keyholder on the belt during the festival, rather then using the entire duty belt I have setup. The duty belt setup could use a few changes, such as a belt keeper/ keyholder combination, a proper flashlight holster that will permanently stay on the belt, & possibly a multi-tool pouch. I don’t plan on using the full duty belt setup, because there will very likely be paid security people there again, like last year. I’m definitely stuck between a Surefire Flashlight Holster, a Streamlight Holster or a Brite Strike Holster which is similar to a 5.11 Tactical ATAC flashlight holster.

I’ve also looked at a car seat organizer for my truck, which would hang from the passenger seat headrest, mainly for carrying papers & such related to security, gloves, flashlight, spare radio batteries, etc. which would just be switched around to hang behind the seat whenever there’s someone in the passenger seat & then just hang behind the seat whenever I’m not doing security at all.

Anyways, I obviously have plenty of time, before I “need” to worry about ordering anything for security this spring/ summer. I’m likely going to end up getting the keyboard & headset for my PC first, then possibly the airsoft gear bag I linked above, & then everything to do with security, like the hard case for the radios, duty belt stuff, etc.

That’s probably it for this edit at 8:12 PM. Until next time… or another edit… 😛

~ KR


Jan. 5/2018

Hi guys,

Sorry for being AWOL. Things have been busy lately.

I didn’t forget about posting, as in I thought of it/ remembered I had to make a post before I signed off the PC for the night, but was to tired to do so.

This is being posted using my phone as I remembered I hadn’t posted in a while, after I signed off PC & shut it down.

Will try remember to edit this post later to add some more things.



Dec. 18/2017

Hi guys,

Just a post letting you know I’m still alive again. Lol
Nothing much has happened. Went to town on Friday, Dec. 15 & Saturday, Dec. 16 to do Christmas shopping.
G-Code order showed up on the 15th as well. Only complaints about it, is that our mailman didn’t even try deliver it to our door. Just stuck a delivery notice card in our mailbox & left. Other people were awake around that time, so had he come to the door, he would’ve gotten an answer & that it spent a week in customs. But, I did get tracking all the way to my door, despite G-Code’s website basically saying once it leaves the U.S. it can’t be tracked at all.

The G-Code drop leg, is definitely great. I haven’t had a chance to actually use it in airsoft yet, but in wearing it around here to get used to it, it is very comfortable, & brings my sidearm to the perfect height for drawing it. There’s also 3 different heights for the leg strap to be put on. It came on the center/ 2nd one, so I moved it up to the top hole, which brings it a bit lower, but not by much. The RTI Adapters work well with the SERPA Holsters I have, despite the fact they do not include the locktite type stuff that comes on the factory SERPA screws. The SERPA specific adapters, came with 2 different sets of 3 screws. One is black, that is to short & to small to use for the SERPA. The other is silver which you use to attach the RTI Hanger to the SERPA. No idea what the black screws are for.

Mounting the SERPA Holster into the RTI wheel on the platform, you get a nice loud click once it’s in far enough, & then another audible click when you snap the locking lever/ slide into position. It fits a bit snug, as in, the first time using it, I thought it was in correctly/ slid down far enough, but evidently it wasn’t as the locking lever would not snap in place. Pushed down a bit more & it slid down & then allowed me to lock it in. Then again, a snug fit, is better then a loose fit.

The Safariland adapter, I won’t know if it works well with a Safariland until when/if I get the Safariland for the Glock, as I have finally gotten an answer that a Safariland for a Glock 20 or 21, will work the the TM Glock 18C. Either way, I say it was worth the purchase.

Will likely be another post whenever I get a chance to use it in an airsoft situation, whether it’s at my local field, or with a friend next spring when they come out here.

Anyways, that’s all for now at 1:16 AM. Until next time… or the first edit 😛


P.S. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Dec. 8/2017

Hi guys,

Sorry for being absent, but been feeling sick on & off for a bit, so I haven’t been posting as much.
Still alive though lol.

Not much has happened recently, my G-Code order is within the borders of Canada, & last update was on Dec. 5, that it was processed through a facility in Canada. Nothing since then, so I’m guessing it’ll show up soon. Comparing it to another order I made in the past, that wasn’t G-Code, if I’m correct, it should technically show up on Monday, Dec. 11/2017. But with their weird tracking, I will have zero way of knowing when it’s out for delivery….

