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Welcome to my blog. I started this blog, just today after doing a random “Audio Log” on my PC tonight about things going on in my life. I will try post everyday, or every other day. Vlogs may also be coming in the future. As this blog has just been setup, things will be added over time, such as more pages, categories, etc. Right now, the about page & contact page are just fine. Sometimes my blog posts will be long & sometimes they will be short.

I will not be posting my personal Facebook link.

A note about some posts. Some posts in the Personal/ My Life category will sometimes be 2 posts, titled the same day, with the 2nd one having “(Again)” in the title, which only happens if I make one post on that date, just after midnight & then another later on in the afternoon. Edits will sometimes be made to posts, including the edit time. Another note about the Personal category, is that any post that has Personal/ My Life as a category, whether it’s the only category or not, will have comments disabled on it.

Any rude, disrespectful, racist, etc. comments on any post will be removed.

Sometimes they may have pictures & sometimes they won’t. If they do, the pictures will likely be linked from IMGUR to save space on this domain as it is a free domain.

If I’ve been posting everyday, & then suddenly skip a day, or a few days, it’ll either be because, I’ve been busy & haven’t had time, keep forgetting to, or there was just nothing to post about those particular days

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Last updated April 14/2017 

These items subject to change without notice

July 18/2017

Hi guys,

Still alive. Lol. Nothing much has been going on here. August long is the next “big” event, I’ll be at, where I go camping, & will be doing security likely the entire length of the event.
For anyone who follows my Instagram, almost every weekend, I’m usually uptown having an ice cream, & sitting by the lake, hence the last few lake shots on my Instagram. Those seem to be gaining popularity, as the first one I posted, the like notifications didn’t shut up until about a day or 2 later.

Anyways, like I said, not much to say, so that’s all for now at 12:16 AM. Until next time…. or the first edit 😛


Karma: Thy Name Is Lexus

(A man walks up to my counter with several expensive pairs of dress pants and shirts in one hand, and his phone plastered to his ear, talking a mile a minute.)

Me: “Good afternoon, sir! Did you find everything you need?”

(The customer ignores me as he dumps his clothes on the counter.)

Customer: “Anyway so this guy is demanding [large amount] for the Lexus and I’m like, ‘yeah, no way,’ so I…”

(I start ringing him up as he continues to chatter.)

Me: “Okay, do you have your store card with you today?”

(The customer gives me a sour look and points to his phone, apparently upset I’m daring to interrupt his call.)

Customer: “So anyway, I told him he was either going to agree to [larger amount] or he was going to go back to his office empty handed and…”

Me: “Ooookay then.” *I finish ringing up his items* “Your total is [amount].”

(Now the customer just flat out ignores me.)

Customer: “And he said, ‘No, any 2016 Lexus model is worth [smaller amount] as a minimum, and I said ‘Yeah, not when I’m the one buying it, buddy!’”

Me: “Sir, your total is…”

(The man points to his phone again and silently tells me to be quiet.)

Me: “Sir, there’s a line forming behind you. I need you to please—”

Customer: “Hey, do you mind? I’m in the middle of a conversation here!” *goes back to his call* “So I told him, ‘You want me to drive off in this car today? You agree to accept $$$ and not one cent more!’”

(The line behind this guy starts getting restless.)

Me: “Sir, your total is [amount]. Will that be cash, check, or card?”

(The customer just turns away and keeps nattering.)

Customer: “So finally the guy stops being a d*** and accepts my price. Hard won privilege but for a new Lexus it was worth it.”

(I turn as something catches my eye outside the store.)

Me: “Sir, by any chance is that Lexus you’re talking about a [model]?”

Customer: “Huh? Yeah, it is.”

Me: “So it’s that one that’s now being ticketed outside?”

(The man follows my gaze, and is horrified to see a police officer is indeed standing by his car writing a ticket.)

Customer: “What the f***! I thought I still had time on the meter!” *turns to me* “How much for the clothes? And be quick about it!”

Me: “It’s [amount].”

(He pays, snatches the clothes up from the counter, and runs for the door.)

Customer In Line: “Wow, funny how karma always knows just the right moment to strike.”

Me: “It gets even better.” *the man reaches the door, and promptly gets stopped by our security guard as the alarms go off* “He didn’t give me a chance to remove the anti-theft tags.”

-> Karma: Thy Name Is Lexus

July 11/2017

Hi guys,

Sorry for being AWOL. There just hasn’t been much to post about. Canada Day weekend was already discussed in the July 3rd post.
The one person that I was always talking about in the past, starting after March 26, now has a boyfriend, as I found out the one day. We do still talk though, which I am happy about.

I’m hoping to “re-meet” a friend, that I haven’t seen for a while, sometime next week (Tuesday probably). Not really sure how it’ll go. I’m hoping it’ll go good, since we haven’t seen each other for a few years (not sure how many. 6, maybe 7?…) Wondering if they’ll recognize me, & honestly kinda nervous about “re-meeting” them after all these years. I’ll possibly post how that goes, the same day, or the day after. Just a note ahead of time, that this is a friend who we both had feelings for each other, but nothing ever happened, so it may be awkward.