Anyways, that’s it for now at 6:45 PM… Until next time… 😛


Nov. 24/2017

Hi guys,

Not much has happened this week. This last Saturday I went & got a hard case for my TM Glock 18C & KJW M9A1, so they’re at least protected on the way to airsoft.

I still have to determine if the one backpack I have here, will work for bringing all my airsoft stuff, or if I’ll need to order a different one off of Amazon.

Anyways, not much else has happened recently.

Until next time… or the first edit 😛


Airsoft Page Updated!

Probably only the second post in this category.

With recent airsoft orders & such, I realized tonight that I gotta update the airsoft page, as some details are out of date. The main things updated were details about my M9, TM Glock 18C & some details of radios I have available to me for airsoft use.

I will be doing my best to update the airsoft page when I can. Will also be trying to possibly do some reviews on some of the items on that page, such as the M9, Glock, etc. when I can. No guarantees though.

No disrespect, but no I will not include a list of changes/ updates at the bottom of the page. Only thing included at the bottom, is a date that says when the page was last updated & that the items on the page are subject to change without notice, which basically means that whenever the page gets updated/ changed, I may or may not make a post in the Blog News category each time, but I will try.

Nov. 14/2017

Hi guys,

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve switched things up & am now trying to ensure I post at least once a week. There will not be a“set” day each week that I will post. It’ll mainly be when I want to/ remember to post that week.

Nothing yet on that job I mentioned I applied for in my Nov. 5 post, but in all fairness, the “competition” as they called it, only just closed today at noon. Though, the only disadvantage is, they will only be contacting people chosen for an interview…. The job itself, was permanent part time, & they were hiring for 5 positions according to the posting.

Anyways, on an airsoft related note, I am planning on putting in an order to G-Code/ Edge Works in the U.S. for their MULE ISS Drop Leg Platform, SERPA RTI Hanger/ Adapter, & their RTI Duty Belt mount. I would order an XST Holster for my KJW M9A1, but as I am using a prepaid credit card that the max amount on it is $200 CAD, & the total price of those 3 items, not counting shipping is $112.00 USD & shipping is approximately $43.75 USD (USPS Priority Mail Int’l), which makes the total $155.75. Convert that to CAD using Google’s USD to CAD converter, brings it to approximately $198.46 CAD.

Ordering an XST Holster & the MULE ISS Platform, brings the USD total to $112.00 already, without the RTI SERPA Adapter or the Duty Belt Platform. Plus, all 3 items I plan on ordering are “In Stock” & therefore should ship out within 2 business days, whereas the XST Holster being a custom product, would ship out within 10 business days, but I’ve read & heard of people waiting up to 5 weeks for their G-Code holster to show up. I could wait that long, but I hoped to go airsofting before Christmas… & if I wait that long, I think it’d be just before Christmas that I go airsofting…

I’ve looked at a Safariland Level 3 ALS Holster for my TM G18C on Amazon, for $128.25, but I am not sure if the sizing for Safariland is the same as Blackhawk SERPA holsters. For instance, I have a Blackhawk Level 2 Tactical Holster for my TMG18C sized for a real steel Glock 20, 21, etc. & my KJW M9A1 is my primary sidearm, with the Glock being a sort of “SHTF” backup sidearm, or a sidearm to lend to a trusted friend, who is also coming to airsoft on whatever day. I’m not sure when I do go airsofting, if I’ll carry my G18C on my person, or just leave it in my bag. There’s obvious advantages & disadvantages to both options. Advantage(s) of be carrying it being, if I need it, then it’s right there & ready to go. Disadvantage of it being on my person, is I gotta find somewhere to stick a holster for it, where it won’t get in the way. Disadvantage to not carrying it, is if I end up needing it, for whatever reason, is it’s not there at all. Advantage to not carrying it, is no need to worry about finding a spot to stick a holster for it, & therefore could use that space for something else.

If I could find confirmation somewhere in the airsoft world that a Glock 20 Safariland Level 3 ALS Holster would fit my TM G18C, then I might go ahead & order it, but then I’d have to figure out a way to get the G-Code RTI Adapter for Safariland (getting it in this order brings my total to $210.xx CAD, with my limit being $200 CAD), or modify it somehow to fit Blackhawk’s QD System, or order Safariland’s QLS System (Safariland equivalent of Blackhawk’s QD System) & then order the Safariland 6004 Small Tactical Plain w/DFA ([b]Click the link to see what I mean[/b]) – (Here is an example of one of Safariland’s “normal” drop leg platforms to compare the DFA one too). The DFA (“Drop Flex Adapter”) by itself is basically this. The Safariland holster in question does come with a belt mount already, but then that’s something else that’d need their QLS receiver plate.

The difficult part about the Safariland holster is that I can only find the QLS Locking Fork, that is shipped from & sold by Amazon.ca, whereas every result I find for the QLS Receiver Plate isn’t shipped from or sold by Amazon.ca, & ships within 3 to 4 days…
Oh well, I guess. The G-Code order will be first because, I don’t know how long my 3 items I need from them will remain “In Stock”. After the G-Code order, then I can figure out/ decide things about the Safariland holster.

Anyways… onto more airsoft things… Lol

I do need to get a flashlight of some sort for my ICS M4, since after watching some gameplay videos people took when they went to my intended field, flashlights were needed & very helpful in some situations/ areas in the field. I’m debating between getting just a separate rail mounted flashlight from Amazon, & then a separate red or green laser to go next to it, or getting a vertical grip with a flashlight & red (or green) laser combined into one, & then getting a PEQ Box, with a flashlight & laser (red or green. “Determined” by what color the first laser is), from Hero Outdoors. I did get a PTS Tan vertical grip the other day, that I would like to get some use out of, so I may just end up getting a UTG Flashlight with a red laser that’s”clamped” onto it using a barrel mount (I think), a tan PEQ Box with a green laser, & then likely an Elite Force Next Gen CQB/CQC Crane Stock (or 6mmProShop’s CTS Carbine Stock. Both from Hero Outdoors) because my current stock requires me to remove 2 screws to connect my AEG batteries, whereas the Elite Force stock, uses a spring loaded latch on top & a hinge on the bottom to easily access the battery compartment.

While I do have a vest from Amazon that I ordered a while ago, it’s sort of a “generic” UTG vest, with basically no MOLLE webbing at all… I may end up getting a black vest from Amazon for about $56, that has MOLLE webbing on it, & comes with a bunch of MOLLE pouches already. I would be changing the mag pouches over to an open top design from a seller called “OneTigris” on Amazon. I’ve ordered one of their products before (being a water bottle holder, for a small MOLLE sling bag I got from Amazon), & it’s held up well. While I’ve never used it for holding a water bottle, I have stuffed it right to the top with two way radio things, such as chargers, batteries, speaker mics, for when I do security out camping in the spring/ summer & it’s held up very well…
Only thing I need to figure out, is my current radio pouch I use, is not MOLLE compatible, but it fits my intended radio perfectly, so I need to figure out a way to mount it to the vest I linked above. The black vest will be intended for use at the indoor field I plan on going to. I will likely end up getting a tan vest of some sort in the future, along with multicam pants & shirt, but for now the black one will do. (Tan vest I linked is possibly the one I’d end up getting)

My comms setup for now, would be my Puxing PX-888K (or Retevis RT3), with a Code Red Headsets or Retevis branded speaker mic & a clear tube earpiece or Code Red’s Guard Jr. “soft hook” earpiece. I do plan on eventually getting a Z-Tac Throat Mic from Hero Outdoors with either their Peltor style PTT, or their PTT that includes a PTT switch you can velcro to your finger.

As for getting all this stuff to the field, hopefully my current Seibertron bag will be able to hold everything. I’ll likely need to get an actual hard case that can fit my KJW M9A1 & TM G18C & a pistol lanyard for the M9A1 in the future, if not soon.

Anyways, this post has gotten long enough. I may edit in some more things later on, but, for now at 8:46 PM, I’m going to post it.

Until next time… or the first edit.. 😛


P.S. I apologize if this post was hard to “follow” along with. I type things out as I think of them, rather then trying to find the “right” spot to include whatever the topic was in a specific part