Anyways, that’s all for now at 8:30 PM. Until next time… or the first edit… 😛


July 3/2017

So, this last weekend (Canada Day 150 weekend) was great.
Some events were held where I go out camping, such as bumper balls (I call them human soccer balls) & then the giant ball, which for easy reference, I just called a hamster ball. Got to take on a few people, close-ish to my age, that decided they were invincible because they were in a ball. Sunday, during the bumper balls & such, had a good laugh a few times, sharing stories with another person there, & then just a good laugh in general.

Saturday it started raining around 4-ish PM, sadly. But, at least the weather leading up to the rain wasn’t hot. It was warm, but at the same time, combined with the clouds hiding the sun & a nice breeze, was the perfect temperature/ condition for that. Sunday was damn hot. Was hot enough, that, for a while, it was basically a day where one would just sit under a tent & have something to drink. Around 2:30 – 3 PM how “busy” it was with the hamster ball & bumper balls, got busier, but everyone got a chance/ turn in, by 7 PM, when it was closed up.

Park director was more then happy with us helping.

Anyways, not much to say, other then a warning that these weekends I do go AWOL on the blog, because I essentially only have a data connection to use, & it does go up quickly, even if one is not watching/ listening to any type of streaming media.

That’s all for now, at 10:45 PM. Until next time… 😛


June 30/2017

So, I figured I’d make a post, before I basically go [b][i]”AWOL”[/i][/b] for this weekend. If you’re following my Instagram, or Twitter, or have me on SnapChat, you’ll see I’ll [i]”technically”[/i] won’t be AWOL, since I will be trying to post, however I just mean AWOL from the blog.
My SnapChat, Twitter & Instagram are all [b]KN1IGHT[/b] for the username.

Not really much happened today. Went out & filled up the truck with gas for the weekend, & then mowed the lawn. I didn’t sleep great last night, so I did sleep in late today.
Canada Day 150 events going on out camping. Stay safe

Until next time…. or the first edit 😛

~ KR

June 27/2017

So, nothing much has happened recently. Yesterday (Monday, June 26/2017) was quiet, despite the fact it was nice outside. Temperature at a city about 30 mins from me, was about 31 above at one point yesterday. Here, around 7 PM, the temp showed as 29.9 outside, & almost as hot inside…

When the temps start getting to that point, it’s almost to hot to do anything… even sit outside. Anyways, not much to talk about so far. Canada Day weekend is coming up, so keep an eye on the “CTSS” Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & SnapChat accounts & possibly my personal Instagram & SnapChat accounts.

Anyways, that’s all for now, at 12:15 AM…. Until next time…. or the first edit 😛


June 22/2017

Hey guys,

So an update about my last post, regarding the PC thing.
I ended up getting a new OS & drive, to use with my old PC case & an adapter to read the former drive from the old PC, since the OS wouldn’t boot. I was relieved to find out, the drive is still good. Just something was wrong with the OS section, probably explorer.exe that was the problem, since it did boot, but to a black screen with a mouse cursor, but the server application wasn’t running, so I’m guessing it never did get past the logon/ welcome screen.

After a few hrs of fighting that same night, I got the OS (Windows 10) installed. Had to be Windows 10, because they had no other OS, available on a flash drive & the system it was going into, has no optical drive. I borrowed the optical drive from it, for my new PC, when I built it, along with the original hard drive which contained the Windows 8 OS. I did find out that the database being on a 32-bit OS, & Windows 10 I got being 64-bit didn’t matter. I also learned, what I did wrong when I originally started using the old PC as a server…. At the time, I didn’t know much, & was trying to run the 64-bit server application on the 32-bit Windows XP OS…. All I had to do now, was download the 64-bit server files & overwrite all the 32-bit files. My server files, icons, images, database, etc. wasn’t overwritten when I did that, obviously.

Only weird part is the monitor I used to install Windows 10, it worked the night I installed it, but now I don’t get anything on it at all, which isn’t a big deal as long as Chrome Remote Desktop continues working just fine. I will be “investing” in a 2 port KVM switch though for the future, which, IF it works properly, I plug in my current mouse, keyboard & monitor to it, & then plug in each system to it, via their VGA Port & then via USB to allow the keyboard & mouse to control. It comes with a single wired button, for a “remote control” & all I’d do to switch screens is press the button & assuming it works, I will then be able to switch between each system & use one mouse, keyboard & monitor to control both… This is assuming I can figure out why the server system doesn’t want to display on the monitor I was using the night I set it up….

Either way, things went well for me that night & I got my server back up & running. Just gotta try get the CPU temps down a bit, since it does hit 55 – 65 Celsius under 15-30% CPU load, which I don’t think is normal… The lowest temp it’s been at since I turned it on tonight is 39 Celsius & highest is 66 Celsius, with the Max Operating Temp of this CPU being 71.3 Celsius. It’s sitting between 40 & 45 Celsius right now, which isn’t bad. I’ll just have to keep an eye on it.

Anyways, not much else to say right now at 9:07 PM…. Until next time… or the first edit… 😛

~ KR